Buying Used Panties On The Internet

Everyone in the world has their very own fetish. Although it's not necessarily something that people will broadcast, there are quite a few people that get off on used panties. They get a sexual thrill out of sniffing them, wearing them, or even just looking at them, imagining who was wearing them.

In times past, it used to be that people would have to steal these used panties from hampers at laundromats and clotheslines, making them feel like total deviants. However, for several years now there has been a marketplace devoted to this very practice. Some people will pay good money for a person's used panties! If you are interested in becoming a buyer in this market, here are some things you should be aware of:

The platform you use to buy dirty panties should be as discreet as possible

Yes, believe it or not, there is not only a market for this type of fetish, but there is also several sites that could be considered to be akin to an eBay for purchasing these used panties. The first thing you want with any potential platform would be one that is discreet. Of course, all of these platforms will ask for such things as your username, email address, date of birth, and current country.

Consider the questions you ask

The name of the game here is being discrete. So, if you are buying dirty panties, you should consider the questions you ask a seller. Depending on the seller, you may choose stay away from personal questions. However, you can ask any questions you want involving the panties you are interested in buying. For instance, you can ask the seller what they did in the panties (i.e. did they go to the gym? )

If you are a seller, get ready for a lot of unusual requests.

On most of these underwear-buying platforms, you also can have a running dialogue with a potential buyer. One surprising result of this would be that yes, there will be times where your buyer won't purchase your underwear unless you do certain things with it. For instance, some buyers may want you to wear the underwear for three days straight. While it may seem challenging to you, you can discuss this with the buyer. Some sellers put up their fees depending on the request from the buyer. It is entirely up to you.

As a seller, avoid using a return address

Many sellers choose to remain anonymous. One of the best ways to avoid this would be to never place a return address on your underwear shipments.

Considering that there are many people who will pay top dollar for your old underwear, this is definitely a great way for you to make some extra money!

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