Pricing Used Panties Online: A Comprehensive Guide

Are you ready to grab the opportunity to sell your used panties online? Does the thought of selling your dirty panties for cash make you excited about the prospect of earning an extra income?

Well, if you are on snifffr today, you have likely browsed our site and seen multiple opportunities on how you can make money from preloved items that tap into the delights of the fetish community!

There are used items aplenty that you can put up for sale on several online platforms - anything from dirty panties and used socks to used lingerie and more. The fact is, underwear fetishes are not a one-size-fits-all - for some, it can be associated with a lifelong passion for dirty underwear, for others, it can be a case of appreciating items that are mailed to them and that they can use to savour a specific scent.

Pricing used panties

This certainly means that you can throw your net wide when selling used items - just imagine all the buyers that you can connect to online that are looking for exactly what you are selling!

In terms of popularity, it is no secret that dirty panties are hot-ticket items in the used garments category. And if you want to play your cards right, you need to price your items both competitively as well as realistically.

Sure, it would be fantastic if you can earn a big sum on a dirty pair of underwear - BUT if you charge too much, you might struggle to find buyers.

Those in the know have certainly made a good profit - such as one seller that scooped an impressive $1700 per month selling her used underwear.

On the controversial side of things, famous rapper Latto also dipped into listing her used underwear, getting almost $100,000 in bids (her listing was, however, removed due to sales like these being prohibited on the site where she put up her underwear for sale).

So, how do you join the ranks of those who succeed in selling their dirty underwear on online platforms specifically dedicated to used intimate items?

In this article on pricing used panties online, we provide tips on how to list your items as a pro, and how you can stand apart from the competition you might be facing in your specific niche, such as lazy underwear specifically or designer boxers.

Enjoy today’s read - and if you are still a newbie seller, be sure to check out this article on how to get started selling used panties.

Have the right approach when pricing used panties

When starting out as a used panties seller, your pricing needs to be a tad on the modest side. That’s not to say you should charge the bare minimum, but if you haven’t yet established your reputation as a seller, you might be working double-time to get just a handful of sales.

Consider going for the middle ground with lower (not cheaper) rates when pricing used panties. You can use clever marketing tactics or taglines such as “new seller with sensational used panties” or “used panties that are now available for a limited time only” that will attract interest.

Think like a clever seller: Create a bespoke “personality” for your online selling space that will make it seem like one of the hottest opportunities that buyers simply cannot miss out on! This is the time when you need to portray yourself as a confident seller - with the goods to show for it.

Once you have started building a solid seller reputation, you can gently raise your prices over time - provided that they remain competitive.

How to price your used panties online

Pricing used panties online is a fair game, whether you are a male or a female seller. Both can get into the used underwear business and succeed - commanding price tags from anything from $20 to $100 per pair.

Where the difference comes in when you are pricing used panties online is what you're selling. Everything counts here: fabric, style and even designer labels, if these apply.

Starting out, you might just go for “regular” styles to get your foot into the door with lower pricing - before bringing your A-game with more sensational styles.

The important thing to not lose sight of here, is to be a “one trick pony”. Keep in mind, if someone is not really interested in regular cotton panties or straightforward men’s used briefs, they might just scroll past.

So, have some variety from the start, even if it is on the tamer side of things. Remember, even if it is not a style that you would typically buy all the time, a thong or cheeky boy leg panty could grab the attention of the right buyer.

Once you have a steady customer base going, you can bring out the big guns with slinky sheer material undies or see-through numbers even. You can also consider combo options where you can create sexy scenarios such as “my used panties for a dirty weekend away” to sell multiple items as a package deal.

Let the progress of your online selling business be your guide when pricing used panties online: If business is good, diversify even more and relook your price tags to see where you can adjust.

Sweetened the deal by providing extra services

Now, in this scenario, you can add extra pictures or, provided which platform you used, have pre-chats with potential buyers. You could include videos of your items as well, but ensure that they comply with the rules and standards of the platform that you are using.

