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Why Worn Panties Are Irresistible

The sheer seduction of used panties can provide the naughtiest of pleasures for those in the fetish community with a dirty underwear kink.

More than just a penchant for intimate underwear, they are the ultimate sensory experience where the enjoyment never ends.

Perhaps the one tantalizing factor is that no two pairs are the same. Every scent has a unique, personalized scent that is all about the wearer. Perhaps someone wore a pair of panties to an exotic nightclub on an island far away, or had a hot date wearing a slinky black thong.

Or, it can be as everyday as wearing a set of panties to the gym and crushing goals with every rep – a story that could get hearts racing just by the thought of it…

Whichever kink they appeal to, panties are like real estate gold in the fetish community. Online marketplaces in recent years have truly opened the door for both eager buyers and budding sellers to tap into the pleasures of purchasing dirty panties.

On snifffr, we’ve created such a platform where those in the kink community can truly enjoy their passion for the alluring scents that await with every pair of panties. Added to that, we provide our sellers with a safe space where they can present their products in a way that they are super comfortable with.

So, if you are on this page because you are curious about used panty kinks, want to start selling dirty underwear or if you are a buyer looking for details on knickers on sale on our online marketplace, we think you are in just the right place.

Let’s get started with all you need to know. Jump ahead to any of the following sections:

  • Why worn panties are irresistible
  • What is the used panties fetish about?
  • What to expect when making sales?
  • What are buyers looking for
  • Are you in a position to make sales right away?
  • How long do you need to wait before making a sale
  • What do buyers need to keep in mind
  • Is selling worn panties worth the effort
  • FAQ’s
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Get started with all you need to know


What Is This Fetish All About?

A used panties fetish goes far beyond just ownership of an item. True, someone might simply want to own a piece of dirty underwear and be satisfied with someoneelse’s used panty’s. 

For another, it can be the complete sensory experience of dirty underwear. They will love looking at an item, the shape of it and the colors included in the design. They will touch the fabric, bringing about some of the wildest fantasies. And then, there is of course the signature scents of dirty underwear.

This pure joy of arousal through smell, called olfactophilia, is one of the many reasons why they are so popular. Our bodies release unique chemicals, which can lead to certain scents that those who sniff our underwear find incredibly attractive.

So, in short: sniffing used panties is a turn-on for many people – and it is by no means weird or perverted!

Just having a look at legit, vetted online marketplaces, you can easily see that there is a community that embraces smelling and handling worn underwear, enjoying every pleasure that comes with it.

Here are a few elements about the fetish:

  • Odor arousal – buyers get excited with the pheromones produced by used panties. 
  • Connection – worn underwear are an intimate item that channels the smell of the seller. 
  • Choice – you can purchase or sell panties with many different options such as length of wear or performing certain events. 
  • Marketplace – many people love being part of a marketplace and community of like minded people. 
  • Safety – selling words undies through a marketplaces affords you the luxury of discretion.  

For sellers, understanding the depth of this fetish is crucial. It’s not just about having used panties for sale; it’s about providing a sensory experience that fulfills the buyer’s desires. Sellers can take advantage of this by offering detailed descriptions and high-quality images that highlight the unique aspects of each pair. This approach can make used panties for sale online more attractive and increase sales potential.

Women wearing used panties

What Can You Expect When Making Sales?

If you are still new to the game of selling dirty panties, you might wonder: Is it a legit hustle or should I take caution before proceeding?

First things first: If you are older than 18, using a platform such as snifffr is completely in order. It is not against the law to sell your used underwear here, provided that your buyers are also older than 18.

Selling used panties can certainly become a fantastic side hustle if you want to earn that extra bit of cash every month, and if you really apply yourself to creating a fantastic seller’s profile, there is nothing standing in your way to be successful!

Whether you want to create a sense of mystery, want to treat your buyers to extra visual content or simply want to enjoy the interaction with others in the kink community, there is so much to explore.

Also, there isn’t just one type of seller persona. So, whether you want to position yourself as a fun-loving 20-year-old or a cougar with panties to spare, there is so much that you can offer!

It’s true, there will be some work that will need to go into your seller’s profile when you get started. But the rewards will be sweet!

For new sellers, the key to success is understanding what buyers are looking for and positioning your offerings accordingly. Highlighting the unique scents and stories behind each pair of worn panties for sale can create a compelling narrative that attracts buyers. Whether you are selling your own used pantys or more specialized items, your ability to market these products effectively will determine your success.

What you should expect when making sales: 

  • Market demand – there is an abundance of buyers but your success is attributable to your efforts, profile, imagery and ability to make a sale. 
  • Discretion – there are a number of sellers who put their anonymity on a pedestal. Nothing is more important to them! 
  • Dialogue – use online communication technologies to be in touch with buyers. 
  • Made-to-order – buyers will have their very own custom requests. If something is outside of your boundaries, don’t be afraid to turn down the order. 
  • Payment – some buyers will want to make payments offline. We highly recommend you use snifffr deals for your safety. 
  • Shipping and handling – consider the buyers request to have discreet shipping. It’s a must for many buyers. 
  • Feedback – buyers will review your profile once an order has been completed. 


