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Picture yourself in bed with your lover checking some photos on your phone when suddenly you release a fart. Seeing your partner’s face filled with surprise as they scamper out of your bedroom ignites a feeling. You had canned beans for dinner, and that was the only way your digestive system could release the gas from your body. As you rush to the nearest pharmacy to get medications to ease your gas, you find exciting information regarding fart fetish. It gets you wondering how a nauseating smell can turn someone on. So whether you’re looking to sell or buy your first fart fetish video at snifffr, here is all you need to know about fart fetish and fart fetish videos.

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What is a fart fetish?

The smell can be a potent sexual stimuli. Some people love body odors like sweat and vaginal discharge (olfactophilia), while others enjoy smelling farts. As the research on olfaction continues, it doesn’t come as a surprise that flatulence is entering the erotic market.

A person who gets sexually aroused by farts is known as an eproctophile. A single or series of fart sounds, smells or discharge ignites sexual arousal. Believe it or not, there is a community consisting of serial farting enthusiasts who either break wind on their sexual partners or prefer being farted on. Furthermore, they can go the extra mile of practicing inhalation techniques to get sexually aroused. The reasons some people get turned on by flatulence include:

An environment or situation that aggravates farting

According to most studies, eproctophilia happens when an individual is in an environment or situation likely to encourage farting. It could be anyplace from the bedroom, washroom or in a club. For example, a person who knows their partner will likely fart throughout the night after taking gassy-infused meals will enjoy the smell throughout the night. When someone farts, they can get sexually aroused, which might lead to masturbation or sexual intercourse.

It’s a romantic gesture

Most people get turned on after caressing, touch, body language, speech and more. But when it comes to eproctophilia, all it takes is to watch and hear someone fart. While an average person might find this uncouth, the truth is there is no standard manual for getting sexually aroused. The fact that it is a habit that is shunned makes such a relationship appear unique. Think of it this way: the first thing anyone will do in a room filled with a pungent-smelling fart is scamper for their safety. 

To dominate and humiliate

In the world of eproctophilia, dominance and humiliation are everything. For someone to demonstrate their vulnerability by letting out a fart to ignite a sexual response means both parties get what they want. In this case, you are the fart slave because you enjoy getting humiliated. When you find a partner who is bold enough to pass gas and it ends up in sex, then you know your flatulence fetish has been accomplished. And that’s pretty much what your video should demonstrate.

It exposes vulnerability

Do you remember the first blind date you went to? Of course, you wanted your date to see your best side. So you’ll try hiding your weaknesses to impress them. You wait for them to become comfortable with you before releasing your true self. And one of the things you can’t wait to do is release a fart, not worrying about how they’ll perceive you. That is an act of vulnerability.

Forget about how uncouth breaking wind around your partner seems. The act of farting on your partner’s face to arouse them sexually oozes a high degree of vulnerability. Your fart slave expects you to show your weaker side, and nothing compares to how they respond afterward.

A chance to do something 

We have different names that we used to describe farts. We do so to prevent ourselves from calling a fart for what it is. The truth is, farting is a normal process that any normal human being does no matter their social class, gender, economic status, ethnic background or race. So even if you choose other names to marinate the habit, it doesn’t take away that everyone is going through it.

In an eproctophile’s mind, doing something everyone shuns upon with confidence creates a sense of novelty. It doesn’t go without saying public farting can create a unique experience for anyone with the courage to do it. So if you find flatulence sexy, the time to go on a hunting or selling mission is now.

Tips for flatulence fetish for webcam or video-shooting enthusiasts

The first rule about shooting fart videos for money is to view it like any other business. There will be times when you don’t get any audience or land any sales. Harsh critics might fall your way, but it takes a passionate person with thick skin to make it in this industry. So whether you’re venturing in fart videos for the first time or want to sharpen your video-shooting skills with fart fetish content, here are some helpful tips to help you get started.

Expect different flatulence fetish requests

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Some video requests may involve you donning sexy underwear that pops out when you fart. Other people may want to watch you fart in a room full of people. How you respond is all that matters. If a purchaser insists on it, refer them to another seller or turn down their requests respectfully.

Our flatulence community at snifffr is open-minded, but very respectful. If a seller gets bad reviews due to dishonesty or arrogance, we will either remove them or issue several warnings. All we want is to be in a space that respects each person’s choices on matters regarding fetishes.

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Be creative

When going live or shooting a fart fetish video, your prospective buyers don’t expect you to turn your ass to the camera and let out one loud fart. They’ve heard farts all their lives, and all they want is something that not everyone has explored. While it’s your choice if you show your face as you pass gas, most people want to know who is behind the fart that’s turning them on.

To make your videos worth watching to the end, try to show your bum moving as you produce sounding farts. If you feel bold enough and don’t mind what society will perceive of you, try showing your face. You can also try role-playing scenarios to add a little mystery behind your farts.

Don’t fake it

We’ve all tried making fart sounds using our mouths to create humor. So as you create your video, it is easy to succumb to the temptation of making fart sounds through your mouth, an app or soundboard. Chances are your buyers will realize the tricks you’re using, and they will want nothing to do with you. So if you’re unable to fart, don’t fake it. If you’ve run out of farts, postpone your video-making until your stomach is filled with so much gas that it can’t wait to let it all out. Be truthful with your fart fetish video. 

Pump it up

The last thing you want is to set your camera only to realize you can’t fart. Fortunately, there is a tool called an enema bulb to help you with that. It works by forcing air into your bum and coming back out like a fart. 

Ensure the camera audio works perfectly

While silent flatulence emits the most pungent smells, they won’t help much if you’re trying to create a fart fetish video. Your audience needs to hear it to get sexually aroused. For this reason, it is essential to test out your camera audio to ensure the farting sound is captured. Sometimes, the room might be filled with echoes, compromising the audio quality of your farts. To ensure your flatulent sounds come out perfectly and match the expression on your face, tailor your camera settings.

Are you ready to sell or buy a fart fetish video?

At snifffr, we value and respect different sex fetishes, which is why we are willing to accommodate different personalities to our program. Our goal is to help people reach their sexual potential by identifying what turns them on. Whether your fetish involves body odor or farts, we will have you covered. Our community strives to make people go public on what society perceives to be embarrassing. We take pride in offering tips to anyone looking to earn money from a sexual fetish. 


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