Used Panties for Sale on Trusted Marketplace

snifffr offers you an opportunity to sell your used panties to people without having to meet them. We offer you the opportunity to make money online with an excellent marketplace. At snifffr, we offer you one of the simplest ways to sexually thrill strangers without meeting them. Selling your panties can also help you avoid doing laundry altogether!

Used panties for sale with snifffr

Selling of used panties is an art that you need to master. To do so you need to follow our guidelines that are set to help you reach more sales. snifffr gives you the ability to anonymously sell your used panties on a marketplace used by thousands.

How to get started on used panties for sale

First , you need to sign-up for a snifffr account. The best part is that it's free. We advocate you stay anonymous for your own safety. Ensure you read and understand the how to get started page before you start uploading your used panties, photos and videos. This will help you achieve great success in your sales and master the art of used panties for sale. Just like any other online business you need to be very active to ensure you grow your client list. Always upload images of you wearing your used panties that are sexy to capture buyers imagination.

Payment of used panties for sale

The payment method you choose to accept should not reveal your identity and location. snifffr steers clear off all transactions that you will be receiving from your buyer. Many sellers accept payment through Venmo and Google wallet. How much and how the transaction should go about is entirely dependent on you and the buyer.

Shipping for used panties for sale

How you plan on sending your used panties to your client is totally an agreement between the two of you. Some sellers do include posting fees in their overall price while others charge posting fees. Use your buyers shipping address as the return address this helps you hide your location.

Who needs used panties for sale

Men and female have distinct scent that only members of the opposite sex can pick on. Most men get aroused when they sniff women’s panties. This trend initially started in Japan but it has slowly spread all over the world. So yes there are millions of buyers for your used panties on snifffr.