Used Panties in the Adult Industry as a Fetish

Currently, the adult industry and web-camming actors are not making money through the primary job only. There are plenty of income streams for the actors. These sources, when pooled together, provide sustainable income flow. As an adult entertainer, you should be well acquainted with sources and how to exploit them.

The article will focus on used panties as a side hustle for adult entertainers. Believe it or not, the market for adult entertainers used panties is in demand. This may shock you, especially if you've been in the industry for long, but as a matter of fact, most men will pay handsomely for panties that have been worn by their favorite women.

It should be noted that buyers are motivated by sexual inclinations. But this is not the only reason; most buyers do not want to buy any panties just because hot ladies wear them. What makes the panties special is the woman they know.

Why are used panties on demand?


  1. Masturbatory vessels

Most guys are creative when it comes to sexual pleasure. The majority of porn lovers are deeply in love with the actors, and they want anything related to them; used pants are one of the commodities that will make the porn viewers feel attached to the actor. Remember, the panties have the actor's odor; what else is so important than your favorite actor's sexual odor? It should be noted that body or sexual odors are extremely arousing.

Some guys wrap the panties around their penis while masturbating, others pull it up down, while others wear them when masturbating. In other words, the panties play the role of sex toys for most men.

  1. Loyalty symbol

At times, the panties of a beloved adult performer can do the trick; even better are the panties worn by someone with whom the buyer is acquainted. If it's an adult actor or a cam girl whom the buyer talks to one on one, the bond has been built, and perhaps the buyer regards the actor as a friend; the panties are not masturbatory vessels but a symbol of loyalty.

  1. Sniffing expeditions

At the moment, panty sniffing is one of the biggest kinks among men. This is because, in the cause of the sniffing expedition, most body organs explode to the occasion. This can be towards partners or masturbation.

On these occasions, used panties are used as sexual stimulating agents. They are effective in turning on the sexual vessels. Odors and smells play a significant role in almost all mammals. Dogs are known for the character of sniffing genitalia and anus of other dogs to determine the potential of their counterparts.

Where to sell used panties

Online sites are the primary marketplace for sellers and buyers. It starts with men browsing around for used panties then logging in to specific accounts that are selling used panties. Next, they message the women that are selling the panties. Mostly the selling sites have systems that the sellers must verify if they are women.

Tips for selling used panties

The needs and wants of your target market

One of the primary digital marketing tips is knowing the needs of your target market. Selling used panties is not all about wearing panties then posting them in the marketplace. It needs more than that. Meaning, you should communicate with your customers and consider their preferences. Some customers may prefer panties that have been worn for a day or days, while others may prefer boy shorts over lace.

Personality, personality, personality

It should be noted that customers are not buying your panties just because they are used panties. They want them for fantasy reasons. Therefore, you needed to create a professional profile and provide top-notch descriptions. Also, you will be chatting with customers regularly. Meaning, it's important to be professional. However, don't forget to be sexy, unique, friendly, and desirable because that is what the customers are looking for in order to fantasize.

Your panties should be juicy and nice.

Don't dare to sell fragile panties. No one will buy them. Here, the secret is that you should wear the selected panties for several days to have the same scent level. In other words, your scent should be a marketing tool. Once the buyers have recognized your unique smell, they will come back for more. And also the price of your panties will depend on the days you wear them. Hence, the more days the panties are worn, the higher the price.

Be open-minded

The adult industry is all about being open-minded. Remember, it's a sexual niche. This implies that you will be asked many things, such as having the panties you wore when you were masturbating? Do you sell excessively worn panties? Do you sell panties with your pubic hair? Where are the photos or videos of you in these panties? And many more. You should be ready.

Bottom line

Used panties business can be lucrative; all you need is to be strategic with your panties. You need to cut into a specific niche and have enough content.