Why People Buy Wet Panties and the History Behind It

Fetishes vary from person to person. Some people get horny from the sight of naked people, while others prefer to buy wet panties for sniffing. Whatever the case, having a fetish is very common nowadays. It makes you human, provided it doesn’t go against the law or consent of the person fulfilling it. Whether you’re looking to buy wet panties to satisfy your sexual urge or for curiosity, the following facts will help you understand why other people have the same fetish as yours.

The history of buying used and wet panties

Did you know that it was not until in the 90s when Japan recognized used and wet panty buying that people in other countries also began doing the same? It all started by women offering worn panties to their secret admirers and sexual partners. Some women have confessed that they don’t mind selling wet panties to male and female clients to satisfy their sexual urge.

In Japan, buying used panties is popular and people used to get them from vending machines. Before then, people were openly shy about admitting that they love sniffing used panties because to some women, dirty underwear was unsightly. But today, more men and women are coming out in large numbers to buy wet panties for different reasons.

Who buys wet panties and how is this a fetish?

If you thought it’s only men who buy used panties, you thought wrong. At first, used panties sellers targeted men because there is something about the scent of a fresh vaginal fluid that gets them sexually excited. However, some women find sniffing on used panties arousing. That’s why it’s no surprise that buyers from either gender go on used panties websites to buy the products.

If you’re like most people, you probably thought used panties smell intoxicating. It gets you wondering if there’s a scientific explanation for that. The obvious answer is you’re not imagining feeling the connection with the used panties seller because of their musk. It’s the sexual need in you.

Why do people buy used and wet panties?

As mentioned earlier, people buy used panties for varied reasons. Below are some of them:

To sniff on them

Don’t you just love how the natural vagina smells even if there are semen fluids or vaginal discharge? You see, the brain and nose are connected in a special way. At first, you get aroused at the scent of the natural vaginal fluid. However, the scent won’t stay unless you have something that contains it.

The miracle chemical your brain processes in this equation is pheromones. It’s more like a person drawn to the scent of the earth after the rains, a new book or gasoline. If you take a closer look at the animal kingdom, you’ll notice that the male sniffs a female to decide if they’re the worthy candidate to mate with. Humans also absorb natural smells.

Upon sniffing on used panties, your brain already gets excited and sends messages to your sexual organs to get aroused. You imagine a woman standing on top of you and the smell takes you to exciting places. 

For curiosity

As unbelievable as it may sound, some men want to sample out different vaginas but this time, they want to experience it in wet panties. It’s all in a bid to satisfy their curiosity. When we asked some buyers on websites like snifffr, they confessed that they wanted different scents other than the ones they’re used to. This may sound perverted, but when it comes to men with fetishes, anything goes. So, if you’re one of the curious people looking to know how some women smell, how about buying wet panties for once in your life?

As souvenirs

Everyone has something they consider as souvenirs. It could be a music collection, watches, cards or coupons. This isn’t different with wet panties buying. Some people feel gratified collecting things they love, so even if it means gathering dozens of wet panties, nothing will stop them. It all proves that they’re not afraid of retaining what they love the most.

Are you ready to buy wet panties online?

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