Once you have an account, look at profiles of various sellers that you like. Start chatting with them using our online chat functionality or private message. When you are ready, buy their underwear! You will need to arrange a method of payment and provide a delivery address. The seller will then ship the underwear directly to you. snifffr does not get involved in the transaction.

Once you have an account, engage with buyers that you think will like you! Start chatting with them using our online chat functionality or private message. When they are ready to buy your underwear, arrange a method of payment and send them your panties. We suggest that the return address on the parcel is the same as the delivery address in order to remain anonymous. Be sure to receive your payment before shipping the underwear. snifffr does not get involved in the transaction.
Its FREE to sign up! You only pay if you want to use the online chat and other features. snifffr charges you a set fee. It doesn’t matter how many times you transact, you will be charged the same amount. Please visit the pricing page for more information.
Anywhere in the world. You will need to arrange shipping with the buyer.
Look out for sellers that have passed the snifffr fake check.
Yes. snifffr does not disclose your name or email to other users. If you choose to do so, this is your decision.
Its entirely up to you!
However, If you are a seller, showing your face is always more preferred to buyers.
Problem transactions don’t happen often. If there is an issue, contact the seller directly asap. If all else fails, then fill out the support form in the contact section. snifffr will then act as a mediator to come up with a solution fair to both parties. Majority of the time, miscommunication is the issue which makes it quick to solve!
Yes, men can sell on the site. When you have signed up, you will be able to list your underwear in the shop. When selecting the category for your underwear, select MENS UNDERWEAR.
To login to your account, please try the following:
1. Clear your browser cache. Alternatively, try to login using an incognito browser window (Chrome) or private window (Safari). This solves almost all password problems.
2. Use the Lost your password feature on the sign in page.
3. Check your junk mail mail folder for the lost your password email.
4. You need to use your email address to log in
1. Please check your junk folder.
2. Please try signing up again. If the website says your username or email is already in use, then contact support for assistance.
Yes, you may upgrade at any time and continue to use all features of the website.
You may sell used panties, underwear, socks, bras, pantyhose, stockings, face masks, sexting, webcam, girl friend experience and so much more.
Buyers may request other items for purchase.
All items sold need to be of a legal nature.
IMPORTANT: Please refer to our prohibited contents page for more information.
Please ensure that all images are under 2mb.
You may want to try an image compression tool such as Compress JPEG
Shipping is agreed between the buyer and the seller. The seller ships the panties directly to the buyer. In order to remain anonymous, many sellers use the buyers address as the return address.