Prohibited Content

You may not engage in any of the below activities or activities that closely resemble the below.
snifffr will terminate your account without notice should you engage in prohibited content.
Prohibited content includes, but is not limited:

This includes depicting or describing persons under the age of 18, or appearing to be under the age of 18. Child pornography in any shape or form is strictly prohibited. This will result in instant account termination.
- Oral, anal or vaginal penetration by sex organs, object (dildo, strap-on,etc.) or fingers and includes wording or actions indicating lack of consent: rape, force, asleep, drugged, passed/blacked out, chloroformed, unconscious, hypnotized, drunk, intoxicated, inebriated, drugged, stoned sex, etc.
- Someone who is drunk, sleeping, hypnotized, etc. cannot give consent, and is therefore classified as a violation.
This includes content depicting or describing sex with animals, and acts with non-human creatures (aliens, mythological creatures, etc.).
Under any circumstances, you may not solicit a prostitute or offer any prostitution / meetup services.
- Hate Crimes
- Violence, or extreme sexual violence and/or Pain
- Human trafficking, sex trafficking or physical abuse.
- Non-consensual mutilation of a person or body part
- Blood, period, shark week
- Scat, depicting or displaying human feces
- Financial domination or findom
- incest
Words that have the same or similar meaning as the below are considered banned.
- The user of emojis to replace the below words is strictly prohibited. For example 🍫 🚽 💩🩸
- Shark week
- Period, Bleeding, Blood
- Menstrual
- Menstruate
- Molest
- molested
- molestation
- Murder
- Scat, shit
- Poop, poo
- Any words with reference to feces such as chocolate, skid marks
- Toilet and related words
- Human toilet
- Toilet wipe
- Toilet paper wipe
- Bestiality
- Sex with animals
- Brutality
- Child
- Children
- Drugged
- Humiliation
- Torture
- Incest
- Kidnap
- Paedophilia
- Pedophilia
- Child porn
- Child Pornography
- underage porn
- underage Pornography
- young porn
- young pornography
- young panties
- underage panties
- underage underwear
- young underwear
- Findom
- Financial domination
- Rape
- Raping
- Rapist
You may report content that breaches our prohibited content policy or you feel is illegal or violates our standards. All submissions will be reviewed within 7 business days.

Click here to submit any prohibited content via our support form.
Users who breach our prohibited content policy will be notified via the email address they used to sign up to snifffr.

If you have been notified of a breach, your account will be reviewed. The review will include inspection of your profile including imagery, video and other profile content.

Where breaches are discovered, this may result in account suspension or termination.

Once notified, a user has 48 hours to appeal the decision made by snifffr. To appeal your suspension, please reply to the email sent to you by snifffr or filling out the form on our support page.

Serious breach of our policies will result in instant account termination with no ability to appeal the decision made by snifffr as per point 12, in our Terms & Conditions.