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Gone are the days when you would have to go to great lengths to sell and buy dirty panties. Thanks to the Internet, it has never been easier for you to buy dirty panties. Dirty panties first started being sold in Japan. Initially, they were sold through vending machines or Burusera Shops. The reason they were sold in vending machines was for people to stay anonymous. Dirty panties buyers could go at any time to make a purchase, without being seen.

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Thanks to snifffr, you can now buy dirty panties on the Internet with ease. snifffr is a website that connects people who sell and buy dirty panties. In simple terms it is an intermediary between the buyers and sellers, an online marketplace. This is the best website to buy dirty panties because it maintains your anonymous identity as a buyer and even a seller. The process of selling and buying dirty panties is also easy and it is absolutely free to create your own operating account. There are thousands of men and women around the world who have signed up to sniffr. Loads of people are joining snifffr everyday to get a whiff of that.

Why choose snifffr

  • It is free to start your own account as either a seller or a buyer of dirty panties. At some stage, you may choose to upgrade to a premium account. Snifffr charges a set monthly fee for premium accounts. It does not matter how many times you sell or buy dirty panties, you will only be charged one monthly fee.
  • The process of selling and buying the dirty panties is easy. For excellent information on how to sell dirty panties, take a look tips to sell dirty panties page.
  • Your identity as a seller or a buyer is kept anonymous. Snifffr does not require you to disclose any personal information on the website. It is entirely up to you the buyer or seller to disclose whatever information they choose. On the signup page, it clearly states what information will be disclosed. This includes: profile username, date of birth and country. Country is important as many buyers like to buy dirty panties from the same country they are in to keep the cost of shipping down.
  • There is a fake check process in place. Look out for sellers who have a ‘fake check approved’ badge.

How to sell and buy dirty panties on snifffr

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snifffr is the best website when you want to sell and buy dirty panties. The process is smooth and easy. Below are the steps to follow when you want to sell or buy dirty panties in snifffr.

When you want to sell used panties

The first step is to create your personal account on the website and indicate that you are a seller. This process is simple and free, all you need is a username and a password. Once you have your own account, the next step is to start interacting with the potential buyers on the site using your private messenger feature. You can also post some of the used panties you are selling on your profile so that the interested buyers can be able to see them. When you are interacting with the potential buyers, you are able to identify their preference and what they need. If you have what they need, you can negotiate the price with them and the delivery terms. Once the payment is sent to you, you can send them their package.

Shipping needs to be discussed between the buyer and seller. Many sellers will choose to exclude the cost of shipping when you buy dirty panties. The reason is that the seller is unaware of where the buyer is located. They are therefore not certain what to charge for shipping. However, some sellers will state that shipping is included free of charge to a particular country. For example, a seller in the USA might say that shipping is included in the price for sales in the USA.

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When you want to buy dirty panties

This process is also simple and easy. You will also need to create an account and indicate you are a buyer. The details you need for your buyers account are your password and username. Once the account is set up, you can start going through the profiles of the various sellers on snifffr. This gives you an opportunity to get to see the panties they are selling. You can also use your private messenger feature to chat with the sellers. This way, you may be able to get the panties you want to buy faster. Once you get your preferred seller, you can negotiate the payment and delivery terms with them. You can then send them the money and wait for your package to be delivered.

The payment method used when you buy dirty panties should be discussed between the buyer and seller. snifffr does not partake in the transfer of money between the buyer and the seller. Many sellers choose to accept payment using platforms such as Venmo or Google Wallet. PayPal does not allow money transfers for adult industry related transactions.

Terms and conditions on snifffr

There are some conditions and rules on the site if you are looking to sell or buy dirty panties. Here are some of these conditions;

  • Minors are not allowed on the site. This is one of the rules of the site, only people with 18+ years are allowed to use snifffr. On sing up, you will be required to enter in your date of birth. If you are under 18 years old, you will not be able to proceed. In addition, you are required to tick a box stating that you are over 18.
  • Sellers are encouraged to pass a fake check. To pass the fake check, sellers need to upload an image of themselves. In the image, they are to hold an A4 piece of paper with the words SNIFFFR and today’s date written on it. Once a seller has passed the fake check, they will get a badge on their profile that says “Fake Check Approved”.

What other things are sold on snifffr

In addition to dirty panties, all other used underwear can be sold on the site. There is also a category for worn men’s underwear on the site in case you are an interested buyer or seller.

snifffr is the best website to sell and buy dirty panties today. It is convenient because the package will be delivered to you. There is also a very large number of buyers and sellers of used panties on the website. This ensures that there is a ready supply and a ready market for used underwear.


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