Worn Knickers For Sale: A Comprehensive Guide

Worn Knickers For Sale: A Comprehensive Guide

If you searching for a new way to spice up your sex life, you going to want to learn about snifffr - a community dedicated to used panties and other intimate garments. Today, we going to cover the basics of buying and selling worn knickers on snifffr, so you can get started with confidence right away! This guide will cover everything from the different ways to purchase used garments to the ways of verifying their authenticity. Let’s get started!

Pros and Cons

Using a marketplace to sell used underwear could be a potentially good idea, but there are some things to consider first. 

snifffr - A Smell That Can't Be Beat

Sniffing panties is a fetish that is both intimate and deeply personal. No matter what others say about it, for those who partake in it, wearing someone else's underwear offers an undeniable thrill that no other scent can provide. However, there are many different tastes and preferences in regards to how we all like our knickers to smell. 

Some prefer clean undies that are gently pressed with a hint of perfume while others prefer deliciously dirty knickers that have just been taken off after a long day of running errands. While some enjoy women's panties, there are also men who like worn men's boxers or even briefs... The list goes on - but whatever your preference or fetish, you can find what you're looking for at snifffr!

Mode of Payment

There are many different modes of payment. Generally, buyers like to use platforms such as Venmo, Cash App, Google Wallet, etc. When you are making a purchase, you can make sure that you have a clear picture and understanding of how sellers prefer to be paid. snifffr is an adult community where people with a sexual fetish buy used panties from sellers. The price of panties is decided by each seller individually. 

However, it is important to note that snifffr does not set any prices for items sold on our platform and we do not guarantee or offer refunds in case of disputes between buyer and seller regarding the pricing or quality of items sold on our platform. If there is any dispute regarding pricing or quality between buyer and seller, then snifffr will help to mediate the issue. 

How To Use This Website?

The first thing to remember about snifffr is that it is a website for adults. When entering, you may be asked to submit proof of your age or identity, depending on your country of residence. Once inside, browse and look around for something you like. 


Buying worn knickers is a growing trend around the world. Join the popular craze as a seller or enjoy the panties as a buyer!