Laura Thorpe


  • Adult Modeling
  • Personal Merchandise
  • Fan Engagement
  • Six years selling used panties 


Laura Thorpe is a celebrated model in the adult industry with over a decade of experience. She has captivated a wide audience with her authenticity and engaging presence. Through us, Laura sells her used panties. This hustle provides a unique and personal connection with her fans.


Laura has built a successful career. She modeled for many top-rated adult content publications. Known for her confidence and openness, she is a trusted figure in the adult community. Her commitment to quality and customer satisfaction has earned her a loyal fan base. 

Beyond modeling, Laura is dedicated to promoting body positivity and sexual wellness. She aims to break social taboos and encourage open conversations about sexuality.

A Message from Laura Thorpe:  “Connecting with my fans and providing them with a unique experience through snifffr is very fulfilling. I believe in promoting a positive and open perspective on sexuality. I’m excited to share this journey with you!.”

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