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There are thousands of buyers on the Internet looking for used panties for sale. snifffr is a trusted marketplace that brings together buyers and sellers. Both buyers and sellers can remain anonymous. The snifffr marketplace has been built to be user friendly and affordable. Our aim is to provide our buyers with a huge selection of used underwear that will leave them salivating and wanting more! There is a humongous range of panties for buyers to choose from. Chances are, no matter your preference, there will be a seller who is ready to satisfy your used panty’s for sale requests.

This page covers many excellent topics including:

  • Buyer account creation
  • Location of sellers
  • Establish a sellers account
  • What makes snifffr different
  • Help documentation
  • Why do people buy worn panties?
  • Tricks of the trade to be a successful seller
  • 10 step process to buy worn panties
  • Consider the legal implications as a seller
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Account Creation

It’s really easy for buyers to make a purchase when they are looking for dirty panties for sale. In order to get going, the first item on the agenda is to sign up to a snifffr. Signing up to an account can be free depending on which option you choose. Once signed up, the buyer should fill out their profile and upload a profile picture. The buyer can then start to look at the online shop for used panties that they have in mind. There is a massive variety available.

On snifffr, there is a long list of thousands of fetish panty sellers. It’s a dream come true for any buyer. The list of sellers includes people of all different shapes, colors and sizes! You can find the exact person that you are looking to buy used panties from. Once the buyer has found a seller that interests them, the buyer can then engage in conversation with the seller to ask what used panties for sale the seller has available.


snifffr is a worldwide website with users across the globe. Our community of buyers and sellers come from all different walks of life, religion and backgrounds. Therefore, no matter what your preference is, chances are there is a seller in your country ready to make a sale to you. In addition, many buyers choose to make purchases from international sellers too. When doing so, ensure that you are aware of the cost of shipping.

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Establish Your Sellers Account in Minutes

snifffr is a friendly marketplace for used panties sellers. There are truck loads of buyers looking for used panties for sale. To get going is really easy. All the seller needs to do is sign up for a free account. Once the account has been established, it is recommended that you read and follow the how to get started page. The page has information and tips on how to become a successful seller. One of the best tips for sellers is to be a proactive member. Being active means constantly having fresh stock available, uploading images and videos to your gallery and getting in touch with potential buyers. 

To be successful at anything, you need to put work into it. Selling used panties is no different. You need to keep your profile fresh and constantly updated. On a frequent basis, you should add new dirty panties for sale to your store, new videos and images to your gallery. Buyers like to look at who they are buying panties from. Keeping your information fresh means buyers will come back to look at your profile. This will increase your chances of making a sale.

It’s no different to a retail store on a high street. It’s pretty obvious that retailers constantly add new stock to their retail stores to attract new customers and bring back repeat customers.

What makes snifffr different from other marketplaces

In the world of ecommerce, the market for a used panty for sale has certainly caught the eye of many. Each item sold has its own story and history thus attracting buyers to devour the scent. The selling of a used panty for sale is a direct result of tastes that live in a digital marketplace. What makes snifffr stand out from its competition? 

  • snifffr has an inbuilt payment process with snifffr tokens and snifffr deals. This process works to protect buyers and sellers from being scammed. When a buyer is ready to make a purchase, their tokens are deducted from their account and held by snifffr. Once the buyer has received their order, the buyer releases the tokens to the seller. However, at any point in the process, snifffr support may release the tokens to the seller should the buyer fail to do so. Moreover, if the seller fails to send the order to the buyer, the tokens can be placed back into the buyers account.
  • snifffr boasts over 1 million members making it one of if not the biggest fetish marketplaces for used underwear.
  • Excellent and super responsive customer support.
  • Easy to use and navigate.
  • Free sign up to explore the website.
  • Affordable premium subscription

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Detailed Help Documentation

We are very proud at snifffr to offer one of the best help systems in the used knickers market. Our help and support documentation makes it easy for you to find answers to questions you may have. Furthermore, if all else fails, feel free to get in touch with our reliable customer support team.
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Why do people buy worn panties for sale?

