Making Money Selling Used Panties: Tips and Tricks

Have you ever considered selling personal items online? You would be in good company – according to Pew Research, a whopping 17% of Internet users (which comes to around 23 million people) have taken the plunge and sold items online.

Let’s be honest: There are loads of opportunities to make money online by becoming a seller of bespoke items! And certainly one of the hot properties that are yours for the taking is selling used panties online.

used pantiesNow, you might be thinking: Is this the side hustle I want to dip my toes in? Can my dirty panties truly become money-makers and create side income opportunities that are more than just once-off activities?

You’d be surprised by how many opportunities selling used panties open up!

For some, it might be a case of paying the bills. For others, it could be an extension of their own panty fetish – and that thrill of knowing a buyer will be enjoying their used knickers.

You might be thinking at this stage: Do I need to have a massive online social media following that will ensure you can make a sale?

Well, at snifffr, we can tell you with 100% confidence that you can start easily without needing all of that! All you need is a savvy mindset, resilience and appealing dirty underwear that your future buyers will love!

Have a look at our guide below – you might just be less inclined to toss out a piece of used underwear that could be worth gold to someone else!

The ultimate guide to selling used panties

Ready to explore the benefits of selling used panties? In this snifffr guide, you are sure to get the tips and tricks needed to make the most of your seller journey!

Whether you are reading our article today out of curiosity, or have an earnest interest in starting your dirty underwear selling, get ready for some food for thought – this is going to be one of your top resources yet for exploring the world of selling dirty panties!

Why are buyers buying used panties online?

Dirty underwear is so much more for a buyer than just getting a used item following an online purchase. Some might be turned on by unique smells, others might love indulging in the fantasy of owning an intimate item from a seller that they interacted with.

Buyers aren’t just limited to men either: We can tell you without hesitation that at snifffr, there are plenty of women buyers as well who are shopping for used panties!

We also need to mention here that it is important to remember that most (well, discerning, if you will) buyers do not just purchase used underwear on a whim. They will browse their selections online, check out sellers and then narrow down their options.

So, if you want to make an impact as a seller from the start, ensure that you are presenting your dirty underwear with the best descriptions and interesting stories. If your ideal buyers are looking for sellers who, for instance, are selling used panties worn to the gym or sexy thongs worn for evenings out, make it clear in your descriptions that this is exactly what you are offering!

Can I become a seller of used underwear?

If you are older than 18 years old, you definitely fit the right age bracket! Do keep in mind: This goes both ways, so you need to ensure that you are not selling your undies to underage buyers. Always check that all parties are consenting adults, and you should be in the clear.

Now, the big thing that you need to keep in mind when becoming a seller of used underwear, is that there is no set in stone profile. There is no set size of what your used undies need to be, and there are several buyers on the hunt for various shapes and sizes.

This includes both men and women on the prowl for fantastic used undies, so never sell yourself short when it comes to your used underwear!

What are the pros and cons of selling used underwear online?

Getting into the used underwear online market comes with its advantages and challenges, but the latter doesn’t need to be a deterrent at all.

Let’s start by taking a look at the pros of becoming a seller of used underwear.


1. It’s super cheap to start. You’ve got the goodies already at home, so all you need to do is put your wares online and start selling!
2. Selling used underwear is flexible. If you cannot commit to it full-time, that’s okay – sell when you can and are available to do so.
3. You can run your business online and do not need extra overheads if you already have all the tech you need to get started. Simple as that: The online tools you have at home can help you drive your business!
4. You do not need to divulge your personal information. On reputable websites such as snifffr, – we always encourage our sellers to be discreet.


1. There is a lot of competition – so ensure that you stand out. Create a product experience where buyers feel they are getting unique experiences – this will ensure your offerings are not overlooked.
2. You might need to top up your inventory. Let’s be honest: Once buyers are snapping up your used undies, you will need to buy some new ones eventually. Look for bulk packs, or quality options that won’t break the bank.
3. Some partners or spouses might not be comfortable with you selling your dirty underwear. It’s best to have an open conversation with your partner regarding how the selling process would work. Remember, many people might think this could lead to affairs or other entanglements. So, set your partner’s mind at ease that selling used underwear is a business transaction and nothing more.
4. You need to be open-minded. And if the thought of selling used underwear might make you uncomfortable, this might not be the right income avenue for you to go for.

How do I create a persona for the used underwear that I am selling?

If allowed to do so, you can send your potential buyers pictures, video messages or texts to add some background for your used panties.

Also, if you are up to it, you can fulfil buyer requests for dirty panties used in certain scenarios, such as running a marathon, doing Pilates or any other activities that will fuel your buyers’’ fantasies.

Can I make money selling used panties online?

Like the sound of making around $200 to $500 a month selling dirty underwear online? It can happen!

BUT, before you start planning an extravagant vacation with your online earnings, keep in mind that getting to this level of income takes time as you grow your business. Also, remember to factor in your shipping costs for your used undies in your pricing to ensure that you are able to make a profit.

This isn’t usually exorbitant, given that panties do not really weigh that much – and even if you are selling combo deals (such as two or five pairs of used panties), the cost will likely still be low to send your used panties to buyers.

Can I branch out and sell other used items too?

You sure can! On snifffr, we have various sections from panties, socks, bras and more! So, if you are up for making even profits from your preloved items, why not go large and make this one of the best passive income avenues yet?

Various buyers have various preferences, so check out which segments will fit in with what you are ready to put on the online market.

Top tips for selling used panties online

1. Ensure that you always have enough stock
If you have specific popular items that buyers are always asking for, consider buying bulk packs. This way, you can have just the right items at hand that your buyers would be looking for.

Also, make sure that you have enough variety. Some buyers might not be keen on cotton panties, others might prefer briefs.

2. Create an online seller’s profile

Snifffr is a great platform to start on! Simply sign up easily and then flesh out your profile. Having an online presence on a trusted site will help you to easily connect with buyers - plus, you won’t need to do any coding, as the platform you are using already has everything that you need!

3. Make your unique selling points work for you
Your authentic personality and storefront are what will make you stand out from other buyers. So, make it work in your favour! Decide how you would like to position yourself (e.g. “cute girl with flirty panties”) and what themes you are comfortable with.

4. Have great product photos
Steer clear of grainy, out-of-focus images - always have clear, crisp images where buyers can easily see what they are buying. It is up to you whether you want pictures where you are wearing the used panties, or if you only want to display them. As long as you are comfortable with how the images look, you are sure to have fun selling your used panties!

FAQ time

We hope you are enjoying our guide so far. Have a look below at some of the questions we get asked often when it comes to selling used panties online.

Provided that you are older than 18 and use a reputable platform from which to sell your dirty underwear, it is perfectly legal.
Yes, there is! Plus, if you make use of the right platforms, you can connect with buyers from basically anywhere in the world!
As long as you conduct your business discreetly, you can be assured of safety and that your personal details are protected. Never use your personal bank details, and always use third-party apps for payments.

Keep in mind when you are shipping your used panties to buyers, that you never give your personal address - make your buyer’s postal address both the to and from addresses.

Anything from $15 upward should be fine - just remember, certain items and certain fabrics may warrant higher price tags.

Want more food for thought about selling used underwear? Check out our blog on pricing used panties online! And if you are considering selling used socks, this article is just what you are looking for.