Satisfying your used panties fetish the easy way!

Do you have a used panties fetish? There are so many men today who have the used panties fetish.

What is the used panties fetish? 

This is the kind of sexual fetishism common in men. In such a fetish, the person gets sexual arousal or rather excitement from handling, smelling, observing or wearing used panties from women. 

Occasionally, most people with the used panties fetish would steal used panties from their random sexual partners for their own sexual excitement. However, with the establishment  of the snifffr used panties selling platform, you can buy and satisfy your fetish with used panties and still remain anonymous.

Are the used panties sellers real? 

On snifffr, we are committed to being the best-used panties buying and selling platform. We, therefore offer a fake check process to sellers and buyers. It is the users choice whether they choose to go through the fake check process.  

Most importantly, your identity remains anonymous as so is the identity of the seller. However, for sellers, showing their face on the profile is an added advantage. We mind a lot about your privacy, and are therefore committed to granting you just that!

What is the process of buying used panties? 

On snifffr, the process of buying used panties is quite simple. You simply follow the following procedure;

  1. Sign up a free buyers account on snifffr.
  2. Fill any information you deem necessary on your profile. This may include your country, age etc. Remember, you can remain as anonymous as possible.
  3. Navigate the online platform and the various lists of used panties from sellers.
  4. Select as many used panties as you want and private message the seller (you can also send in special requests).
  5. Agree on the payment method and shipping address directly with the seller.
  6. Receive your package and satisfy your used panties fetish.

Remember, we do not get involved in any of your transactions with the seller. 

Weird requests that men with used panties fetish send to the seller 

Most men with the used panties fetish have their own unique way of using the used panties. That is why they are free to communicate privately and anonymously with the seller and request anything they want with the used panties as long as the seller is comfortable.  

In most cases, buyers will ask the seller to either send used panties they have had sex in, those with the urine smell, those with sweat from the gym or those with skid marks. Other clients will also ask the seller to wear the panties for several days; the strong smell in the panties is what will satisfy their used panties fetish. However, it all depends on the seller’s comfort.

The extent of used panties fetish in men 

According to most men, the fun of buying the used panties is that they can easily get the used panties from several random women. This is because the used panties fetish is satisfied by having different smells from different women, which platforms such as snifffr have provided. 

Therefore, worry no more about fulfilling your used panties fetish!