The dirty and used socks fetish: Do you dare to get a foot into the selling game?

For many of us, socks are everyday staples in our wardrobes. Going to the gym, or to work, or being out on errands, there is just something comforting about slipping on a pair of comfortable socks that envelope your feet.

Often, we enjoy this comfort so much, we even sleep with our favourite pair of socks on at night – or spend many a lazy weekend just lounging around with our footwear essentials!

However, for some of us, dirty socks, unlock a whole new area of pleasure associated with olfactophilia – that is, experiencing sexual arousal brought forth by the body smells associated with feet.

Dirty and used sock fetish

Smelly feet fetishes – and the resulting enjoyment thereof – are in fact some of the most common occurrences of olfactophilia, according to a 1994 study. These findings included that 45% of people that display a foot fetish kink were turned on by either or both smelly feet and smelly socks.

At snifffr, we definitely know that the dirty socks fetish has certainly enjoyed its time in the limelight and continues to do so today. Just ask our many sellers how their used socks have turned into big profits over time!

Still not convinced? Keep on reading!

If anything, those with a used sock fetish are willing to pay money to get those items that turn on their senses with their unique odours. According to an article in Mirror, a businessman - identified as Mr D – spent a whopping £200 a month on buying dirty socks. Mr D noted that apart from smelling and enjoying the socks, he would sometimes even get a taste of them too.

This shows you: There is so much potential in the pleasure that your dirty socks could provide to others!

Sellers are also coining the used socks selling trend – and it’s not just women who are making an extra couple of dollars with their dirty socks.

In an interview with, one such seller, Roxy Sykes, revealed that she made around $180K a year selling her dirty shoes and socks. And according to Metro, one Billy-Joe Gray earned a profitable £1,600 per month, selling his dirty socks for around £10 to £30 per pair.

So, do you dare to put your pre-loved socks onto the dirty socks seller’s market, such as on snifffr? In today’s article, we invite you to put your feet up and get all the information you need to start selling your dirty socks to eager buyers who cannot wait to ignite their senses!

Why do people love the smell of used socks?

There is no denying that dirty socks are trending. This fetish also has a couple of layers and isn’t just a straightforward sniff-and-go situation (as we saw in the above example of a buyer even tasting socks!).

The dirty socks fetish can be a turn-on for several reasons, including what the type of socks in question look like (plain old white socks, or cute and stripy ones), as well as who wore them and to where.

For some, there is also the allure of asking someone to put on said dirty socks, and the incredible fantasies that doing so could unlock.

At snifffr, we surely know that a dirty sock is not just a sock – it can be an avenue for exploration and a delight for many in the fetish community who cannot wait to experience unique smells!

At this stage, we know you might be wondering: Should I start selling my used socks too? And can it be something I can do long-term?

Let’s take a look below.

Why should you consider selling your used socks?

Do you have the time and motivation for selling your dirty socks? Do you have several pairs worn often that have many stories to tell?

Selling your used socks can help you earn a nice side income. Just imagine connecting with buyers on secure online platforms, such as snifffr, and fulfilling their fantasies by selling and shipping your used socks to them.

They will be in seventh heaven receiving their items and enjoy every sensory moment they experience with the smell of your saucy socks!

Also, if you have a sock fetish yourself, the experience can be as pleasurable for you as it is for your buyers – after all, if you share their interest in dirty socks, you’ll know how to market your dirty socks the right way!

The beauty of selling used socks is that it is not reserved just for women or just for men. Both parties can set up shop online and start engaging with buyers from across the globe that are eager to experience the olfactory sensations that dirty socks could provide – and more …

Should you sell your used socks for maximum profit?

So, should you start selling your used socks? Can you make a  profit off your dirty socks?

If you have browsed our used panties section before, the answer would be around the same lines as what we recommend for our sellers in these sections: Charge your items according to their quality or worth!

A pair of super-smelly gym socks might be a sought-after item for some buyers, while others are looking for those with a bit of funk that remind them of certain destinations and experiences.

Price your items competitively, but never make your buyers feel that your socks are priced out of their range. Have a look at what our successful sellers are charging – and then create your own benchmark for selling success!

FAQ time!

We hope you have enjoyed our article on selling used socks so far. Have a look below at some of the most frequently asked questions we get about dirty socks – and let us know if you have more questions!

Trusted platforms, such as snifffr, are always a first consideration. In our case, we have a platform in place with solid rules and the means to create an online shop front where you can enjoy a level of anonymity. Some sellers might not feel comfortable disclosing their faces and might want to keep the focus on their feet. It is up to you what your level of comfort is!
If you are older than 18, selling your dirty socks is perfectly fine.
Not at all. Having a profile for selling used socks can be purely transactional – as long as you have an open mind, you are sure to enjoy being a seller!
Only use third-party apps or platforms that will ensure your personal details are safe.

Please bear in mind, payments are not conducted on snifffr. Many sellers choose to use payment platforms such as Venmo, CashApp, or Google Wallet. Sellers should conduct research to see what payment platform they want to use and investigate the fees, and check in with the buyers if they are happy with using certain payment platforms.

Although dirty socks are not underwear, they still need to be packaged with the same care and discretion that used panties and other intimate items are treated to. Vacuum seal your dirty socks in a bag to retain the smell.

Make your buyer’s post box both the address and return address to ensure your private details are not disclosed – and double-check the details before sending off your package to your buyer!

Have more questions about selling dirty socks? Contact our support team today! You are also welcome to check out our blog for more fun and informative articles. Check out our article on selling soiled panties, and get more details on how men can sell their used underwear online.