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Everything you need to know about pantyhose fetishes

Sheer, seductive, alluring and so much more than just an everyday wardrobe item … When it comes to pantyhose – or nylons, if you prefer to call them that – there is certainly appeal among the pantyhose fetish community. Just ask the community here at and you are sure to find yourself in good company!

Pantyhose are also not restricted to one style – they can range from fishnets and tights to even the classic flesh-coloured variety that becomes so much more than just a work staple.

So, where did it all start for pantyhose, and how these items became part of the fetish community, and one of our favourite sections on the platform? Let’s take a closer look.

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The history of pantyhose

Once considered a revolutionary style statement, the original pantyhose was designed in the late 1950s by Allen E. Grant, rising in popularity in decades to come.

For many women, pantyhose was a refreshing style that freed them from constricting stockings and allowed them to embrace the mini-wearing fashions of the 60s and beyond.

Therefore, there was a freedom associated – a pleasure, if you will – with wearing these fashions that evolved beyond just one style. Also, there is no denying that sheer, rich feel of nylon against the skin and that feeling of attraction that is so closely associated with it.

So often, we associate pantyhose with sensuality and attractiveness – as well as how it displays when worn, hugging every curve.

But, what exactly is meant by having a pantyhose fetish?

What is a pantyhose fetish?

According to sex educator Lucie Fielding, a nylon fetish (which is another word for a pantyhose fetish) describes the sexual interest in various aspects of nylons.

There are various facets of this fetish- some might prefer muted hues while others would love intricate designs and patterns.

For many individuals who share a common interest in pantyhose fetishes, high fashion also plays a significant role. Pantyhose can be seen as sensual and erotic, drawing attention to the body and flattering legs of any shape, size or length.

What certainly makes a pantyhose fetish somewhat otherworldly, is how it can create flattering silhouettes, create an elongated effect for legs and even add some contouring.

Added to this, pantyhose is so enticing as it is basically one single thing layer between touch and skin – a touch of mystery but with so much pleasure and enjoyment for those who wear it or even for those who collect pairs.

This is one true component of the pantyhose fetish – bringing in that element of fantasy and perhaps even a cheeky sense of being allowed to view gorgeous legs in a whole new way.

Desire certainly plays a part in the pantyhose fetish playground – especially when it comes to sheer stockings that have that pristine, kinky look and feel.

Interestingly enough, one of the forerunners of paving the way for pantyhose fetishes was the work of Helmut Newton, who in the 80s did a Wolford campaign that would change perceptions of nylons and that they are not constraining, but deserve to be celebrated and enjoyed.

Are pantyhose fetishes only for men, or can women join in too?

When it comes to the enjoyment of pantyhose fetishes, both men and women are known to enjoy this lifestyle preference. For some, there is that enjoyment of putting stockings on, or watching as someone slips on a seductive pair of pantyhose. Pantyhose fetishes could also include using nylons as gags or for bondage, which adds a sexual element to the experience.

Other individuals might savour owning a pair of pre-owned, pre-loved pantyhoses, where the appeal of the pantyhose fetish is knowing that a pair of stockings was worn before and that there is that air of fantasy to enjoy, imagining who wore the pantyhose wear and how it felt against their skin.

Sometimes, pantyhose fetishes also tie in with other fetishes, such as foot smelling, as well as high heel and leg fetishes. With foot smelling, it is all about how pantyhose can affect the smell of feet.

For others, it can be the pairing of outfits that does the trick, such as a pair of pantyhose worn with a tight pencil skirt, or other tight-fitting outfits.

At, we also create a welcoming community where both men and women can enjoy pantyhose fetishes, in an environment dedicated to celebrating these sheer garments.

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How to enjoy a pantyhose fetish with a partner

As mentioned, indulging in pantyhose fetishes isn’t limited to just one gender – and for couples, it can be an alluring indulgence that both parties can enjoy.

This includes buying pantyhose together, watching as a partner tries on pantyhose, putting on and touching pantyhose, or even customising a design for a unique experience.

However, there is also something sensual about enjoying a pantyhose fetish without anyone even noticing. Some of these activities could be wearing pantyhose under clothing, while masturbating or watching online videos of people putting on stockings.

In short? There truly is no limit to enjoying a pantyhose fetish – whichever your preferences are!

Where to start to explore your pantyhose fetish

Every pantyhose fetish is unique to an individual. For some, it can be a gender exploration journey; for others a more saucier experience.

If you are only beginning to indulge your pantyhose fetish, start experimenting with different styles and textures. Consider which articles lead to arousal, or what styles give you a sense of pleasure and satisfaction.

Many pantyhose fetish enthusiasts might enjoy the pre-loved category of nylons, which can be especially alluring when it comes to that element of fantasy.

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