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If you are looking for dirty panties for sale, do not fret since snifffr has the best collection that will suit your taste. The snifffr website offers you an opportunity to both buy dirty panties as you interact with thousands of sellers trading their wares on the marketplace.Used panties first originated in Japan and where they were first sold through vending machines. Yes, you read correctly! The reason for this was to remain anonymous. People could visit the vending machines at any time of the day, mostly at night, to discreetly buy used underwear. Nowadays, thanks to the invention of the Internet, the majority of used panties are sold online. The Japanese refer to dirty panties as burusera. Burusera shops sell used panties as well as many other fetish items.

The demand for Asian used panties and Asian worn panties has seen a significant rise in recent years. Collectors and enthusiasts are particularly drawn to these items’ unique allure and exotic appeal. Many buyers are specifically on the lookout for Japanese dirty panties due to their cultural significance and the meticulous care with which they are handled.

To find out more about buying dirty panties, the information covered on this page will include:

  • International Sellers.
  • The process to buy used knickers for sale.
  • The different types of dirty panties available.
  • The payment process.
  • What a buyer needs to be aware of when it comes to shipping.
  • How much should dirty underwear cost you?
  • What are the different platforms available where you can find dirty panties for sale
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Remain Completely Anonymous

You have an option to remain anonymous while purchasing items. The purchasing process is straightforward. The buyer can choose what personal information to disclose. The website has been built to enable the buyer or seller to remain completely anonymous or to disclose whatever information they choose.

snifffr also has a comprehensive security check that ascertains credible users. You should therefore only engage with users who have been confirmed not to be fake.

The platform’s commitment to security is particularly reassuring for those looking to buy or sell used Asian panties. The thorough verification process ensures all interactions are with genuine users, adding an extra layer of trust. Whether you’re a buyer seeking Asian used panties or a seller of Japanese dirty panties, snifffr’s security measures provide peace of mind.

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The process to purchase worn knickers for sale

Fortunately, the process to buy dirty panties for sale is straightforward on the snifffr website. If you are not sure where to begin or how to go about it, the following 10 steps are going to help you. 

  1. Platform – work out what your requirements are and then conduct market research to see which used panties marketplace is going to be best for you. For your information, snifffr is a community marketplace that has many bells and whistles to help you buy dirty underwear. 
  2. Sign up – this should be a straightforward process once you have found the marketplace that you are satisfied with. Ensure that you are aware of the terms and conditions and policies on the website. 
  3. View Shop – snifffr has a dedicated online shop where you can view thousands of listings of dirty panties. Find the items that interest you and then proceed to step 4. 
  4. Communicate with the seller – find out all the information you want about the dirty panties using snifffr online chat or private message. 
  5. Discuss terms – this is your opportunity to discuss the price and any special customizations you may have. 
  6. Payment – the best and easiest way to arrange payment is using snifffr tokens. This protects both the buyer and seller from being scammed. For more information on payment, look at this helpful blog post written by Laura Thorpe.
  7. Shipping – the buyer and seller should discuss who is going to pay for shipping. It’s important that the buyer requests tracking with their order incase of any issues. You may want to request discreet packaging so the contents are not visible. 
  8.  Receive order – the moment you have been waiting for! Enjoy your order and let your imagination run wild. 
  9. Feedback – this is an important part of the sellers profile. If you are ‘blown away’ with your order, leave the seller a 5 star rating on snifffr. 
  10. Privacy – please respect all the sellers on snifffr by maintaining privacy of all your dealing on snifffr. 

These general guidelines will help you on your journey as a used panties buyer. 

Buying panties from international sellers

What makes snifffr unique and fascinating is that you can buy dirty panties from sellers located in many parts of the world. There is no geographical limit, and the market is wide. It is, therefore, possible to compare several offers before going for the best deal.

Snifffr also caters to a wide variety of preferences, including those specifically seeking dirty Asian panties to their collection. The platform’s global reach ensures that you will find a seller who meets your needs whether you are interested in Japanese dirty panties or other unique items. This diverse marketplace makes snifffr a top choice for buyers and sellers alike.

What different types of dirty panties are available?

There are many types of dirty panties for sale available on snifffr. No matter your preference, you are going to find something that you love. New and popular categories include used Asian panties and used Japanese panties – both available on the snifffr online store. A few other examples include:

  • Regular worn panties: your standard panties that have been worn for a period of time. 
  • Personalized request: the buyer will advise the seller what they are looking for. This may include longer wear time, masturbation, exercise, sleep and many more. Don’t be surprised if the seller charges more for this! 
  • Stains – buyers may request that the worn panties come with evident stains such as sweat. Please be aware that period panties are strictly prohibited on snifffr. 
  • Fragrances: although very uncommon, some buyers may request used undies that are scented with a perfume
  • Extras: this may include proof of wear photos, videos or a handwritten note address to the buyer. 
  • Sizes: buyers may have a request for a specific sized panty which may remind them of someone special.
  • Styles: panties come in many different styles such as briefs, thongs, boyshorts etc. 

Sellers stock availability will vary depending on their supply, demand and experience. As a buyer, discuss your requirements with the seller. 