Just as no two sellers are alike, every buyer has unique tastes and fetishes. Every smell from dirty knickers can inspire different sensations.

However, there is no denying that the sweet smells that come with used panties can delight so many buyers. This is the important thing when you decide to sell dirty underwear: It’s all about the smell! Buyers will want to get a fantastic experience with the unique scent that your panties have.

Body odor kinks certainly have their place in the kink community, and it is not just women who can spoil buyers with their items: Men can also join in!

Men’s used underwear is certainly popular on the snifffr online marketplace – and just like women’s undies, there is a community who love these items too.

This brings us to the next question that you might have: What are buyers looking for?

Well, every fantasy certainly has a different preference. Fitness enthusiasts might be seeking out pairs of panties that have been working out at the gym or to track races. Brand fans could have designer labels on their radar, and if you are offering the goods, they are likely to line up to get their hands on those limited-edition briefs or runway-worthy panties!

The thing you need to remember is that used undies come with a combo of smells and materials. Buyers will likely enjoy the scintillating smells that these items have as much as the materials and colors available.

This means that presentation shouldn’t be forgotten if you want to give that complete experience for buyers if you are a seller (in other words, perhaps reconsider adding worse for wear used panties that might not look as good visually).

However, you can still make a sale if you are savvy and position your dirty panties with their unique traits. Every pair of underwear has a story to tell, so why not create the ultimate experience with the items that you do have?

Buyers interests of used underwear include:

  • Everyday worn panties – the usual run of the mill panties that have been worn for a period of time with regular natural scent. 
  • Exercise panties – those that have been worn to the gym, yoga, running or any other form of exercise.
  • Sexual activities – panties that have been worn during sex or masturbation. The scent will be strong thus attracting buyers. 
  • Custom orders – buyers may special request an order that has been worn for longer periods of time, stains or other activities. 
  • Tailored requests – specific colors, styles, materials etc
  • Dreamlike themes – these are panties which correlate to fantasies such as a nurse or doctor. Role playing is what the buyer is after. 

When listing used panties for sale online, it is important to consider the diverse preferences of potential buyers. From fitness enthusiasts to brand aficionados, understanding your target audience can help you tailor your listings more effectively. High-quality images and engaging descriptions can make your used panties for sale stand out and attract a loyal customer base.

Can I Start Making Sales Right Away?

If you are eager to jump in to start selling worn underwear, it is important that you start the right way.

Before even getting into the process of creating a profile, first stop and think about which types of used panties you have available to sell.

Your unique panty scent

As we mentioned earlier, these cannot be clean or washed panties – they need to have a specific scent that is unique to you. So, if you first need to get them ready, you might spend some time wearing a couple of pairs.

This doesn’t need to take long, and you can of course add to your inventory as more of your stock becomes available. A good idea if you do not have many panties available, is to check out shops where you can buy several panty packs or other underwear specials. This way, once your profile starts to skyrocket with sales, you are pretty much sorted!

Now, once you are ready with your stash of underwear, you can sign up on snifffr, create your profile and get started.

Creative images help with sales

As selling used underwear is a big sensory experience, take care with the images of the panties that you are planning to sell. There are the usual considerations of course, such as clear images, and good lighting – you want to make every product look amazing!

Also, you do not have to show your full face when wearing your used knickers in pictures. Just make sure that buyers get a really good idea of what they could be buying – watch out for anything that might obstruct a clear view of your panties.

Private Content

Now, as with any online marketplace, there are some added extras that might entice buyers to learn more about sellers. And, this can come with extra money earned too!

Don’t look past the private content section

On snifffr, we have a private content section that you can easily add to your profile. In a nutshell, these exclusive visuals include videos and images. They are paid-for items, so make them as interesting as possible so that buyers will be thrilled with what they receive when signing up for your content. Buyers pay sellers directly on the site to access their private content. Payment is conducted through snifffr tokens. You can easily cash out your tokens on the site via the Wise app.

See it as a showcase of your amazing profile – you offer an incredible platform where so many interests are taken care of!

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How Long Do I Need To Wait Before Making A Sale?

We get it: If you are fired up to make big sales, you would love to get results quick and easy!
Do remember, you will need to put in the work when you start setting up your online profile. But, you can improve your chances of getting those sales in when you start.

