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snifffr is an online marketplace that allows you to buy used panties online anonymously. Do not be shy about it – thousands of people are now buying underwear anonymously. Join the latest craze so that you are not left behind. snifffr makes the process of purchasing used knickers really easy.

The convenience of snifffr’s platform has made it easier than ever to buy used underwear from trusted sellers. The website’s structure ensures a seamless experience for all users, whether you are new to the community or a regular buyer. Anonymity is a priority, and snifffr has strict privacy policies to protect your identity.

This helpful page of information covers the following topics:

An option for every buyer!


Grasp the basics to begin

Age requirements
Firstly, you need to be 18 or older to join the snifffr. Snifffr contains adult material that is not suitable for minors. The website has strict policies in place to ensure that under 18 year olds do not join the website. 

Quick Signup
On the snifffr website homepage, click on buy panties on any of the various buttons available. It will take you just  a few minutes to sign up to buy used panties.

Buyer Premium Access 
Sign up to snifffr for free. To access premium benefits as a buyer, there are two options:

  1. Pass a snifffr fake check. It will take approximately 8-12 hours for your account to be approved. 
  2. Instant access. You can purchase instant access to snifffr premium. You will be required to provide photo identification for instant access. The fee is a one off payment (non recurring) which gives you access to snifffr for 365 days.

Profile Creation
Once signed up, it’s time to set up your profile. Upload your profile picture, fill out the about you section and upload a cover photo. Be sure to check the settings page on your profile. There are just a few simple settings which will make your experience just the way you want it to be. 

The Fun Part
Now it’s time to start looking for what you want. You can do this in a few different ways. Every used panty buyer will have their own preference.

Skip the small talk and go straight to the shop. In the shop, used panty buyers can browse a massive selection of items. Then, just choose the item you want to buy by getting in touch with the seller through live chat or private message.

Browse through the gallery section to find a seller that grabs your eye. Take a look at their used panties for sale and make a purchase. Once you have a relationship with the used panty seller, get down to business. 

snifffr offers multiple ways to interact with sellers, making it easier to buy worn panties that meet your specific desires. Whether you prefer direct messaging or browsing through galleries, the platform is designed to facilitate smooth and discrete transactions. This flexibility ensures that you can connect with sellers in a manner that best suits your preferences.

There are 3 important elements to consider to buy used panties:

  1. The cost – ensure you come to an agreement. Many sellers will negotiate the price of their used undies with you. 
  2. Tokens – ensure you transact using snifffr tokens by setting up a snifffr deal. Tokens can be purchased on the snifffr website. The more tokens you purchase, the bigger the discount. 
  3. Shipping – ensure you discuss who will pay for shipping. Be aware that snifffr is a global website with buyers and sellers around the world.

Once your account is set up, you can browse and buy worn panties from the extensive collection available on snifffr. The platform’s intuitive design makes it easy to buy used underwear, whether it’s a specific style or a particular seller. Personalized profiles and detailed listings help you make informed decisions about your purchases.

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Used panty buyers sign up to snifffr for a variety of reasons:

  • snifffr is a user-friendly website.
  • You can sign up for a free account which has loads of features available.
  • Reliable age verification process to prove sellers are over 18.
  • If you want to access the premium features, it’s really affordable.
  • There are loads of buyers and sellers to deal with.
  • Snifffr is a community of like minded people.
  • Your transaction can be as discreet as you wish.
  • Easy to use on site payment system.  
  • There is a wonderful and super responsive support team. 

For more information, take a look at the FAQ’s page. We highly recommend that you spend a couple of minutes reading the FAQ’s.

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Receiving my order

Shipping of orders needs to be arranged between the buyer and seller. Buyers need to check if shipping is included in the sale price. Buyers should confirm that a tracking number is provided with the order. There are various reasons why this applies:

  • If your order is lost, you can use the shipping information to locate it.
  • If the seller says they sent out the order but you did not receive it, you have proof you have been scammed.
  • Knowing when your package will arrive so that you can be the one to collect it. This reduces your chances of someone (who shouldn’t) opening your special package!

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This is a very good question that is commonly asked. The price of of worn underwear varies significantly based on the following points:

  • Demand: no different to anything else that’s available for purchase, the greater the demand equals the higher the cost.  Popular and well known sellers will charge more for their used underwear for sale. Busy sellers will also bump up pricing. 
  • Seller’s feedback – sellers that have many 5 star glowing reviews will demand a higher price. Chances are they will have a loyal following. 
  • Extras – probably the biggest factor is the extras you require. For example: material type, photos or videos of the seller wearing the panties, masturbation in the panties and duration the panties were worn for.
  • Custom requests – should you have a desire for a custom outfit, the seller will add the cost to the price charged. 
  • Quality – the material can be a price factor such as silk or linen. 
  • Reputation – a well known or famous seller will set pricing that is beyond the norm.  

Based on the above factors, pricing will range from $20 to $100. However, some seller’s may be above or below the general market price. Custom requests are going to be the largest factor when it comes to pricing due to the extra work and costs involved for the seller. 

Ten Step Process to Buy Worn Panties

Buying used panties can be easy with the right advice and guidance. The below straight forward process will help you to make a successful purchase with ease:

  1. Platform selection – choosing the right platform is of critical importance. There are dedicated marketplaces such as snifffr that strictly focus on people buying used panties. 
  2. Account creation – register or sign up to your chosen platform. You may be required to provide photo identification to prove you are over 18 years of age. 
  3. Explore the marketplace – browse the online shop to view what used underwear is available for sale. 
  4. Browse sellers – explore the list of sellers available on the marketplace. Then, navigate to their profile to learn more about them such as their interests, hobbies, location, body type and more.  
  5. Communicate with sellers – create a shortlist of sellers you have shown interest in. Then, message the sellers directly to state your interest. You can ask the seller about the specifics of the worn panties for sale that interests you. 
  6. Work out terms – discuss the terms of the agreement such as pricing, shipping, delivery date and exactly what the seller will be providing. 
  7. Confidentiality – many buyers like to confirm with the seller that the transaction and delivery will remain confidential. The used knickers should arrive in non-identifiable packaging. 
  8. Clarify payment – ensure that payment is conducted using snifffr tokens for a reliable process. 
  9. Collect order – when your order is delivered, ensure that you are satisfied with the order and the items are exactly as per your agreed terms. 
  10. Review – leave the seller fair and honest feedback on their profile for other worn panty buyers to see. 

Where Do I Buy Used Underwear From?

Perhaps one of the most important considerations is selecting the right marketplace to buy used panties from. There are many places available such as:

  • Dedicated marketplaces that focus on used panties is the most popular place to buy used panties, such as More often than not, you will be able to buy other fetish related items on the marketplaces. 
  • Social media platforms are a popular choice. However, you need to be aware that many social media applications ban the sale of used knickers. You will risk account termination. 
  • Adult forums such as Reddit have many threads set up on this fetish. 
  • Websites such as Only Fans are another source to buy used knickers. 

When making a decision, please consider the features and functionality of the website you choose. You also need to take into account the safety offered by the website. 

The snifffr eCommerce shop

Snifffr is an eCommerce website that has a large shop available. Buyers can choose from thousands of items listed in the shop. The items include:

  • Used panties
  • Used socks
  • Used bras
  • Used underwear
  • Photos
  • Videos and much more! 

All items are available for checkout through the use of snifffr tokens which are easy to purchase.


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