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Used Women's Panties

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Used Women's Panties

Used women’s panties are with no doubt a priceless fortune. There is a huge market available for them. However, not everyone is aware of this. Let’s see how: the female scent is known to naturally arouse members of the opposite sex and even fellow females too. Quite interesting. Those used women’s panties are your easy way of making money. At the same time, the used women’s panties are somebody else’s sexual pleasure. Don’t you want to be the link between someone’s sexual satisfaction and them? And don’t you want to get to your optimal sexual pleasure using used women’s panties? Everyone’s a winner!

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How to sell used women's panties:

For someone to get your used women’s panties, you’ve got to sell them. You ain’t giving free gifts here. It is business. Easy good money for you. So how do you sell used panties? Simply sign up and join snifffr is a trusted marketplace for you to sell your used women’s panties anonymously. You surely want to keep your discretion when selling your used women’s panties. On you sign up for free and create your own account. On your account you give your username, email address, member type and create your own profile with details such as date of birth and country. The username is visible to snifffr users. So for the username use something discreet; that no one else knows you by. The email address is not visible to the snifffr users. On your member type select seller because you are selling. Once you’ve signed up, you are able to access the chat room. Here you get to chat to potential buyers. Every panties seller has access to their ow shop. This is where you list the panties you have available for sale. Importantly, you should include a description with your panties. This can include the brand and what you have done in them. Many sellers also list how long you wore the used panties for sale. has a wide and ripe market. Hence, you have plenty of room to set your price point.

How to buy used women's panties:

You love the scent of a female? You love to sniff the used panties. But you do not know how to get used women’s panties. Well, look no further. is a perfect online marketplace to get used women’s panties. And what’s more? You get the used women’s panties with complete discretion. The entire process is anonymous. The used women’s panties are with fresh natural female scents. The sellers are many. You’ve got a huge variety of used women’s panties to choose from. You can even purchase more than one used women’s panties from different sellers. To get all the female scents you can from the used women’s panties. The transactions are fair and equitable. No overcharging and no monkey business. Payments are made to the seller directly. Hence no additional charges. The only catch is that you must be over 18. On signing up to snifffr, you need to enter in your date of birth. snifffr does not allow minors to join the online marketplace. In addition to providing your date of birth, you will need to select a radio button confirming you are above 18.

How to ensure discretion when buying or selling used women's panties:

The process is definitely not one to disclose to other people about. It is a private matter. Whether you are buying or selling the used women’s panties. You ought to keep discrete. One way to ensure you keep your discretion; sign up with an anonymous site. There are sites such as that do not disclose your contact information to anyone at all. Another way is to use fake names or usernames. For the usernames do not use names that friends, family, work or anyone who knows you is familiar with. An additional way is to use a third-party website to receive and process your payments. Avoid using your personal address for the buying and selling of used women’s panties. Also avoid meet-ups with the buyer and seller unless you are willing to. For deliveries use a third-party for this such as delivery companies or parcel services. It’s wiser to sell or buy outside your region.

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Transfer of money

snifffr does not get involved in the transfer of money for the used panties. This needs to be arranged between the buyer and seller directly. Common payment platforms include Venmo and Google Wallet. PayPal does not allow transfer of money for the adult industry. If you are not sure what payment method to use, you can ask others on snifffr for a recommendation. Always check out what fees you are charged by the platform. Some sellers run a wish list on Amazon. Buyers will then buy the seller gifts from their wish list in lieu of payment.

Many sellers will not not enter a return address on the package being shipped. They will use the buyers Sent To address as the return address. This is to ensure the seller remains anonymous. For this reason, it is important that the buyer provides accurate address details.

How to ensure your used women's panties are all bought:

You have to understand that this is also a viable business. Thousands are into it hence the competition is high. You may end up frustrated if you do not put an extra effort. So, for your used panties ensure the scent is fresh and strong. One of the ways to ensure this is wearing the panties right before you go to bed. Keep the panties on throughout the day. Involve yourself in tedious jobs to make the body excrete as much as possible. You may go to the gym. Package the panties in plastic bags to keep the odour. Cotton will absorb the scent hence losing it in the long run. Feel free to sell any size or colour of used panties. Buyers out there are not looking for a specific size or colour.

To attract buyers you need to put in effort. The best way to do this is to engage with buyers as they join snifffr. You can use the private message system or the online chat to engage buyers.

How to buy good used women's panties:

As a buyer you want the panties with the best and strongest scent. You may prefer a given scent over others. Hence, you may want to specialize in specific sellers. If you are new to the site, you may do some sampling to find which scents suit you best. Once you’ve established the suitable scents for you, stick to them. Avoid sellers with very little descriptions. By any chance you would like to change your preferred sellers, feel free to change, it is perfectly normal to get used to a given scent.

With this, you are good to go on how to sell or buy used panties. Go on sign up for free on our site, find panties, pay for them and receive your used women’s panties. If you’re selling do the same and get your used women’s panties sold.


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