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If used panties are your thing, it is now easier than before to fulfil your used panty fetish. Buying and selling of used underwear has become a huge industry in many parts of the world. When the fetish started gaining publicity, interested people would buy used panties exclusively through magazines and later on via vending machines.

The invention of used panties and underwear started in Japan. Used panties were sold through vending machines. Buyers would go discretely in the middle of the night to purchased used panties. They would try not get caught doing this in order to remain anonymous. The invention of the internet has made buying used panties significantly easier. Snifffr is a trusted marketplace with tens of thousands of members.

Buying used panties online is the most convenient way of acquiring any type and style of used panties. On snifffr, one can sell worn panties discreetly or buy in an absolutely anonymous manner. Shipping and payment transactions are easy to complete regardless of where you are.

With snifffr, there is nothing to worry or be ashamed of. You have a chance to sniff a wide variety of underwear and keep what you like. Be sure to quench your used panty fetish here because snifffr is known for making it happen. New buyers and sellers are joining the site every day. This gives you plenty of used panties to choose from if you are a buyer, and an abundance of customers for your worn panties if you are a seller. Don’t hold back anything from your adult services fantasy world as snifffr has everything you need to satisfy your fascination.

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Why buy used panty on snifffr

Sign up is quick and easy: With an account at snifffr, you can buy used panties directly from original wearers. Each seller creates a profile and posts pictures and videos of the panties they are selling. This gives you a first-hand opportunity to view and choose the panty you think will fulfill your used panty fetish. Women from all walks of life showcase their hot underpants and it’s you to go with your taste. Every taste of used panty is available to account holders. Sign up today and experience the joy of this used panty abundance.

Enhanced verification process

snifffr cares for its members’ interests. We make every effort to make sure you get what you want and continue enjoying your used panties fetish. Part of this commitment is inclusion of a seller verification process. All new users are encouraged to take a fake check to be a “fake check approved” seller on the site. The fake check is a simple but necessary procedure where you take a photo of yourself holding a piece of paper written “snifffr” on it. snifffr highly recommends that buyers and sellers deal with ‘fake check approved’ users. There are thousands of fake check approved users to choose from.

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Stay Anonymous

snifffr takes user anonymity very seriously. It has put in place measures to ensure that your identity is preserved. You can buy worn panties from anywhere in the world without telling the world of your used panty fetish. You should not disclose all your personal information, including bio data and real address if you are a seller. We don’t share any personal information with third parties unless it says so in our terms and conditions. If you really want to keep your used panty fetish a secret then you are in the right place. Go ahead and sign up now.

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snifffr gives you a seamless communication platforms

You can do all communications on the site so you don’t have to share your email address with anyone if you don’t want to. You can either use the chat platform or send messages directly to another snifffr member so that you can agree on how to go about the used panty sale. There are 2 options for communicating on the site. You may choose to use online chat which is live. The second option is private messages. This gives you the opportunity to be in touch with users who are not necessarily on the site at the same time as you.

Choose a shipping and payment method that is convenient for you

snifffr doesn’t limit you to any shipping or payment method. When you come across a panty that goes with your used panty fetish and agree with the seller on the price, you can decide together on the most convenient payment method for both of you. The same applies for shipping method. The 2 most common payment methods are Venmo and Google Wallet. However, you may choose to use any payment method that you wish.

snifffr does not get involved in the transfer of money. This happens strictly between the buyer and seller.

Does part of your adventurous part include a used panty fetish? Do you get unique excitement and arousal from the aroma of hot sexy underwear? Hundreds of real panty girls are waiting for you. This is the number 1 online marketplace for used, worn, wet, and dirty panties. Don’t deny yourself this terrific experience. Get on snifffr and view the exceptional collection of worn underwear. There is no better place to take your used panty fetish than here, where a large community of used panty fetishists gets what they want in an easy, convenient and anonymous way.

Used Panty Fetish

There are many other benefits you enjoy when joining snifffr. This includes free registration, staying anonymous, freedom of choice, wide selection and great opportunities.

All you need to do is sign up to buy used panties or to sell used panties. For more information, take a look at our FAQ’s page.

Used panties sellers should visit Tips to Sell Used Panties or the How to Get Started page on the snifffr website. snifffr is the trusted marketplace for:

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