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Buying worn panties is a fetish that has been around for a long time. People buy worn panties for different reasons, but mainly for the smell. Over the years, the trade has gained popularity. is a website where people from all over the world come to transact in this fetish. This industry has gained popularity on the Internet

If you’re wondering where to buy worn panties, snifffr provides a secure and discreet platform to buy worn panties online. The website caters to a global audience, ensuring that users can find exactly what they’re looking for without hassle.

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The Process

To get up and running on, you need to register for a buyers account. It’s 100% free to create the account. You only pay to use the various functionalities on the site. The functionalities you pay for include engaging in live chats with sellers, among others. Even so, what you get charged is a one-off fee that expires after 365 days. Once you pay the fee, you can buy as many panties as you wish without attracting additional charges. You will only get charged a monthly fee when you upgrade to a premium account. To upgrade to a premium account, all you need to do is follow the steps on the website.

As a buyer, you can access premium for free by submitting a fake check. Please note that this takes a number of hours to process. 

Knowing where to buy worn panties can significantly enhance the purchasing experience for those new to the platform. Detailed profiles and engaging features make it easy to connect with sellers and find worn panties to buy that meet your specific desires.

Man viewing to buy worn panties

Stay Anonymous

Buyers on snifffr remain anonymous. You do not need to use your real names when opening your account for buying worn panties on Your email address remains private. It’s a nice arrangement which makes trading on the platform more discreet and enjoyable, knowing that no one gets to identify you. However, it is entirely up to you if you wish to disclose your identity. Some buyers choose to disclose all their personal information to sellers.

Remaining anonymous is a key feature that attracts many users to snifffr. Whether you are a buyer or seller, the platform’s privacy options allow you to transact without revealing your identity. This makes it an ideal choice for those looking for worn panties to buy discreetly.

Once your buyer account is active, you can browse through the many profiles of sellers advertising their panties. The profiles feature sellers wearing the panties so you can easily choose the one that attracts you. Once you have spotted the panties you want to purchase, you go on to engage the seller and discuss the cost and how the panty will be delivered to you.

Receiving Your Order

Keeping it easy!

Shipping when you buy worn panties needs to be arranged between the buyer and seller. snifffr does not arrange the shipping of any items. It is important that the buyer and seller discuss who is going to pay the shipping cost. Most sellers do not include shipping in the price. The reason is simple. The seller is unaware of where the buyer is going to be located. Therefore, they are unsure what the shipping expense is going to be.


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What other fetish items are related to worn panties? is a great site to explore your fetish. Other items are also sold on apart from panties. They include:

  • Videos
  • Online chats
  • Phone calls 
  • Photos
  • Used Socks
  • Used lingerie
  • Used bras

Expanding beyond just panties, many who enjoy the scent of worn panties are open to other fetishes. 

Women wearing her worn panties

How users interact when they buy worn panties

Traders negotiate deals amongst themselves using the chat functionality or private messaging system. Once a seller and the buyer agree on the price, the buyer sets up a snifffr deal for the seller to accept. As soon as the seller receives the deal, they can start preparing the order. 

The interactive nature of snifffr allows for personalized transactions. Buyers can request specific details or conditions for the panties, making each purchase unique and tailored to individual preferences. This level of customization is a significant advantage for those looking for worn panties to buy.

It’s also upon the one buying worn panties to provide a valid delivery address where the seller can send the panty package to. Sending the parcel is the responsibility of the seller which may include paying for the postage.

Screening seller for authenticity

snifffr have a method of screening sellers to ascertain if they’re honest or fake. They then make this information about whether a seller is verified or not available to buyers. It ensures clean business on the site with fewer chances of scammers finding a chance to get money dishonestly. snifffr has a fake check system in place. Buyers and sellers can choose to upload an image to snifffr where they hold an A4 piece of paper. On the paper, they write the word SNIFFFR and today’s date. The image is then uploaded to snifffr for approval. Do not try to Photoshop this image. If it is Photoshopped, snifffr will reject your fake check.

This verification process provides an added layer of security, ensuring that buyers and sellers can trust the people they are dealing with. Knowing where to buy worn panties from verified sellers can give buyers peace of mind and enhance the overall experience on the platform.

Once approved, the buyer or seller will receive a badge on their profile that says “Fake Check Approved”. Buyers and sellers prefer to deal with users who have passed the fake check.


Seller displaying fake check to sell worn panties


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