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“How do I sell dirty knickers?” is a popular question asked by a lot of individuals today, especially the people in the used knickers community. While reasons usually vary widely from one person to another, many individuals buy dirty knickers for the scent. Most men find the scent of women incredibly irresistible. Every lady has a unique scent which makes her unique, and it does not only consist of the shampoo or the perfume she uses but the natural smell her body emits as well. 

However, some people have a rather uncommon favorite smell about women and would even pay a lot of cash for a lady to allow them to enjoy that special scent, which means they like dirty knickers.

Selling dirty knickers have therefore become a rewarding source of income. This is true for the open-minded ladies out there who don’t mind purchasing new knickers regularly and selling the dirty ones instead of putting them in the laundry basket. Depending on how much you’re willing to do and how many knickers you feel like putting up for sale, you can earn somewhere between a little bit of extra cash and a practical monthly income. Here are some tips to help you establish a good online presence and make money when you sell dirty knickers.

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Sell dirty knickers: registering on snifffr

Putting up dirty knickers for sale is not as challenging as it may appear to you when getting started. All you require is some webspace because the internet is the leading marketplace when it comes to selling dirty knickers. Besides, snifffr provides you with a high level of anonymity, because you probably don’t want to meet your future customers in person or get recognized when you are out spending time with your friends or family. 

You should start by signing up on snifffr and then accept the working terms and conditions of the website. As a beginner, you can start by using a dedicated portal by snifffr for selling dirty knickers. The portal will provide you with everything you need to set up for your first successful transactions.

In addition, we have excellent customer support staff who are friendly and helpful. Many beginners to the dirty knickers industry email support with questions. We do our best to respond to all queries within 24 hours. 

Furthermore, there is excellent information on the snifffr website for beginners. All you need to do is read the How to Get Started page for a heads up. You may also consider reading the FAQ’S page which will answer many questions you may have. If all else fails, you can always reach out to support

Sell dirty knickers: Setting up your online store

After signing up with snifffr, you should also establish your marketplace, which is free of charge on snifffr. To create a dirty panties online store, you should create a suitable username and password. That’s your online shop. Snifffr does not give you any limitations on the number of knickers you can sell at any given time. That means you can post as many dirty knickers as possible for online sales.

To have unlimited use of the snifffr website, dirty knickers sellers will need a premium account. This will ensure you can list an unlimited amount of items. Additionally, you will gain unlimited access to online chat and private messages. 

Sell dirty knickers: Pricing and negotiating the terms

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There are no fixed rates for selling dirty knickers and underwear. Every seller sets their prices and negotiates on what they’ll offer and what not depending on their ethical and moral principles. To decide on the prices of your dirty knickers, you’ll require an overview of the marketplace. Selling your dirty knickers for more than the other sellers offering the same will not work, not unless you have something special to offer and are pretty good when it comes to negotiating.

You will put up your offer, and a customer will purchase the item as it is, or they’ll make special requests and will want to know if you will offer something they desire like wearing the knickers for a longer duration than normal. Many sellers charge more money for wearing used panties for long periods. Additionally, some buyers may request that you perform special sexual acts in your dirty knickers. In these cases, sellers will charge the buyers premium. The more the buyer asks for, the more the seller charges! 

When you are negotiating, always stick to the messaging system of your portal: It’s safe, and in case something goes wrong all your negotiations are well documented which means you can always go to the portal for reference. Many sellers choose to use Kik as a messaging platform. However, when you reach out to support, if an issue occurred on Kik, support will be unable to assist. 

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Sell dirty knickers: Finding customers

Selling dirty knickers is not as difficult as establishing many other business ideas, and you might wonder where you will find some customers. Surprisingly, they are usually everywhere, and even your neighbor might be into dirty knickers. However, the more you become involved in the dirty knickers community, the more comfortable your deals will be, and the bigger your customer base will be. Be flexible and discover what works pretty well for you and your knickers business, and make appropriate changes when necessary. 

Remember to keep your end of the deal each time, and always remain polite. Your customers will appreciate your professionalism, and because of their satisfaction, they will spread the word to other potential clients, which means you will get reliable and loyal clients. Like any other good business, it is far easier to keep happy customers coming back time and time again than going out and getting new customers. 

Sell dirty knickers: Methods of payments

Payments for dirty knickers should be arranged between the seller and buyer. However, there are many ways to arrange for payments. A buyer can decide to use platforms like Venmo or Google Wallet to transfer the cash to the seller, but that’s normally discussed by the buyer and seller when negotiating a deal. You can also use snifffr coins during transactions. Using snifffr coins is pretty easy to use because everything is done through the website. However, a buyer should go through the seller’s profile to check if the seller in question accepts snifffr coins.

There is no rule on snifffr as to which platform you should use for transfer of money. At the end of the day, it is worked out between the buyer and seller of dirty knickers. 


Selling dirty knickers online is a fun way to make a regular income over the internet. However, the biggest challenge for new people selling dirty knickers online is failing to learn and master the ins and outs of this unique business. Selling dirty knickers is not difficult, and the best thing is that this marketplace is not yet saturated because many people do not know that this incredible business opportunity exists. 

If you have further questions or want to know more on how to sell dirty knickers, you can also talk to other sellers online. Snifffr is an online community for both buyers and sellers to communicate with each other. Good luck! 


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