Silk, cotton and more: 5 Types of used panties you could consider selling online

Are you eyeing your cupboard, wondering which of your preloved undies will make the cut to be sold online? Will those cheeky print patterns attract attention, or should you be willing to part with those silky black knickers?

Once you have made the decision to start selling used underwear, picked your platform, such as snifffr, and finalised your profile, the next step is to take stock of your inventory.

used panties

As much as you might be tempted to just empty your underwear drawer and start selling, it is important to have a bit of strategy. (But don’t worry; this is not a big plan that you have to work out. Basically, it’s a case of putting yourself in the shoes of your ideal buyers, and what they would be looking for!)

Think which of your dirty panties or briefs would make an impact. Are there some items that you just know will make buyers do a double-take? Or pairs of used panties that just stand out from the ordinary?

In this snifffr guide, we take a look at five of the best types of used panties that could be worth gold if you decide to list them on your profile to sell online.

Get ready to be inspired!

1. The classic: Regular panties or briefs

This one is likely by far the easiest option to pick if you want to start modestly or want to test the waters.

If you are wondering whether these used panties styles are a tad on the boring side, we’ve got a snifffr tip for you: Regular fit panties or briefs are easy to identify with, and even with their no-nonsense cuts, there is still plenty of room to diversify!

For instance, you could sell boy-leg style panties with patterns, or plaid boxers to appeal to more “traditional” tastes. Used underwear with cheeky slogans also adds a bit of fun to the mix, so if you are up for variety, include these in your inventory too!

If you want, you can simply colour block and sell online solid colours for now. The choice is really yours – and whichever option you choose, you’ll soon enough be able to determine which products are going to become your top sellers.

2. G-strings and thongs

Just as with the classic option, G-strings and thongs come in a variety of colours and materials. But they do have the added benefit of showcasing your cheeky side when it comes to your underwear choice.

So, if you are ready to showcase a more daring offering of used panties, these options can help you attract buyers with a penchant for something a bit naughtier.

Do make sure that your used panties are still in a fairly good condition; otherwise, buyers might be less inclined to consider buying them.

3. See-through

Sheer seduction is what these used panties are all about! They are also not limited to one style – so they can have anything from traditional cuts to G-string styles.

For those styles, it is important to watch out that they do not have any rips in the fabric – as the material is a bit more delicate, you do not want to sell panties that are a bit worn out or damaged.

If you are planning to part with your sheer see-through panties, ensure that they are hand washed (if no scent is really required from a buyer) and handled carefully.

4. Designer gear

This style is especially for the fashion connoisseur buyer. They know top brands when they see them, and might even be willing to pay a little bit more when they know they are getting access to designer items. (Check out our article on tips for pricing used underwear if you need a bit more guidance.)

Always ensure that you list these types of used undies with adequate descriptions if they are from trending design houses. The right buyer might notice their favourite brand and immediately click through to ensure they get first dibs on your stunning used underwear!

5. Limited edition buys

Just like used designer underwear, limited edition ones can be much sought-after by discerning buyers. Limited edition used panties would typically be discontinued top lingerie lines or ones that were only produced in small batches or for a limited time only.

We think you can see here where the appeal comes in: Not everyone might have these items, which makes them something unique to your used panties line.

Do ensure that, if you list items like these, you clearly mention these unique selling points in the descriptions. “Limited edition used panties” or “X used panties, grab them before they are gone!” might just draw lots of attention from buyers. And that is, after all, what you are going for!

More tips for selling used panties online

Enjoying our guide for selling used panties so far? Here are some more bonus tips to consider!

Consider combo deals

Want to sweeten the pot with double panty deals? Are you ready to spoil buyers with cool boxers or briefs combos where they get good value for money?

If you are happy to create product combinations, they can be great value adds for buyers. After all, no need to order twice when you can order two or three items in one reasonably priced pack!

This option is also a good one to consider when you start getting a feel for what buyers like – if you know your buyers are eager for more silk numbers, start getting creative with your offerings!

His ‘n hers

So, this one might be a bit niche … But if you want to test the market (and have a partner who won’t mind parting with a brief pair), why not give it a try with another naughty combo!

Branch out to more items

As you know, snifffr has lots of room for sellers to sell various items over and above used panties. These include used socks, bras and yes, gentlemen, we have a used underwear section for men as well.

So, once your business is picking up steam, why not give it a go and add more items to your roster to attract a wider pool of buyers!

Final tip: Always have good pictures!

Now, we will say this upfront: It is up to you whether you want to model the used undies yourself, want to show your face or not, or simply want to display your used knickers on their own.

The important thing is that buyers will be able to clearly see what used underwear they are buying. Therefore, no grainy or out-of-focus pics – make sure your pics are crisp and clear!

FAQ time!

We hope you are enjoying our article so far. Check out some extra information below if you have questions about selling used underwear – you are welcome to drop us a line too if you need to know more!

Well-taken-care-of is what you would likely aim for here. Although mint condition might give them that feeling of being “brand-new”, your used panties are called used for a reason – and mint condition wouldn’t be really possible, would it?
On snifffr, there is no limit to the number of panties that I can sell from your profile. As long as you can manage your inventory well and keep good communication with your buyers, go ahead and sell on a level that you are comfortable with!
Of course you can! The important thing is to keep the momentum going – once the sales come in, make sure that you keep enough used panties available so that you do not run out.
If you are older than 18, keen to make a sweet extra income and have an open mind, there is nothing stopping you!
Always use third-party apps – this way, you can protect your private details. Also, as a footnote: never give your own address when posting your used panties to sellers. Include his/her postal address as the send and receive addresses.
You will be in charge of sending your items – always ensure they are packed tightly in non-see-through envelopes.

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