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The benefits of the Internet on used underwear marketplaces

snifffr is a trusted marketplace for buyers and sellers of used underwear. The Internet has helped the industry to expand as it has made it far more accessible for buyers and sellers. It has helped bring the industry to the tips of your fingers where you can buy or sell from the comfort of your own home. snifffr provides a unique opportunity for both women and men to engage in this market. Men selling used underwear has become increasingly popular, allowing a broader audience to participate and fulfill their desires.

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The roots of used underwear

The Japanese claim that selling used underwear first started in their country. This dates back to sometime in the 1990’s. Of course, back then, there were no marketplaces like snifffr for transactions to occur. Selling used women’s underwear in Japan was done in Burusera shops. Many of the used underwear sold were accompanied by photos of the girls wearing the used underwear. Majority of the people purchasing the used underwear were men. They smell or use the women’s used underwear for sexual stimulation.

Selling used underwear has evolved significantly since its inception. Today, platforms like snifffr have made it possible to sell used mens underwear with ease. Men can now find a marketplace where their products are in demand, making it convenient to sell mens used underwear anonymously and safely.

Some people even claim that selling used panties in vending machines still exists today. It was sold this way for convenience and to stay anonymous. For example, many people are embarrassed to buy condoms from a store where the clerk rings up the item. However, buying condoms from a vending machine is much more discreet. The same applies with used underwear.

In order to sell used underwear in a Burusera store, the seller needs to be 18 or older. In 1999, child pornography laws imposed legal control over the used underwear industry.

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What is snifffr

Thousands of people are flocking to snifffr for buying and selling used underwear. It’s not a surprise, snifffr is a trusted marketplace where you can buy and sell used panties anonymously and with great ease. The user friendly platform and marketplace has been created to bring together used panties buyers and sellers. The first step to get going is to sign up to snifffr to sell used panties.

For those looking to sell used mens underwear, snifffr offers a robust platform that supports sellers in presenting their products to an eager audience. Men selling used underwear is becoming more accepted and prevalent, providing a lucrative avenue for men to explore.

Signup Process

The most important aspect is that you need to be over 18 to use the snifffr marketplace. snifffr prohibits minors from using the marketplace.

Signing up is really simple. All you need to do is:

  1. Confirm that you are over 18. If you are under 18, you cannot join snifffr. You will be required to enter your date of birth. Your DOB will be displayed to other users.
  2. Choose a username. Be creative and have some fun here. 
  3. You will also need to choose your country of residence. It’s really important that you choose your exact country. This will help you with shipping when selling used underwear. It is cheaper to ship used underwear to buyers in the same country. 

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Stand out from the crowd

There are many things that you can do to attract people looking to buy used panties. Below are just a few points that will help you. By being creative and thinking outside the square, you will make more sales.

  1. Upload your profile picture and cover image. Buyers have a large choice of used underwear sellers. The way to stand out is with your profile picture. Buyers browse through the used underwear sellers page looking to see who grabs their attention. They are interested in sellers of all different shapes, sizes and color! That’s the beauty of this industry. There is no particular look that you need to conform to.

To attract buyers, men selling used underwear should ensure their profiles are complete and appealing. Uploading clear and engaging photos of used mens underwear can help attract attention and encourage sales.

In addition to photos, men selling used underwear should consider creating engaging content highlighting their products’ uniqueness. Detailed descriptions and personal touches can make listings more attractive to potential buyers. For instance, sharing stories or experiences related to underwear can create a connection with the buyer, making them more likely to purchase. Engaging with buyers through live chats or messages also builds rapport, which is crucial for long-term success in this market.

  1. Complete your profile on your My Profile page. Include a short description about yourself. Buyers want to know who is the person selling used underwear. In your bio, include your hobbies and interests. You can also inform buyers what you are willing and not willing to do in the used underwear.
  2. Complete your fake check. A fake check helps used underwear buyers to know that you have been verified by snifffr. It takes just one minute for you to complete a fake check. Please visit the fake check page on the snifffr website for more information.
  3. Add imagery and videos to your gallery. Sellers have access to their own video and gallery section. This helps buyers to see more about you. Keep your videos and images fresh – this will encourage buyers to keep looking at your profile.
  4. Most importantly, you are now ready to upload used underwear to your shop. The shop is where buyers will go to find the used underwear they are looking for. Its’ highly recommended that you include a photo and a description of the used underwear you are selling.

For those wondering how to sell used underwear men, it’s crucial to maintain an active presence on the platform. Regularly updating your shop with new items and engaging with buyers through chats or messages can significantly boost your visibility and sales.

  1. Successful used underwear sellers are active. They engage with buyers on the website using the online chat or private messaging functionality. As new buyers come online, have a chat with them on the online chat. Let them know what you have for sale and who you are. Think about your experience when walking into a retail store. The shop assistant introduces themselves to you and engages in small talk. Then, once a relationship is built, they start to sell to you.
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Can you sell used underwear on social media?

The short answer is yes however, it’s not that straightforward. The following information will help and guide you in formulating a course of action:

  • Platform Policies and conditions – it’s very common that most well known social media systems such as Facebook, TikTok, X and Instagram have strict user policies. When you sign up, you agree to be bound by their terms of use. More often than not, the policies state that they prohibit adult content and you are not allowed to engage in the sale of such material. You risk account suspension or termination should you breach their policies. 
  • Code language – it’s been noted that some people will use code language to get around these policies. HOwever, at the end of the day you are running the risk of manual review of your account. Again, this can result in termination or suspension. For example, some sellers may refer to used clothing instead of used underwear. 
  • Online Groups – you may join a discreet Facebook group to try to make sales. However, you are still responsible for following Facebook’s terms and conditions even if you are a member of a private group. Facebook will shut down the group should they find it. 
  • Instagram and X (Twitter) – they tend to operate a little bit differently when you compare the two. X is somewhat more accommodating to adult material such as used panties. 

Therefore, you need to be up to date and aware of the risks when you engage sales on social media platforms. It’s far better to stick to a marketplace like snifffr which is strictly dedicated to this niche! 

If you are still not sure what to do on snifffr, then it is suggested that you look at the FAQ’s page. There is loads of helpful information to assist you. Don’t be shy to contact our helpful customer support team for further assistance – we will be glad to help. 

By following these tips and actively engaging on snifffr, men can successfully sell used underwear and tap into this growing market. Understanding buyer preferences and maintaining a professional profile will help you stand out and make consistent sales.


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