Ultimate Guide to Selling Your Used Panties for Money

You are probably wondering whether you have read the title of this blog right. Is it possible to make money selling used underwear online? Well, the answer is yes. It can be a great money-making activity if you do it right. It is now normal for a person to search for used underwear for sale online. Can even this work? Yes, it does. A lot of people like to feel a personal touch of another (closeness and personal belongings of a beautiful girlfriend).

The truth is that selling used underwear is a great way of making money passively. Nowadays, many adult performers use it as a side hustle and a good way of building a connection with the fans. If you know how to market your products, the business could be lucrative.

Is it a Safe Hustle?

Usually, sellers and buyers of used underwear do not have to meet in-person. Thus, sellers can remain anonymous if they want. Most of these platforms give sellers an option to either remain anonymous or not. Some buyers find anonymity as a thrilling part of the fetish. Remember, that you will still need to ship the product to a buyer.

Income Potential

The amount of money you can make is dependent on the effort you put into this hustle. If you are looking for quick money, you can make money for each used underwear for sale. Remember, that the product is limited as a seller cannot wear more than one underwear at any given time. You also need to consider other things such as shipping, price of underwear, and other demands to earn. You can get more customers and sales when you advertise your products to different platforms.

Pros of Selling Used Underwear

Most activities in this business involve packaging and shipping your products. Fortunately, this does not need a lot of effort and time. The marketing efforts required are long-term projects. You have the opportunity of working at your preferred time and terms.

It is Easy
There is nothing much involved in making your product. Typically, you just need to wear the underwear for a day and then make a listing online. There are times buyers make special requests which may or may not be easy to accomplish. However, you have the freedom of declining requests you do not.

It is a Side Hustle
This is a great business for adult performers. In fact, you can do it as a side-hustle to compliment other jobs. It does not matter whether you are not in this industry; you can make this as a side-hustle.

How to Get Started

Find the Right Platform
Asking people around who are looking for used underwear for sale will not work. Placing a banner that says “used underwear for your fetish” is not a great idea. It is advisable to create an online profile on a platform such as snifffr.com. The good thing about this platform is that it connects buyers and sellers of used underwear. You can think of this platform as eBay for worn underwear. With this platform, sellers post their products, and the potential buyers can access them. The platform allows for online transactions to take place anonymously and safely.

Online Imagination and Persona
You will not just post a photo of your used underwear and sell it because buyers have seen it. Most sellers can sell under anonymity, but most buyers are attracted to sellers with pictures or snippets of their personalities. It is a good idea to include a brief bio that helps you connect with potential buyers. You can use it as an opportunity to say something about yourself and help you connect with potential buyers.

Payment Options
First, you will need to agree on the method of payment and price. Venmo and Google Wallet are the most popular methods of payment. In fact, some platforms do not get involved in money transfer between the sellers and buyers. This is another level of transparency you will rarely expect when it comes to online transactions.
The fact that this business involves the sale of adult content, you must be of legal age. Therefore, verification of the information you provide is a must. Fortunately, your personal information will not be revealed.