Here are seven helpful tips to help you get going with your panties business:

  1. Good photos can lead to instant attraction. When your products look amazing, buyers are going to want to have them! So, take good visuals – for your private content as well. Pay attention to lighting and backgrounds too – you do not want to position your used panties with a bland or inappropriate background!
  2. Use good descriptors and keywords. You’ve got to clearly tell your potential buyers what you are offering – whether it is silky panties or trusted gym undies!
  3. Have a look at what other sellers are doing. It doesn’t hurt to check out what your seller community is getting right – learn from the best to get to the same level.
  4. Make sure you have the time to engage with buyers. Do not make a buyer who is interested in your used panties wait too long to hear back from you. It is really easy to engage with buyers using snifffr’s two communication methods. You can either private message someone or send them a direct message on live chat. Note that to use live chat – you both need to be online at the same time.
  5. Have enough underwear to sell. You can list as many items as you want and that you can handle on snifffr. Think about variety as well. Having a bit of everything can help you attract several buyers, so diversify to keep things interesting!
  6. Price your used panties competitively but not too expensive. Of course, you want to make a killing, but keep things in line with what other sellers are charging.
  7. Stay positive! Remember, selling used panties can be so much fun once you get your sales off the ground. Enjoy the experience of creating an extra income stream where your unique scents and personality play key parts in attracting the attention of buyers. It will be so worth it!

There is absolutely the opportunity to make money – and having the right attitude and approach can help you get where you want to be to earn money and fans! Just remember, the more effort you put into your business, the more rewarded you are going to be.

Another important aspect is consistency. Regularly updating your listings and engaging with your audience can keep your profile active and attractive. Sellers who frequently list worn panties for sale can build a steady stream of loyal buyers. By staying active and responsive, you increase your chances of making continuous sales and building a reputable profile on the platform.

Women looking at her phone to sell used panties

How About Buyers – What Do They Need To Keep In Mind?

Now, if you are a buyer reading this article, you might wonder how you should approach buying used panties from an online marketplace such as snifffr.

Consider what you are looking for

A good starting point is to consider what you are looking for. This will help you when you are searching for your heart’s desired underwear. Otherwise, you could end up just scrolling through several profiles without getting the dirty underwear that you are after.

Once you have signed up and you are ready to engage with sellers, have a look at the items available on their lists. See anything you like? Then, get in touch!

Additional content

And if you want access to extra content such as pictures, add it to your list of potential items that you can add to your list of rewarding items.

Seller pricing

Speaking of the items you will be paying for: Remember that every seller is putting a different price on their items according to what they feel their stock is worth. So, what one seller might be charging could be different from another.

That being said, you are going to find a lot of great items on the snifffr platform that will fit in with your tastes and budget. Our amazing sellers are waiting for you, and you are going to certainly enjoy finding incredible items!

The safest way to transact in the used panty industry is to use snifffr tokens. For more information on how snifffr tokens work, take a look at this helpful article.

Final Verdict: Is Selling Worn Panties Worth The Effort?

Want to make money with items that are already in your closet? Ready to be part of a community where life’s simple pleasures can be enjoyed in so many ways? We think you know where we are going with this!

Selling underwear is a fantastic experience for so many people, and if you are open-minded and have a sense of fun and adventure, the journey will be worth it for sure!

You may want to take into account the following:

Supply and Demand – there is significant demand for used panties. However, there is also significant supply. For new sellers, this means it won’t be a walk in the park. 
Effort – considerable effort needs to be attributed to your used underwear business to communicate with buyers, list items in your store, shipping and more. 
Privacy – please consider how you will go about protecting your personal information. This is an important aspect of your panty selling business. 
Return on investment – there are some sellers who do well out of this business while many also struggle to get it going. Patience and persistence is the key! 
Expectations – set realistic goals when starting out. Chances are you won’t be a top seller in your first week. 
Selling fees – consider the cost of joining a marketplace. Don’t sign up to the cheapest marketplace that has poor features.


Enjoyed reading this page so far? If you have more questions, check out some of the frequently asked questions that our community has asked before.

Many people enjoy this kink for the sensory sensation that it offers – it is all about the unique smells of every item!

There certainly is! There are several legit online marketplaces where sellers are making their undies available, and on snifffr, there are loads of items to discover!

For buyers, it can be getting hold of items with unique smells, while sellers list their items for extra cash and are likely to interact with buyers with similar interests.
This will depend on how many items you have available, as well as the time you dedicate to your sales. You could beef up your earnings by providing private content – check out our section on how you can add this to your profile.
Absolutely! If you put in the effort and have an attractive inventory on your profile, it will increase your chances to grab the attention of potential buyers.

Never do any transactions using your personal banking information.

Transactions through snifffr deals are the most widely used and secure method.

No, eBay does not allow this.
A good going rate for sellers is anything from $20 to $100. It is worth it to consider the brand of underwear as well – more expensive panties could be priced a bit higher, provided they are in good condition.
Nope – it’s the smell that sells, if you want to put it like that! The purpose of why men buy used panties is the unique odour of every set of panties.
That’s why, when a seller ships a set , they need to use discreet packaging that will retain the smell.
Keep in mind that, on snifffr as an example, you need to be older than 18 to sell used panties. You are not allowed to sell items to anyone younger than 18.

Need more information on selling used panties? Get in touch with us today!


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