Worn Knickers for Sale: The Do’s and Don’ts Every Seller Should Know

If you have put up your worn knickers for sale online, the first thing that crosses your mind is if they’re appealing enough to attract clients. Perhaps you’ve already come across comments from some platforms about this trade. Whether you are joining this business as a newbie or are a veteran, here are the dos and don’ts you should know about worn knickers for sale.

The Do’s

Do join a platform for selling worn knickers

Most sellers prefer joining platforms for selling knickers to creating their websites for the following reasons:

  • These sites increase their chances of landing many buyers because it's all about worn knickers, lingerie, bras, and the likes. Your customized website might only attract curious people with ill intentions to damage your reputation.
  • Personalized websites are easy to hack. No matter how good you are at hiding your face and personal information, your website can easily get hacked.

Do have a wide product range

Worn knickers for sale are not only about the product, and it has everything to do with how you sell them. Your customers aren't looking for worn knickers alone. Instead, they might request accompaniments like pantyhose and bras. Some of your buyers wear these products because they make them feel sexy. 

Do maximize the use of sexy terms to market your products

Crispy photos or videos of you in a worn panty is one thing. Telling your buyer about what they can expect from the knickers is another. Think of it as any other product. Here are examples of sexy terms you can use as product descriptions:"

  • "Get this worn knicker marinated with my juices and watch your mind get blown away."
  • "Is your girlfriend away on a business trip? Buy my worn knickers and rekindle that nostalgic heated moment you had the last time. I got you covered!"

From these two quotes, you can see how the sellers try to sell the fantasy. They're simply programming your mind to view their worn knickers as your stepping stone to having the best sex or masturbation experience you'll ever have.

Do appreciate your buyers

Someone took the chance to savor you in your worn knickers for sale and placed their order. Appreciating them for this as its good business etiquette. Proceed with offering your gratitude and asking them if they liked it. Whatever the response you’ll get, show them that you’re grateful they gave yours the attention it deserved.

The Do Nots

Don’t be rude to your clients

Some buyers might not understand that you're a business professional looking to earn a living without selling your body. If you come across comments like these, don't be rude. It takes a professional to give decent replies even if the supposed buyer doesn't want your product.

Don’t stay offline more than 24 hours

Imagine this; you have a medical condition that needs urgent attention. You decide to video-call your general physician only to realize they've been offline for more than 24 hours. You'll seek services from someone else because you're not sure when they'll be back to attend to you. Worn knickers for sale work the same way. If you're offline most of the time, your clients will source the products elsewhere, and you risk losing loyal and first-time buyers because you're unreliable.

While selling worn knickers could be your side hustle, meaning you stay offline often, there is no excuse to be away from your phone or computer in this day and age. Anytime you get a message from your buyer, respond when practicle. If you'll be offline, put up a post and explain why. Alternatively, look for other ways to contact your buyers to avoid losing them.

Don’t put up a product you don’t have

The last thing a buyer wants is seeing a product only to realize it's been sold, yet you've put it up for sale. Anytime you sell a product, remove it from your profile. Your buyers might find you dishonest and avoid buying from you if your gallery is always empty. Why set up this business if you're not ready to have worn knickers prepared for shipping?

Selling worn knickers can be daunting and manageable, provided you master the dos and don'ts. If you've already joined our community at snifffr or plan to find out about the terms and conditions to help you land many buyers.