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Payment for your dirty panties order

The buyer and seller will need to arrange payment of the order. Most sellers will not ship out the order until payment has been confirmed. The supported payment method in used panties industry is snifffr deals using snifffr tokens.

What are snifffr tokens
Snifffr tokens are a form of payment used on the marketplace which is equivalent to a currency. Once a buyer has an account, the buyer can purchase tokens from snifffr.

What is a snifffr deal
Once a buyer is ready to proceed with a purchase of dirty panties for sale, the buyer needs to set up a snifffr deal – which the seller will need to approve. At this point, the buyers tokens are deducted from their account and ‘held’ by snifffr but not yet released to the seller. On completion of the order, which must include delivery, the seller requests that the buyer releases the tokens to the sellers account.

The buyer should not release the tokens to the seller until they are satisfied with the order.

There are many off site payment options available however snifffr does not support these other methods of payment. For example, PayPal is commonly referred to as an alternative payment option. However, PayPal has strict policies which prohibits use for the adult industry.

In addition to the various payment methods, snifffr provides a secure platform where privacy is of utmost importance. This is particularly crucial for buyers looking for Japanese panties for sale or those interested in dirty Asian panties to their collection. The platform ensures all transactions are discreet and private, enhancing user confidence.

What should a buyer know about shipping?

Once you have arranged an order with a seller, shipping details need to be discussed. Please consider the following points when shipping dirty Asian panties or whatever panties you have on order:

  • Payment – who will cover the cost of shipping? The buyer or the seller? This needs to be agreed upon in negotiating the dirty panties for sale.
  • Tracking number – buyers must demand that a tracking number is provided for all orders. Consider this as a safety measure to avoid being scammed.
  • Type of shipping – there are various types of shipping available such as standard mail, express shipping or international shipping.
  • International Shipping – if you are receiving an international order of dirty panties, you may need to consider customs and other regulations.
  • Timeframe – set realistic expectations as to the length of time your order is going to take to arrive depending on the type of shipping you paid for.
  • Discreet packaging – sellers are aware of the need to keep your used panties order discreet. However, it is worth discussing this with the seller should you have extra requirements.

A less common mistake but does sometimes occur is the buyer providing the incorrect shipping address. Buyers should double check that they have provided the right address to the seller.

The price of dirty panties

The variance can be large when it comes to the price of dirty panties for sale. There are 3 main elements you will want to consider when working out what the used panties are going to cost you:

  1. Basic panties – these are normal used underwear with a worn duration of approximately 24 hours. These panties don’t usually include customizations and often sell for $20 to $40. 
  2. Longer wear – where the buyer asks the seller to wear the panties for more than 24 hours, the price is going to increase per 12 or 24 hour period. Sellers typically charge an extra $10 to $20 more per 24 hours. 
  3. Special requests – this is where it gets tricky. Buyers may ask for something special with the panties such as masturbation, photos, videos, worn while having sex, going for a run or a specific scent. The seller will advise you what the extra cost will be. 

Please note that the above pricing is an estimate only based on common sales pricing seen on the snifffr website. Please conduct your own research to see what a fair price to pay is. Please take a look at the article: How Much People Pay for Used Panties written by Laura Thorpe. 


If you have been disappointed elsewhere, you do not need to be worried – snifffr’s online customer care team is always ready to respond to your queries and help you navigate through the site with ease.Also, our customer support team is well-versed in handling sensitive matters discreetly and professionally. They understand the unique nature of the used Asian panties market and are trained to provide solutions that maintain privacy and satisfaction. Whether you have questions about Asian worn panties or need help with shipping logistics, the snifffr support team is equipped to assist you efficiently.

Where can I purchase dirty knickers for sale?

There are a variety of websites where you can buy Asian worn panties and other types of panties. Each platform has a specific focus which you should be aware of. The below list covers categories you should be aware of:

  • Specific adult marketplaces: snifffr is an example of a website that is built to be a marketplace and community for worn panties. The design, features and functionality provides the buyer and seller with a safe and private method to transact.
  • Digital forums: there are adult forums where users can advertise to sell their used knickers. Look out for threads focussed on this. Please note that you will be taking matters into your own hands – as there is no customer support. These forums are not focussed on used knicker sales.
  • Social media: this is an area that you need to be cautious with making a purchase. Adult content is often against the terms of use policies. You risk account termination when buying from these platforms.
  • Digital marketplaces: there are general marketplaces where you can locate dirty panties for sale such as eBay. Again, this is against their policies so take extra caution when making a purchase.

With a variety of options available, it is imperative that you take your time in investigating each option when selecting your chosen platform.

Moreover, the snifffr platform is continuously evolving to serve its users better. With regular updates and new features, it aims to provide an even more seamless experience for both buyers and sellers. Whether you are a seasoned collector of Asian used panties or someone new to the scene, snifffr is designed to cater to all your needs. The community is welcoming and supportive, making it easy to navigate and find exactly what you are looking for. So, don’t wait any longer. Sign up today and join the thriving marketplace where you can buy and sell Japanese panties for sale with confidence and ease.

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