Selling Used Men’s Underwear: What You Need to Know

You’ve heard about used sexy thongs and G-strings being sold online to eager buyers with a used underwear kink, or the excitement of unwrapping a parcel with dirty underwear that was custom ordered … But have you considered the very much alive and kicking men’s used underwear community?

If there is one misconception about the used underwear market, it is that it is just for women to sell their preloved items to buyers. This couldn’t be further from the truth: just ask our snifffr sellers and buyers and you’ll soon discover that men are just as much in the front seat as sellers!

Men’s dirty underwear deserves its place in the kink community as much as women’s used underwear  - and can offer just as much variety to sellers eager to discover a world of sensory thrills with unique used items.

What sets men’s used underwear apart, is that they come with unmistakable masculine energy. It can be those hints of cologne or scented lotion, or other hints that make a piece of men’s dirty underwear unique to a specific seller.

So, is it worth it to dabble in the possibility of selling used men’s underwear online? Ask anyone on the snifffr team, and you know you are going to get a resounding YES! As we said: Selling used underwear is an equal opportunity between male and female sellers, and if you want to make a move to earn potential income from selling your used undies, the sky could be the limit.

In this article, we take you through everything you need to know about selling men’s used underwear - and then some.

Have a look below for more information on how to sell men’s underwear.

What’s the deal with men’s dirty underwear and its appeal?

Heard about the journalist who hit up a charity shop when he realised he didn’t pack his briefs for a trip and found worn ones on sale? Unlike this writer’s experience, men’s used underwear being sold online certainly isn’t reserved for a back corner in a shop - it can be a much more thrilling and palatable experience!

So, who buys men’s dirty underwear?

Just like women’s used knickers, men’s used underwear can bring forth feelings ranging from anything regarding intrigue and voyeurism to curiosity. For some, it can be a thrill when seen from a collector’s perspective.

A certain used piece can also inspire feelings of status, or even excitement, depending on the specific cut. Other items, such as those used for intimate roleplay, could add to the allure of a pre-worn item.

Then, as we mentioned, there is also the scent factor. Some buyers might be eager to smell a signature scent, which could be an exciting factor as they imagine the seller who once wired these items.

Men’s used underwear also doesn’t mean a one-size-fits-all. Some buyers might prefer underwear that is perfectly fine as is (with natural scents or others), while others might want ones that have been washed after wear. A consideration here, if you yourself would like to purchase men’s dirty underwear for the purpose of wearing: Wash first before putting it on to ensure there are no health concerns. This is not meant to take away from the thrill of a purchase, but should be kept in mind.

Can I make money from selling my men’s used underwear?

We certainly think so: after all, we have a dedicated sellers’ space on snifffr just for the occasion with our men’s underwear section!

A note of caution that we need to mention at the start if you are planning to put men’s dirty underwear on the online marketplace: You need to keep in mind that the men’s used underwear market could be slightly smaller than the women’s knickers department.

This shouldn’t deter you from selling at all, but it is important that you put in the legwork to ensure that your items are appealing. Do you have limited edition underwear, or dirty designer briefs that other sellers would love to sniff, own and make part of their treasured underwear collections? Then leverage those items as part of your online business for trading men’s dirty underwear.

Another point to keep in mind is that you will be selling to both male and female buyers. Therefore, ensure that your offering is pleasing and appealing to both audiences. Whereas your female buyers might be shopping for their partners or themselves to indulge in their underwear kink, your male buyers could, as we touched on earlier, be intrigued in buying items for their own collections.

So, keep in mind the history of the items that you have worn and how this can add to the exciting narrative of your items. Your men’s dirty underwear could have been bought on a trip to an interesting or exotic location, or worn to a thrilling festival in an island destination. Remember, the appeal of your items isn’t limited to just being men’s dirty underwear: It’s both the background and design that could clinch a sale for you!

How much can I make selling my men’s dirty underwear?

Depending on the items you are selling, you could make anything from $20 to $100 apiece. Do keep in mind the condition as well as the status of what you are selling. A very worn cotton brief might be priced a little bit lower than a designer boxer that is still in pretty good condition.

A good rule of thumb is to consider what your buyers would be willing to spend. If they are looking for very specific items (such as items worn to exotic locations) they might be willing to foot a higher price. Others, such as female buyers, might pay a little more if they want certain more masculine items.

On snifffr, we always encourage having as much variety in your product offerings as possible. This can help you reach a wider buyer's audience, and help you take your men’s used underwear from a side hustle to a potential steady income stream.

Why should you consider selling used men’s underwear online?

Being part of the fetish community, you likely already understand the kinky allure of men’s dirty underwear and the value it can add for buyers looking for key items that they can purchase on a safe, reliable marketplace.

A second reason is that selling your men’s dirty underwear can be a lucrative move towards earning a somewhat (although not completely) passive income. If you are keen to interact with buyers online in a discreet space where you can sell your used underwear, you can potentially make money and grow your sales as you list more items and get repeat buyers.

5 Tips for selling men’s dirty underwear

So, are you ready to start selling your used underwear? Keep these tips in mind to achieve success:

  1. Ensure that you pick a reputable platform to sell from, such as snifffr. Proven platforms will help ensure that you are trading in a trusted space where you know your men’s used underwear will have a good footing to start from.
  2. Be authentic. Remember, just as your products are unique, so is the discreet profile that you are putting online.
  3. Price your men’s dirty underwear reasonably. Go for a good price range that you and your buyers will be comfortable with.
  4. Never give out your personal details - always maintain a level of privacy that will ensure you do not get scammed.
  5. Always keep an open mind and be willing to cater to various used underwear tastes.

FAQ time!

Have a look below at some of our most frequently asked questions for sellers of men’s used underwear:

Provided you are 18 years or older, the answer is yes! All you need to do is create a profile and then start listing the items that you are ready to put up for sale.
Not at all when it comes to snifffr - list as many as you like, but do keep in mind to create good descriptions to make certain buyers can find your items.
You do not need to - we ensure on our site that you can enjoy discretion at all times.
Report any situation that is making you uncomfortable to our support team immediately - we will ensure that the necessary steps are taken.
No - and we strongly discourage this. We recommend using third-party payment platforms where your personal details will not be disclosed.
You are responsible for the shipping of your sold items - use discreet packaging that is not see-through, and make your buyer’s post office box both your send and return address to ensure your location remains private.

Enjoyed our guide? If you have any more questions about selling men’s used underwear online, don’t hesitate to contact us today!

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