How do I sell used panties?

how do i sell used panties

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Introduction to selling used panties

How do I sell used panties? How do I sell used panties anonymously? These are the questions millions of potential used panties sellers deal with on daily basis. Selling used panties online is fun, safe, and profitable. With trusted online marketplaces like snifffr, it’s even easier and more exciting to make extra cash from selling used panties without revealing your identity. snifffr is simply amazing as it adds fun and flexibility to the otherwise complex process of converting the panties we no longer need to cash. If like many others you have been wondering how do I sell used panties on snifffr, here is a detailed guide to enable you to have a successful, fun, and easy time selling used panties.

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Hows do I sell used panties?

  1. Sign up for a free account on snifffr.
  2. Fill out all your profile details including username, about you, age, country.
  3. Complete the fake check.
  4. Upload pictures and videos of your choosing to your gallery.
  5. Decide on what used panties you want to sell. Upload them to your shop. Include images and a description.
  6. Get in touch with buyers through the online chat or private message buyers.
  7. Agree on the price for the used panties and arrange a payment method.
  8. Receive postal address details. Ensure you have received payment before shipping the used panties.
  9. Ship the used panties to the buyer.  

How Do I Sell Used Panties­ With A Free Membership Account

snifffr is an adult member-oriented online community for potential used panties sellers and buyers. To start selling and converting the old panties you no longer use into cash, you have to create a free account by filling in your personal and contact details like username, email, preferred password, country of residence, date of birth and type of account. The content posted in snifffr is strictly for adults so only those above 18 years of age can create an account with us. Once your account is ready, add a decoying and attention-grabbing picture to your cover and profile pages. Make sure to accurately and carefully fill out your bio if you want to stand out and attract more willing buyers. Adding your interests and hobbies to your bio description will enable you to attract customers who share similar hobbies and interests with you.

You may choose to remain fully anonymous on snifffr. There are no requirements as to what personal information you need to display. This is entirely your decision. Some sellers choose to disclose more information as they have no issues with this. During the free sign up process, please pay attention to what information will be disclosed. Your email address will not be disclosed. Your date of birth and country will be disclosed to other users.

How Do I Sell Used Panties by Completing The Fake Check

Adding Images And Videos

Completing the fake check verifies your account and earns you more trust from potential customers. To complete the fake check, visit the fake check page. To complete the fake check, on an A4 piece of paper write the words SNIFFFR and today’s date. Then take a photo of you holding the paper. Submit the image to snifffr for approval. Ensure you do not try to Photoshop in the piece of paper. Your fake check will be rejected if this attempted. Once you have passed the fake check, you will receive a ‘fake check approved’ badge on your profile.

Once you have completed the fake check process, you will need to start adding fresh and entertaining videos and images to your gallery. Keep updating the videos and images as often as possible to remain relevant. Your customers will enjoy the videos. It helps them get to know you. The videos and images can be of anything you like.

How Do I Sell Used Panties by Adding Panties For Sale To Your Shop

Even up to this point, the question, how do I sell used panties, is not yet fully unanswered. Completing your profile, uploading videos, filling out your bio and completing the fake check process are some of the things you must do if you have to sell used panties on snifffr. The next step how to sell used panties will be to add panties to your shop. After uploading used panties to your shop, they will be fed automatically to the snifffr shop for potential customers to see. The panties in the snifffr shop include all the used panties for sale available on snifffr.

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Stay Active And Responsive

Even if you have the most ensnaring profile, descriptive bio, and most sniffy used panties, you need to do more. If you are like most used pantie sellers, you are now wondering so how do I sell used panties and make quick cash? For you to sell more panties and make more money, you must be responsive and active. When customers text you, respond back quickly and professionally. If they don’t, try engaging them via the private messaging functionality or online chat to inform them about the used panties you have for sale and convince them to buy.

Used underwear sellers who do best, are those who remain active. Selling used panties is like any other business. The more effort you put into your used panties business, the better you are going to do. The best way to think about how do I sell used panties is to think of it as a business.

Agree On The Best Payment Method

After building relationships and agreeing on the price, you have to agree on the payment. The way you receive your funds is totally up to you. snifffr does not arrange payment for your used panties. This should arranged and agreed upon between the seller and used panties buyer. Popular payment platforms include Google Wallet and Venmo. It is entirely up to you to decide on what platform to use. If you are not sure what payment method to use, then discuss this with the buyer. Alternatively, you may choose to get in touch with other used pantie sellers. Ask them what payment method they choose.

PayPal does not all transactions for payments in the adult industry. It is therefore recommended to avoid PayPal. It is also very common for used pantie sellers to have an Amazon wish list. The seller will provide the buyer with a link to their wish list. Instead of receiving money for their used panties, sellers will accept a gift. This is quite popular. snifffr makes no recommendations as to what payment platform you should use.

Return Shipping Address 

To help elucidate the question of how do I sell used panties and earn extra cash, you must provide a valid return shipping address. If you want to remain anonymous, you shouldn’t give your real postal address to be used as the return address. Many used panties sellers will use the buyers address as the return shipping address. This is done in order to remain anonymous.

Maintain A Strong Reputation

Your reputation determines how much you earn from selling used panties on snifffr. To help with this, there is a review system. Sellers and buyers of worn panties receive stars. There is a 5 star rating at best. Used underwear buyers like to deal with sellers who have a 5 star rating. Used underwear sellers should go the extra mile to ensure they receive their 5 stars. Selling dirty panties can be competitive. Therefore, you should do what you can to stand out from the crowd. Positive reviews are a great way to make this happen.

How Do I Sell Used Panties Conclusion

The final answer to the question of how do I sell used panties is to keep your snifffr panties shop fully stocked. You can’t sell what you don’t have. Clients often consider sellers who have more panties in their shops as this gives them peace of mind and surety that they will have a wide range of choices to choose from. Therefore, if you want to sell more and make more from selling used panties on snifffr, you should keep your shop fully stocked.

For more information on how to sell used panties, please take a look at the blog or frequently asked questions page. There is loads of information on snifffr to help you. There is also a ‘how does snifffr work’ page which can provide further assistance. If you still have questions, then you can always reach out to snifffr support. Responses are usually provided within 24 hours.

Best of luck selling your used panties!


How Do I Sell Used Panties