Soiled panties – are they just dirty business?

When it comes to selling soiled panties, or buying if you are inclined to do so, there is no denying that there is a big market to explore online - and if you are still new to the game, you might be surprised just how many avenues there are to check out!

Not only are sellers selling used underwear and dirty underwear on several legit platforms, but many have reported success and are using their business as a thriving income stream where they can set the rules and terms for their online sales.

Soiled Panties
Often, used panties that are still in quite a good condition can be easier to sell, even if they have your scent - it’s important to think about aesthetics too. After all, a stretched-out pair of cotton panties might not have the same allure as a pair that is still in good shape.

A big question that we think you might have when reading this article, is of course … Is selling soiled panties just dirty business? Is it just about selling dirty panties that have gone through several rounds of wearing, or is there something more behind it all?

Let’s take a look.

What exactly are soiled panties?

Now, before we continue further into our article, we just want to include a note on what we mean when we say soiled underwear in the context of this article.

On snifffr, we refer to used panties, used knickers and even wet panties as soiled panties. However, there are other taboos that we for instance do not allow due to health or other moral reasons. (You can check out our prohibited content page for more on that.)

But back to business.

Soiled panties, if you want to narrow down our definition, are used panties. They smell like you and have your unique scent, which is likely what buyers are in the market for. You might have an interesting backstory for a pair (such as wearing a sexy thong to an evening out) or playing a tennis match with a tight pair.

Even well-known figures have started tapping into the used underwear business, such as glam model Katie Price putting used underwear up for sale for hundreds of pounds.

So, whether your soiled underwear has a glamorous past, or are simply pre-loved items, they are not dirty business by any measure. If anything, they are part of the celebration of the fetish community who adore experiencing intimate scents through smelling and experiencing used underwear.

Why is soiled underwear so popular?

The allure of used panties certainly has many layers - and for each person, it can be different or a combination of several factors.

For some buyers, it can be the excitement and turn-on of smelling these preloved pieces. Others might enjoy the tangible experience of both handling and smelling used knickers, imagining the “adventures” that they had and the fantasies that they can inspire.

Sellers, on the other hand, can enjoy making sales from their soiled underwear online and give buyers the pleasure of receiving items with smells that are intimate and so unique.

Now, bearing the latter in mind, let’s take a look at the next question that might pop up when it comes to used knickers.

Do you have to be part of the kink community or have an underwear fetish yourself if you want to sell soiled underwear?

Selling used underwear can be a thrilling experience for sellers, even if you are not part of the fetish community. If you would love to provide items to buyers that you know will make their day, and have an open mind and a fun-loving personality, selling dirty underwear can be such a rewarding experience - including being able to earn extra money in a legit way.

Is soiled underwear the right choice for you?

There are several reasons why selling dirty panties can be a rewarding experience for sellers. Perhaps your goal is solely for making money (which, of course, makes sense if you are entering the dirty underwear market space!). Do bear in mind that you need to be mindful when pricing your items - remember, if you are still new on a platform, you first need to earn a good seller’s reputation that would justify your price ranges.

However, you might be an avid underwear collector yourself with more pairs of used knickers than you can count! In that case, it can be a great way to sell high-quality soiled underwear online. After all, why keep them in your drawers when they can enjoy pride of place on your own seller profile on a platform such as snifffr!

Selling soiled underwear is also not just for women - men can also put up their used underwear for sale, such as on snifffr. The same rules apply, of course: ensure that the items you list are worth a sale and have the right price tags to help you make the sale that you have in mind.

Worth the investment?

Soiled panties, dirty panties, wet panties, or whichever term you prefer to use, can be a wonderful outlet to experience an underwear fetish on a whole new level.

Even better, when you make use of trusted online platforms such as snifffr, you know you can enjoy browsing and finding the pieces that would attract you instantly.

For sellers, on the other hand, a regulated marketplace for soiled panties can provide a fun and exciting space where they can embrace the fantasy of being purveyors of sought-after goods. Over and above the ego boost, there is also the opportunity to earn money from dirty panties sold - all legit and tons of excitement from every sale! Plus, on platforms such as snifffr, you can add extra services such as photos and videos - providing even more opportunities for extra income.

So, is selling soiled panties dirty business or not? We think the verdict is clear: When using the right platforms, it is a great experience for sure!

FAQ time!

Enjoyed our article so far? Have a look below at some of the often-asked questions we receive regarding selling used knickers.

If you are a buyer, the best place to look is definitely reputable selling platforms such as snifffr, where there is a good level of privacy and discretion, as well as great sellers with amazing products to choose from.
On snifffr, our sellers offer used panties as well as wet panties. We also have a section for men who want to sell their dirty underwear.

Do check out our terms and conditions of which items are allowed to be sold and which ones are not.

Nope! The playing field on this one is pretty level, so if you are older than 18, you can for sure become a seller. Simply create your online profile to get started. If you want to sell your soiled underwear on snifffr, just follow the instructions provided.
On reputable platforms, such as snifffr, which has clear guidelines in place for selling and buying, it is 100% legit for sellers and buyers that are older than 18 to enjoy the opportunities of getting up close and personal with used underwear.

As an extra precaution, new premium sellers are required to provide photo ID to ensure they are over 18. This is to ensure there are no minors on our site.

Rest assured, all ID information is checked through Age Checker software, and snifffr never stores or manages any of the ID details on our servers – we know how important anonymity is!

Watch out for selling your used undies for a very low number. You could hurt your sales opportunities so go for a middle ground rather and offer a range of prices.
Never give out your personal banking information - use third-party apps or platforms that will ensure your details are always safe.

Kindly note, payments are not conducted on snifffr. Many sellers choose to use payment platforms such as Venmo, CashApp, or Google Wallet. Sellers should conduct research to see what payment platform they want to use and investigate the fees, and check in with the buyers if they are happy with using certain payment platforms.

Discreet packaging is key, so ensure that you never use see-through materials. Also, always include your buyer’s post office box address as the send-to and return address.

Have more questions about selling soiled underwear? Contact our support team today! You are also welcome to check out our blog for more fun and informative articles. Have a look at our article on how men can also tap into the opportunities of selling their used underwear, and our guide on how you can sell dirty underwear like a pro!