Trusted Marketplace to Purchase Used Panties for Sale

Are you looking to buy used panties for sale and don’t know where to get them? Well, many individuals find themselves in your position. Nevertheless, most people stop when they realize they have no clue how to go about it. You should not worry anymore as we will provide you with all the information that will assist you in solving this issue. 

The purchase of worn panties is a fetish which has been practiced for a prolonged duration but has become extremely popular in recent years. People usually buy used panties mostly for the smell. To get this used panties for sale, visit snifffr and get to satisfy all your desires.

How do you purchase used panties for sale on snifffr anonymously?

First, you need to create a buyer’s account on snifffr, and during the registration process, you will be required to provide several details. These include your email, date of birth, username, and country. Your email address remains anonymous and will not be shown on your online snifffr page.

This next step is what makes most buyers feel uncomfortable, and it is the username section. Fortunately, you are permitted to use either your nickname or real name. Likewise, you can choose a unique name to ensure your identity remains completely anonymous. snifffr does not have regulations requiring you to reveal your personal information. You must never feel pressured to telling the entire world you are into buying used panties for sale.

What next after signing up to snifffr?

After successfully creating an account with snifffr, you can now embark on buying used panties for sale that you find desirable. To do this, go through profiles of sellers within the website, and here you will see videos and pictures posted by the sellers.

The faces of some sellers are visible, whereas others are hidden. You shouldn’t worry by a seller hiding their face since they may want their identity to remain a secret, just like you. Pick the used panties which you are interested in most and get in touch with the seller either through the private messaging system of live online chat. Consequently, the seller will get back to you informing you about what they have for sale.

What are the accepted methods of payment?

snifffr does not require you to use any particular payment method. Therefore, it is up to you and the seller to decide the plan that best suits you both. Many sellers on snifffr prefer receiving payments either with Google Wallet or Venmo. However, there are other payment methods available, but on this website, these are the most popular with sellers.

You have the option of choosing a different payment method so long as the seller has no objection to it. If you still are hesitant about the method of payment to use, contact other buyers and sellers in the site and ask what mode of payment they usually use.

Other sellers usually have an Amazon wish list account. They consequently offer you with a link to this wish list, and instead of making your payments in dollars, you can buy an item on their wish list. snifffr does not have any restriction against this kind of transaction. You need to take not that PayPal usually does not permit any transaction linked to the adult industry. So, you should avoid PayPal.

Are there specific age requirements of snifffr to buy used panties for sale?

Yes, to be a buyer of used panties for sale on snifffr, you must be 18 years and above. This is one of the requirements you are expected to confirm during the signup process. Likewise, sellers on snifffr must be adults of 18 years and over. Therefore, snifffr does not permit minors into their online community. During the signup process, you will be required to state your age. You will not proceed past the signup process if you have not attained 18 years. Likewise, snifffr requires you to tick a box confirming you are 18 years and above.

Shipping of used panties for sale

How do I get the used panties for sale I have just bought from snifffr? This is a question many buyers have. The seller will make the necessary arrangements to ensure you safely get your package. It is crucial you first agree who will cover the postage costs to prevent any mix-up during the shipping process. The used panties for sale will only be sent once you make your payment. 

Most sellers usually use the buyer’s shipping address as the return address to guarantee their anonymity is upheld. Because of this, you must always provide the seller with accurate shipping details. It is your mandate to ensure the shipping address on the package is correct.

The Fake Check Process

This feature is integrated into the snifffr website. It is meant to confirm the identity of sellers, and the seller is required to;

  • Take a photo of themselves
  • Hold an A4 piece of paper when taking the picture
  • Write down the words snifffr and the day’s date on the piece of paper
  • Submit the picture for approval

snifffr is the perfect place for buyers and sellers who have a fetish for used panties. There are many sellers on this website thus you are guaranteed to find something that you like. Finally, both the signup and buying process is straightforward.