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As far as fetishes go, dirty socks is a sock fetish which has a long history. Usually, it is impossible to know how common a fetish is, particularly something as easy as accessing feet or dirty socks. As a lady, you can make good money from selling used socks and dirty socks. As a newbie, you might find this sock fetish curious; however, as time progresses, you will come to see that you can earn a living by selling your used, dirty socks.
Furthermore, selling smelling used socks is relatively easy; continue reading this article if you want to learn more about the sock fetish.

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The Used Socks Fetish

Do you often get sexually aroused by the smell coming from used socks? Olfactophilia is the paraphilia where an individual tends to derive sexual pleasure as well as arousal from odors and scents. There are individuals who get aroused by smelling worn socks and wearing them. As a lady, you can earn fortunes by selling used socks to men with olfactophilia. This is a great way to earn as men fulfill their socks fetish desire.

History Of The Socks Fetish

The history of socks fetish is sketchy; however, it is claimed to have started when an individual was at a milk bar and saw a girl sitting across the room. He knew that he couldn’t get the girl since she was hot; he decided to change his strategy. Instead of trying to get into the girl’s panties, he decided to focus on her socks.

This experiment was a success for the man. Later on, he went on the internet and told everyone about his amazing adventure he had with the socks. These words spread like wildfire, and soon the sock fetish was everywhere. It is said that socks fetish started in Montana.

Selling Worn Socks

The socks fetish can be profitable, and it is one of the best ways you can use to beat the current economic climate. As a seller, you might find this as the perfect niche market. In addition to that, it said to have enough customers allowing you to make sufficient profit that will keep you moving forward.

You can be an entrepreneur and specialize in selling used socks. You can build your idea of selling socks and learn more. When it comes to selling worn socks, you can always keep your business private; meaning that you will be anonymous. This will help in improving your confidence as well as privacy significantly.

You will love this business since you will be generating income, and you can always keep your real name and personal information as a secret. The best part is that the process of selling used socks is relatively easy, and one does not have to be a top-notch model in order to attract customers. As a newbie, you can still earn an amount of money.

As a novice, you might be wondering how one can sell worn socks; well, all that is required of you is to look for a trustworthy website that sells used socks. Once you find it, you need to publish your first ad. The process offers 100% anonymity; therefore, you don’t have to show your face. Privacy is vital for you, and most of these websites understand that.

Once you create your profile, you can go ahead and select socks that you would like to sell and then take pictures while wearing them. On most websites, you can upload photos of your used socks. You might as well take extra pictures which you can give your customer as a gift once they purchase your product.

snifffr does not earn any commission from your sales; this allows you to earn your total income. Making money with snifffr is relatively easy if you put in the effort.

However, if you want to be successful when it comes to selling smelling used socks, you will need to post more than just a single ad. This will allow you to derive regular income from your sales. You might consider selling as many products as you would like and always consider offering the best ones. In addition to that, you should always keep in mind that quality is vital. Having an excellent description of your profile, great quality of your products, and a quality picture will significantly boost your sale.

snifffr features live chat, which you can use to directly connect with the buyers hence helping you to keep all vital information as well as transactions safe in one place. The process offers utmost anonymity and always keeps you in contact with potential and genuine buyers.

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How much money can you earn from selling dirty socks?

By far, this is one of the biggest questions when it comes to selling smelling used socks. Usually, this will highly depend on how frequently you will be selling your product. In most cases, ladies are capable of earning a regular monthly income after selling their used socks. However, if you are looking to boost your income, you might consider diversifying your items. This way, you will be able to wear multiple items and sell them to generate income. As with anything, the amount you earn will be dependent on you.

This fetish business offers top-notch anonymity; therefore, you don’t have to worry about coming across your boyfriend, friend, or even a family member at some point. The amount of information you disclose to buyers of used socks is totally up to you.

How payment is done after selling your dirty socks

The payment method often depends on the website you use. Usually, once the customer finds what they are looking for, they will go ahead and purchase the product from the website.

However, since the seller wants to keep their information private, the method of payment has to offer anonymity as well. Some individuals might consider using PayPal as their method of payment; however, this is not recommended since PayPal has banned the use of PayPal accounts in sexually oriented digital goods.

You might be wondering which is the best method one can get paid and still maintain your privacy. Well, there are several payment methods that offer privacy to their customers without disclosing their identity to a third party. Some of the ways in which you can make transactions and maintain your anonymity include;

Amazon gift vouchers
As a dirty socks buyer, you can consider purchasing an Amazon gift card that goes with the value of your item and send it to the email address directly from the Amazon website to the socks seller without disclosing your identity. There are no names needed; you will only require an email address that you can send to. This might not be cash, but since Amazon is known for selling almost everything, therefore, paying using a gift card is convenient. Furthermore, it is a great way to receive your payment from an international order.

If you would like cash, then Payoneer will be a great option. This platform is available across the globe, and it works using the US currency. It is a prepaid MasterCard that is often used by partner companies when paying salaries and services. You might consider using this card at an ATM and withdraw funds (if available), and you might as well consider using it to purchase goods in places where MasterCard is accepted. As a socks dirty buyer, you can load cash directly from your debit card onto the card of the socks seller using an email address. During this process, the socks seller will not receive personal information about the buyer; the displayed name and address is the only thing that will pop-up. This process is best for an individual who wants cash.

Bank transfers
Most people who have a socks fetish, buyers of used socks and sellers of dirty socks do with to remain anonymous. For this reason, bank transfers are not popular.

When it comes to selling used socks, the dirtier, the better; you should consider this since most men want to see the dirt, grime, and sweat at the bottom of the socks. If you would like to win customers with your first ad, you should consider investing in white socks or brightly colored ones since they offer incredible contrast. You can fetch approximately $50 to $200 per pair of socks. Usually, this will highly depend on how long you had worn them. Dirty socks for a sell that have been worn for an extended period tend to fetch more compared to one that is worn for a short period. If you are looking for a way to generate some cash, the dirty socks are your fetish business.

Buy Dirty Socks

snifffr is great place for you to buy dirty socks. There are thousands of sellers on the website who are part of this community. On snifffr, it’s not just about the socks you are buying, its about the person you are buying them from. You have the opportunity to build a relationship with them through the online chat and private messaging system. You can get to know the person. This way, if you like the person, you can keep going back to purchase more socks to fulfil your fetish.

Importantly, we know that many buyers of used socks wish to remain anonymous. snifffr gives you the opportunity to remain anonymous. You do not need to provide your name or contact details should you not wish to disclose this information.

Sell Dirty Socks

If you are looking to sell dirty socks, you have come to the right place. snifffr provides a unique platform where buyers can purchase your used socks to help fulfil their fetish. There are loads of tools on snifffr to help you make sales. This includes your very own online store front. In your store, you can upload images and videos. Moreover, there are loads of articles that you can read on the blog to get more information on selling your socks. Payment is really easy between buyer and seller as mentioned above.


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