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Have you ever heard of people who sell worn panties? If you haven’t, you are going to learn about it now! Selling worn panties is growing globally in leaps and bounds. There are many reasons for this. The most common is that it is a fetish that creates pleasure for many. Additionally, it has become a great way for worn panties sellers to make an extra few dollars. Below is some brief introductory information into the world of selling worn panties.

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I use to sell on other panty selling websites, but since I found snifffr I do 99% of my business here. More buyers, great activity system and a fake check. Truly a fun place to be.

Fragolina 80

"I enjoy being part of Snifffr community. Alot of new buyers daily and have a wide range of different sellers for all tastes! I love the feed, it’s really cool, what I like the most of Snifffr is the option to boost my listings and having them always on top. Snifffr is fabulous! 💋"


I absolutely love this platform. I feel I’ve been looking for this to act out my naughty side for far too long. Now that I’m here…I’m here to stay. Come Play with me!!!


"Snifffr has been an integral part of my journey in panty selling! I have met so many great guys and feel safe talking to buyers here. The anonymity of the site is a plus for me, but I still feel a connection to my buyers more so than in other larger panty selling sites. I appreciate the administration and ability to conduct my business without interference. I love snifffr!"


"What can I say that has not already been said about this beautiful community! I just started selling my panties a little under 2 weeks ago and the welcome I got was so nice and warm, I have met so many kind hearted people on this site that are not only here to buy and sell but who are also here to make connections and help each other out. I did look at other sites but this one took the cake because not only is it fun and easy to use, but the most affordable when it comes to their competitors which made this a no-brainer when choosing Snifffr! I can’t wait to see what else this community has in store for me and it has been such a lovely experience so far!"


"Hi everyone has been wonderful!! Great options, easy to use!!"


"I love selling my panties on snifffr! I have tons of fun talking to all the great guys💖"


"I love Snifffr. Only being on here a short time I think its a great no bullshit site. And so many naughty boys to tantalize with my panties. Thanks for having great site Snifffr."

Who sells worn panties and who buys them?

When you sell worn panties on the Internet, you allow thousands to indulge in their fetishes, absolutely judgment-free. Every individual is different, so we all have hidden needs and desires. If sniffing worn panties is what turns you on, know you’re not alone. Some would guess that this trend probably existed since the invention of panties. The only, but crucial difference is that today there is an entire well-developed and orchestrated system for the sellers and buyers to communicate.  

Ok, we now know who buys worn panties, but who would sell worn panties. The answer is pretty simple – open-minded, emancipated women who recognized this internet branch as a way to receive a significant income, legally, and honestly – very easy. In the spirit of gender equality, and luckily for women, men can also sell their underwear. Women around the world have become very successful at selling their worn panties. They are making thousands of dollars everywhere. As the old saying goes, if you can not beat them, join them!

How to Sell Worn Panties?

While getting to know how the system works, keep in mind that the Japanese once had a vending machine with worn panties instead of candies. Unsurprisingly, those are now prohibited. There is a good chance a man wore some of these panties. Luckily, selling worn panties via the internet, that is via websites like is very reliable, easy, and private.

How do you sell worn panties?

Tips & tricks

First of all, only registered users may participate in the trade on snifffr. Hence, the first thing a user needs to do is to make an account. This resembles most of the social networks and follows a similar principle. Whether a profile photo will be included, is totally up to the seller. However, if a buyer sees a face they likes, it is more likely that he will engage in the purchase. Name and email address are also revealed only if the seller wants to do so.

An account allows the seller to see the profiles of potential buyers who also have an account. If a woman recognizes a profile she thinks would be interested in her, she can start a conversation via online chat or private message. Women often state that most buyers are very polite and nice. The tone of the conversation is determined by both parties. Buyers follow similar rules. They can also see the profiles of women who sell worn panties and initiate a conversation.

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Over 18 Requirements to sell worn panties

The most important point to consider is that the user needs to be 18 or older. On sign up, you are required to enter in your date of birth. If you are under the age of 18, you will not be allowed to proceed. In addition, you are required to tick that you are 18 or older. snifffr does not allow minors to join the online community. This is something that snifffr takes extremely seriously.

How to Get Paid for when you sell worn panties?

If the customer is ready to buy, a payment method is arranged. Google Wallet, Venmo, Amazon, Bitcoin, Gift Rocket proved to be trustworthy. PayPal does not allow transactions related to the adult industry. It is therefore suggested that users do not use PayPal to buy or sell worn panties. If you are not sure what payment method to use, you can chat to others on the website to see what they have done. Many users have wish lists with Amazon. You can pass the URL for your gift list onto buyers in lieu of payment. It is entirely up to you what payment you use. snifffr does not get involved in the payment between the buyer and seller.

Shipping worn panties

All that is left for the woman who sells worn panties is to send them via mail. However, they are advised not to send the package before the payment arrives. does not keep track on the money transfer, nor does it take responsibility for any malpractice. Also, it is recommended that return address on the package is the same as the delivery address. This will ensure the anonymity of the sender. Shipping of worn panties is the responsibility of the buyer and seller. The buyer needs to ensure that the correct address is given as the seller will use this as the Return Address.

Payment of shipping should be negotiated between the buyer and seller. Many sellers do not include shipping in their sale price. It is fairly obvious why. The seller is unaware where the buyer is going to be located. Therefore, the seller is uncertain what the cost of shipping is going to be. Hence they cannot include shipping the sale price.

When it comes to, there are no limits considering the distance. You can buy and sell worn panties all around the world. Postage is arranged with the buyer.

A Few Tips for Selling Worn Panties

  • Dedicate time in comparing prices and find the one that suits you the best for what you have to offer.
  • Put time into it. Like anything in life, the more you put into it, the more you will get out. Your worn panties business is no different.
  • Although it’s not difficult to sell worn panties, you still want to be ahead of others. It is up to the seller whether she/he will put a profile picture, but since the picture with panties is a must, make sure it stands out. This doesn’t mean it should cause discomfort. It should be inviting and flirtatious.
  • Keep your private information safe. Do not reveal your name, number, and address. If you choose to do so, its your own decision.

Hopefully, the previous lines offered you an insight into selling worn panties industry and revealed you another side of the internet, that you should feel free to use.


Sell Worn Panties