How To Sell Dirty Panties & Generate Money Online

Tips To Sell Dirty Panties Online

Selling dirty panties is undoubtedly a fantastic way to earn some money on the Internet. The market has many eager customers and you should be able to sell dirty panties to them. However, you will have an edge over the others by sticking to some essential guidelines when it comes to selling dirty panties.

Capture nice photographs to sell dirty panties on the web

It is imperative for you to take a few quality images of your dirty panties to sell dirty panties online. Try to avoid any small or dark photographs since they might repel the clients in the long run. Instead, make it a point to capture these photographs in broad sunlight so as to get the best results and sell dirty panties online. Photographs of these dirty panties ought to have a width of at least 500 pixels and must be at least 100 KB. It would be prudent to post at least a couple of selfies in different poses with these panties on so as to sell dirty panties online. However, you may choose to remain anonymous.

Never use any scent to sell dirty panties

The next guideline to sell dirty panties will be to avoid using perfume at all. Your clients want to buy your panties since they desire to get your smell. Therefore, it will not be a smart idea to cover up your original smell with any sort of perfume unless you are requested by the buyer.

Speak with your clients to sell dirty panties

You will come across several clients who prefer assessing a brand-new seller with every single order. However, some clients prefer to remain loyal to any specific seller. In fact, these are those customers who are going to generate cash for you in the long run.

The process to buy and sell dirty panties on snifffr


Verify the profiles of different sellers according to your own choice after opening your account. Begin to chat with these girls by making use of private message or the innovative online chat feature. Purchase your stuff once you are prepared for that. It is imperative for you to figure out a genuine payment method and, for this, you must supply the address where the item is going to be delivered. Following this, the seller is going to ship that panties to you directly. snifffr will not interfere in this matter whatsoever.


After opening your account, make it a point to engage with the buyers who you think will purchase your panties. Begin to chat with them using the online chat feature or through private message. Once they're willing to purchase your panties, figure out a prudent payment procedure to sell dirty panties and then ship your stuff to them. However, another important guideline to sell dirty panties will be to receive your remuneration before delivering the panties.

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