Ultimate Guide on Selling and Buying Used Panties

Do you have a fetish for used underwear? And want to purchase but don't have a private and safe platform to depend on? Relax! We got you covered. 

Many people ask where and how can someone sell used panties. Craigslist is a website used to do this, but it’s not what they specialize in so it comes with negatives. Selling and buying used panties has been an effective and beneficial business that many people involve themselves in, especially in this challenging time of coronavirus, to earn extra cash.

However, without a supportive guide, someone might get challenged on where to start, how to go about it etc. 

Used Underwear fetishism

Many men love the used panties fantasy and smell. How dirty they look and how sexy they are is among the essential things that attract them to buying. Many men like the sellers to wear the panties for a few days to increase the smell.

What is the difference between snifffr and Craigslist?

Craigslist is among the most visited American websites recently in the market that deals with housing, items for sale, job postings, personals and services. This is free to browse and does have flashy graphics and animation. Its value comes right from its utilitarian layout and contributions of its clients.

Besides this websites allows the clients to have live chats, access features like HTML formation choices which can make your specific post nicer, have private chat etc. 

Craigslists is not dedicated to to the sole sale of used panties. As mentioned, it is general in nature. On the other hand, snifffr is solely focussed on the used panties industry. 

Guide for the sellers

Select a username

Begin by registering a username and also email on snifffr via selecting 'register" right at the top of a specific page. 

Create your profile

Now that you have registered, consider creating your user profile. Setting your profile in a specific online platform will connect you to find many buyers of worn panties. You should also offer more information about yourself at this particular place, upload images to your specific gallery, and other related information you may want to add to attract more customers.

Consider sharing little insight and little personality from your life regarding selling used panties so the buyers will feel interested and have an open connection with you. 

Post your first free ad

Go right to "sell" and create the first ad. In this specific place, consider filling in the information about what you intend to sell, upload the best photos for your ads and put them in the ad. However, if you want to sell other related fetish items, create a unique ad.

And if you want, you can get fake check approved by following the process. Once you are done, click the save button, and your ad will get posted immediately.

Sell the used panties and get paid

The buyers will start contacting you via sending you a private message. Besides, you can also utilize messaging apps such as Kik or Snapchat. Discuss with your specific buyer and know where to send the item and how to receive the payments. Particular websites such as Craigslist are involved in transactions and shipping between the buyer and seller. Your transactions will happen anonymously and safely.

Put the items in the mail.

As soon you receive the payment, post your panties in a package or envelope and send them to your buyers. Consider shipping the item via ziplock or vacuum-sealed pocket to prevent the odor from leaking.

The buyer’s guide

Create a username 

Creating a full profile is not as essential for buyers as it is for sellers. Besides, you will see the used panties seller’s, profiles, and albums with the username. Further, you can send personal messages to make new connections and friends. 

Find sellers

Remember to keep a lookout for specific ads that are fake check approved. Besides, these are the sellers who have sent verification images. 

Contact sellers

When you get interested in particular used panties, and you want to buy them, contact the seller via sending the, a message via our message system. 

Arrange the buyer

Discuss with the seller, ask questions, and arrange the actual method payments you two are comfortable with. And also, remember to tell her where you want the package to get delivered.

Wait for the order to arrive

Once you made the payment to the seller now, you are set. The seller will eventually ship the used panties packages directly to you, and while you are waiting, you can find other related sellers to purchase more.

What are some of the safe payments method in selling or buying used panties

Well, someone can create a gift rocket account, amazon gift cards or use the Google wallet. Paypal and Western Union might disclose your private information to the buyers when you don't want to.

The selling of used panties has become popular, and people are earning amounts of money with them. Consider the above guide to understand the necessary information you need to start selling used panties.

Written by: Laura Thorpe