Also, consider whether buyers might have something specific in mind when they are interested in your used panties.

When buyers know that you can fulfil their fantasies and customise their orders to create bespoke experiences, they will likely be more keen to pay higher rates.

This is more than enough reason for pricing panties online with extra services included - it is sure to set you apart from your competition!

Watch out for pricing your used underwear too low

The big pitfall of selling your dirty underwear way too cheap from the start, is that you might get stuck on certain price points when buyers will not want to pay more when you raise your prices.

They might be thinking, for instance, that they shouldn’t be paying $20 for a pair of used panties when the price they paid last time was $5 (or even less!).

Being new to selling used underwear doesn’t mean that you cannot charge your worth -  set your rates competitively from the start to avoid buyers just looking for a bargain or that do not want to pay you a good rate for what you are selling.

Remember, you are selling more than just dirty underwear - you are creating an opportunity for buyers the thrill of being able to indulge in their used underwear kinks.

Don’t be afraid to set your prices from the get-go - and never haggle with buyers who are simply bargain-hunting. Those aren’t the type of buyers you are looking for.

Research the best competitive rates when pricing used panties online

Doing a bit of research on forums or investigating what your competitors are charging will give you a good idea of how to price your dirty panties online.

Also, you need to pick the right online platform to sell your dirty panties on. Reputable sites, such as snifffr, have a bespoke space for sellers where they can charge competitive prices and attract the attention of the best buyers who would not baulk at the reasonable rates that are listed.

Another consideration is to see how you can structure your offerings. We mentioned above that you could do a “dirty weekend” themed bundle for instance, so consider how you can create interesting offerings that are different from what other sellers are putting up online.

Ready for pricing your used panties online?

Selling dirty panties for the first time might seem daunting, but if you stick to your guns, charge competitive prices from the start and are not afraid to start out with modest price tags, you can easily build your seller’s profile.

Focus on making a profit, even more so, focus on building a good customer base that will enhance your profile as well!

FAQ time!

Enjoying our article on pricing used panties online so far? Have a look at some of our frequently asked questions - if you need more information, just let us know!

If you are starting out as a seller, start with modest (but not too low!) rates for your used underwear. You can consider starting with about $10 for general cotton panties, with slightly higher prices for silky undies or designer boxer briefs.
As you build your business you certainly can! Do bear in mind: You need to build up a client base and regularly review your prices.
Charge according to the worth of your used panties. A regular cotton panty might be more alluring at $20, while a luxury silk panty could be sold for more.

Also, if you are allowed to, you can create combo packages where you are selling multiple panties (say, for instance, $80 for a pack of 5 dirty panties).

Head over to our seller’s section to sign up

Then, do the following:

  1. Fill out all your profile details.
  2. Do the fake check.
  3. Add pictures and videos to your gallery.
  4. Upload the used panties you want to sell to your shop. Include images and a description.
  5. Connect with buyers through the online chat or private message them.
  6. Agree on the price for the used panties and arrange a payment method.
  7. Get postal address details (always get a post box address!). Once you have received payment, you can ship your used panties.
When you are working through a reputable platform, such as snifffr, you can safely and discreetly chat with buyers who are interested in your panties.

Do remember to keep the tone of the conversation light, and make sure you know what your buyer is interested in.

Absolutely! On snifffr, as an example, we allow our sellers to maintain their anonymity and will never expect them to disclose their personal details
Use third-party apps or platforms that will ensure your details are always safe.

Kindly note, payments for dirty underwear are not conducted on snifffr. Many sellers choose to use payment platforms such as Venmo, CashApp, or Google Wallet. Sellers should conduct research to see what payment platform they want to use and investigate the fees, and check in with the buyers if they are happy with using certain payment platforms.

Use discreet packaging - see-through materials are never ideal and should not be used. Also, always include your buyer’s post office box address as the send-to and return address.

Have more questions about pricing used panties online? Contact our support team today! You are also welcome to check out our blog for more fun and informative articles. Check out this article on selling soiled panties, or keep more tips here for selling on snifffr.