Each person will have their own answer when it comes to their desire to satisfy their worn panties fetish. The most common reason is strongly related to the used panties fetish with deep roots in erotica. A few more popular examples include:

  • Sexual arousal with used panties can be increased with the sensory experience. 
  • Sense of intimacy to the seller.
  • Fulfillment of a fantasy that the buyer cannot get through other means. 
  • Experience of something new or intriguing. 
  • Collecting a variety of used panties as a trophy. 
  • The experience of smelling different scents. 
  • The ability to indulge in a fetish without your friends and family knowing about it. 

Reasons can differ widely between people however there is a common theme to partake in this fetish in a controlled manner where you can remain anonymous. 

Tricks of the trade to be a successful seller

Do you want to be a successful seller of used panties for sale? Follow these simple points to get your business humming:

  • Create an enticing profile – setup a profile that is full of information. This should include a variety of used panties including well taken imagery and enticing details about the item. Ensure your bio does not read as a sales piece but rather captivates a buyer’s attention and imagination of what they can buy from you! 
  • Buyer research – don’t just send out message blasts to buyers that are copy and paste. Research and understand each buyer you contact from information they have available on their profile and bio. Many buyers place valuable information which details what they are looking for. Touch on these points when communicating with the buyer. 
  • Quality – the items you sell should be high quality with well crafted descriptions so the buyer knows exactly what they will receive.
  • Value for money – when a buyer receives their order, they should be thrilled with what they have received. A poor situation would be a buyer who feels that they have been ripped off or overpaid. 
  • Communication – an essential part of the sales process is to offer top notch customer service and communication. When a buyer asks you a question, you should respond as quickly as possible. 
  • Additional services – you can go to extra effort to offer more than just used panties. However, please ensure you are within your comfort zones. 
  • Consistency – to have repeat customers, all orders should be delivered in the same fashion each time. It will be far more efficient for you to deal with repeat customers. 

Success does not happen overnight. Take your time to familiarize yourself with selling worn panties. 

Ten step process to buy worn panties for sale

Are you in the market for worn panties for sale but not sure how to go about it. Follow this simple process to get started:

  1. Choose a well known and popular marketplace that specializes in this fetish.
  2. Sign up and set up your account. Ensure you select that you are a buyer during the signup process.
  3. Spend time browsing the site to get a feel for the functionality and what is available on offer.
  4. Explore the shop page to see what ‘tickles your fancy’.
  5. Once you locate the worn panties for sale that you want to buy, review the sellers profile including reviews, bio, images and questionnaire information.
  6. Use online chat to discuss the order with the seller.
  7. Discuss the shipping costs with the seller and who will cover shipping.
  8. Arrange payment with snifffr tokens. Do not transact offline using PayPal, Venmo, CashApp etc.
  9. Sit back and wait for delivery.
  10. Once you receive your panties, leave an honest review for the seller.

Is it legal to sell used underwear?

The answer to the question is going to be location specific so we can only provide general advice here. You will want to take into consideration the following points:

Age Limitations
All reputable online adult marketplaces will require that all users are over the age of 18. For example, snifffr will make you confirm your age in 4 ways:

  1. When you agree to our terms and conditions, you are agreeing that you are over 18.
  2. You will tick a box on signup stating that you are over 18.
  3. If your date of birth on sign up is under 18, you will not be able to proceed.
  4. When you upgrade to a premium membership, you will be required to provide a photo ID.

Local Regulation
Depending on where you live, some local governments will prohibit the sale of adult content including worn panties for sale. Please ensure you research your local laws. Many Western countries do not have limitations around this.

Some locations may have laws around shipping used panties and adult content. This could fall into a gray area. You should also be aware of custom requirement when

Platform Policies
Platforms such as eBay strictly prohibited the sale of adult content. While you may not consider it illegal, it is against their terms and conditions which means you can’t sell used panties on their website.

We highly suggest that you conduct your own research into local laws and regulations to ensure you are operating within the law. You may also want to consider any tax implications that arise from selling worn knickers. For expert and accurate advice, please reach out to your legal professional.


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