Used Panties for Sale: Tips for Growing Your Worn Panties Empire

Whether you’re looking to start your used panties selling business as a main or side hustle, knowing where to display your products is as essential as crafting a great sales pitch. You are already aware that snifffr is a great place to start!  Here are a few tips to get you started or going:

Investing in used panties for sale

As a community, we are aware of the challenges a used panties seller may face. It takes a bold person to show off themselves in panties and bras so that buyers can savor and buy. You need to understand that this business is popular, but it can rub off on some people the wrong way. If you feel shy about it, then consider if this is the right work from home opportunity for you. Alternatively, you can sell your products without displaying your face or genuine name. You may choose to remain fully anonymous on snifffr and in fact, many sellers do just that. 

Other Sellers

We have many buyers and sellers joining our site and keeping it active. As unbelievable as it may sound, the worn panties business attracts thousands of Instagram and TikTok posts. Now imagine how many people join our site everyday to sell or buy worn panties. 

It’s more than uploading photos and videos

If you thought that selling panties is all about taking photos and videos and leaving it at that, you thought wrong. For starters, clients want to know a little more about the person wearing the panties, how they feel about themselves, and whether it’s a good return on investment. As you take high-quality pictures, talk about your products. The trick is to let your buyer know that they’ll get more than the product. After all, buyers appreciate your product if you’re comfortable with them and can provide top-notch customer experience.

Little-to-no sales shouldn’t discourage you from trying further

We understand how devastating it is when no one hits your inbox to buy your product. You’ve probably read about many success stories from sellers, saying how easy it is. However, not everyone is willing to share their lowest moments because it depicts failure. Sometimes, all it takes is maintaining an optimistic spirit. Not landing sales now shouldn’t discourage you from trying further. Who knows? You could be among the top sellers in the industry, provided you’re consistent, professional and honest.

Successful sellers will tell you that panty selling is like anything else, the more effort you put into it, the better your chance of success.

Join a legit worn panties selling site

The last thing you need is finding out you’ve been duped by a buyer. In worse case-scenarios, a buyer might write a negative review about your product or customer service. By joining a legit site like snifffr, you lower the risk from engaging fraudsters or getting raw deals. If you get a negative review, you can contact customer support to consider review removal. Just provide evidence why the review is inaccurate and support will do their best to assist you. 

Getting positive reviews is also common in this business. When you get one or more of these, offer a positive response. Remember, the goal is to impress your returning and first-time buyers. The more you provide prompt responses, the higher your chances of landing more sales.

Make your sales pitch more fun

Picture this; you’ve always envisioned yourself wearing a pink-black lingerie, hoping to land a worn panties sniffer. This business involves open-mindedness and portraying your fun spirit. Buyers don’t want someone who’s too uptight and can’t take a vulgar joke. 

Be consistent and professional

Unlike other e-commerce ventures which require tech-savvy skills like web design, coding and crafting lots of content, the worn panties selling empire is all about creating a perfect bio, a connection and willingness to engage. From there, you can wear your underwear and send it to a willing buyer. Keep in mind that in this business, personality is your biggest selling point. Work on it and watch people throng your inbox.

Wrap Up

At snifffr, we welcome anyone to join our worn panties selling team as long as they’re up for the challenge. We recommend that you make friends with the industry leaders to get a gist of how the industry behaves. We have a payment and chat system. We encourage you to put in effort to boost your sales. When anyone from our community creates a meaningful discussion or concern, feel free to join in. That way, your target buyers will notice your presence and engage you directly.