What You Should Know Before You Buy Used Underwear

Are you an underwear sniffing enthusiast or like to buy used underwear as trophies? Either way, you’ll be pleased to learn that this is a popular fetish. Better still, you’re obeying your sexual fantasy, which is something every sexually active adult would want. Let’s get to the basics of buying used underwear, particularly through snifffr.

Who Buys Used Underwear?

There are different types of used underwear buyers. Some prefer sniffing scent to fulfill their sexual fantasies, while others use them as souvenirs. Whatever the reason for buying a worn underwear, there are many sellers who will cater to your fetish. Millions of buyers through underwear selling websites, hoping to get what they’ve always longed for.

The first rule of worn underwear buying is to know how you want your product. Do you want it covered in sweat after a gym workout? Do you prefer it with a little streak of pee? Do you want something extra like a woman’s discharge? Whatever the case, the underwear selling business allows you to experiment with different products.

When it comes to worn underwear buying, always strive to try out as many products as you can. Remember, the sellers are open to challenges, provided they can fulfill it. For example, if the seller is willing to do something extra like leaving their discharge on them, feel free to share it with them. You never know; a seller might be a little generous enough to offer a little extras.

How to buy worn underwear online

Like any other product, ordering used underwear first starts with joining a site specializing in such products. While there are many platforms ready to link you up with used underwear sellers, snifffr is a great option. So, here is how to go about it:

Join a reputable used underwear selling website

As mentioned earlier, you’ll come across different websites linking you to sellers. When you join a reputable platform like snifffr, the first thing to do is enter your details. The site requires you to confirm if you’re above the age of 18 to determine if you’re an adult. The verification process also confirms that you’re not a robot. You may choose to remain anonymous. 


Find a seller you like

Our sellers specialize in products like lingerie, underwears, bras, pantyhose and many others. You can narrow your search by typing what you want and the search engine will direct you to the specific seller. For example, if you want lingerie, snifffr will provide a list of sellers with such a product.


We have also designed an FAQ section where you can get the answers to your questions if you get stuck. The questions and answers we’ve compiled in this section are observations we have made from our previous clients’ requests. But if this doesn’t help solve your problem, we recommend you to reach out to us via our ticket system. Our customer support team is available 7 days a week to answer any questions you may have.


Contact the seller

As is expected, you’ll want to speak to the seller through live chat or private message. Provided they’re online with live chat, they will respond and confirm if the product you want is available..


Make your payment

At snifffr, we allow buyers to make payments using escrow because we value your anonymity and protection. You may choose to make payment through any third party you wish however no support is provided if you go down this route. Keep in mind that PayPal doesn’t support payment in the adult industry. So, you may want to avoid using this method of payment if you want your order placement and delivery to be successful.


Submit your review about the product and customer service

A good vendor should welcome reviews, whether good or bad. If you feel dissatisfied with your delivery service or are disappointed with the product, share it with the community in the review section. Our aim is to maintain a good relationship between our buyers and sellers.


There you have it! Whenever you want to buy used underwear online, feel free to use these steps and tips, and fulfill your sexual fantasy.