Used Knickers for Sale: The Do’s and Don’ts

Fetishes vary depending on an individual's personality and preferences. Some people get aroused at the sight of a naked woman's body, while others need something a little bit extra, like used knickers for sale. Of course, their primary goal is to appreciate the feminine scent for the latter category, and it's only natural that they'd want to sniff used knickers. So whether you are planning to start this type of business or are already a veteran seller, understanding the do's and don'ts of dirty panty selling can go an extra mile in increasing the weight of your pockets. Here are some tips our Snifffr sellers are ready to share for your inspiration:

The Do’s of dirty underwear selling

Below are some tips on how to do dirty underwear selling:

Do join a reputable website to help you get buyers

While many sites offer sellers and buyers a platform to interact with each other, you can’t be sure if they’ll safeguard your anonymity. All you need is to set up an account with us by agreeing to our terms and conditions. Once you’ve become a member, try to be active so that other sellers and buyers can acknowledge your online presence.

Do your due diligence on the market trends

By now, you've probably read success stories from veteran panty sellers, which get you wondering if what they say is practical. After all, this type of industry is filled with more anonymous people than you can imagine.

Doing your due diligence involves researching how the industry works. Sellers have shifted to sexier panties. Some are even willing to go the extra mile of pairing the used knickers for sale with a matching bra or pantyhose to earn more money. The more you learn these tricks, the higher your chances of coming up with the right marketing strategy.

Do package your products in a sexy manner

The primary goal of used panty selling is to make clients feel more connected to the wearer. It is more of selling what you'd have offered if you were to meet face-to-face only to use a product instead. When your client sniffs on your knickers, it creates an illusion of feminine sexual prowess. They appreciate the amount of time you took to deliver a scent that makes them tick. So when you are marketing your product, ensure sexiness is your top priority.

Do remain an active participant

The last thing a buyer needs to realize is that their preferred seller is unreliable. Once you sign up as a used panty seller, you need to show your buyers that they can count on you. Even if you have a busy schedule, take your time to log into the site to see if buyers are interested in your products and whether they are satisfied with your customer service. Form the habit of checking into our website regularly and interacting with other participants.

The Don’ts of dirty underwear selling

Don’t honor requests that don’t respect your beliefs and values

We know how much you want to make money selling what nature has given you for free. In your line of duty, a buyer may request something extra like showing your face. Perhaps a buyer may want you to wear it for long periods of time without changing. While some sellers won’t mind heeding to such weird requests, it doesn’t mean everyone should conform to buyers’ demands if they feel guilty about it afterward. In our used panty selling world, the buyer might sometimes be wrong. So if a request doesn’t respect your beliefs and values, decline it respectfully.

Wrap Up

At snifffr, we value our sellers' and buyers' contributions to our platform. We are committed to ensuring everyone is happy. We do so by encouraging more sellers to join our forum and buyers to interact with sellers on our site. So whether you are on our site to learn some tips or buy a product, we will ensure you get what you desire.