How To Get Started

snifffr is an online community of panty sellers and buyers.
To get started, it is recommended that sellers:
- fill out their profile details
- Upload photos and videos to their gallery
- Upload items to their store
Once done, sellers should reach out to buyers through live online chat or private message. Interacting with buyers will increase your sales.

The seller should then arrange to ship the items directly to the buyer. Ensure you discuss who will be covering the cost of shipping with the buyer. snifffr recommends that all items are shipped with tracking in case of non delivery issues.

If you need any help, get in touch with snifffr support.
Live chat is one of the most important tools available for sellers to help you make sales. Majority of deals are done on live chat.
To join live chat, click the LIVE CHAT button in the main navigation.
Ready to take your business to the next level? You need a Premium Account!
A Premium Account will give you access to Live Online Chat, Private Message Buyers directly to their inbox and list an unlimited amount of items in your store.
Sellers who have a profile picture stand more chance of making sales. To add a profile picture:
My Profile → Change Profile Photo
Please ensure your image is under 2mb. If you have any issues, just get in touch with support.
Buyers want to know who they are buying items from, such as your hobbies, what you enjoy, your interests, what you do for fun, what turns you on etc. Here’s a chance to show your naughty side!
My Profile → Edit → Profile Details

My Profile → Edit → About Me

My Profile → Edit → My Services

Please ensure you do not copy other sellers profile details as this will be taken down!
How do users know if the pictures of you are real or fake? It’s not hard to fool people by grabbing a few images off the Internet!
At snifffr, we take this very seriously and have a quick and easy fake check solution in place!
Follow the instructions on the Fake Check page to pass the fake check.
When adding panties to your store, it is recommended that you include a description and upload an image of the panties. In the description, you might want to include how long you will wear the panties for and any other special information.
My Shop → Add Item
Private content are videos and images that buyers pay to access.
Get started by adding your private content and setting up your pricing.
Adding images to your gallery will help you to make sales. Buyers like to know who they are buying their items from. You do not need to include your face in the images.
My Gallery → Create a Gallery → Select Image
Adding videos to your gallery will help you to make sales. Buyers like to know who they are buying their items from. You do not need to include your face in the videos.
My Gallery → Create a Gallery → Select Video
Private messaging buyers is a great way to reach out to them. Many successful sellers private message buyers to introduce themselves and have a conversation. When you receive a message back from a buyer, you will receive an email notification.
My Messages
Use reviews to rate buyers out of 5 stars. Navigate to a buyers profile then click on ADD REVIEW.
Once your panties or other items are ready for dispatch, ship them directly to the buyer. Many sellers choose to use the buyers address as the return address. This is done to remain anonymous.

You should inform the buyer during the transaction negotiation as to who will be covering the cost of shipping.
The fun part! When a buyer and seller reach a deal, a payment method should be agreed upon.
snifffr deals are the most popular and safest way to transact. For more information on snifffr deals, please look here.
A popular way to do business is to do repeat business with the same buyers. You may want to add these buyers to your friends list.
Navigate to the Buyers profile and click on ADD FRIEND
- Most sellers will not chat on Kik and other platforms without receiving payment first. We highly recommend you follow this practice. Do not be convinced to move off snifffr without payment upfront

- We suggest that you take payment upfront before processing an order.