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Worn Panties

Lovers of worn panties from all over the world are often looking for used panties to buy. The erotic thrill they get from sniffing worn underwear keeps them looking for more. Today, the internet has made buying worn panties or selling them even easier. Men can now find used panties online while women can put up their worn panties up for sale.

snifffr.com provides a platform where buying and selling of worn panties can take place. Women get to earn money from their used panties while satisfying the fetish of men who love sniffing worn panties. snifffr is a marketplace that is trusted by thousands of people from around the world. Staying anonymous is at the forefront of snifffr. Of course, you can choose to display your identity if you wish.

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How do you sell worn panties on snifffr.com?

It’s easy. You start by registering for an account on the website. You can opt to be anonymous by using nicknames to register for the account. The email address you provide on the site also remains private. No one visiting the site can see it, and snifffr.com will not share it with anyone else. The most important aspect on signing up is your age. Users of snifffr need to be at least 18 to use the marketplace. Snifffr does not allow minors to join the website. As part of the sign up process, you will be required to enter in your date of birth. In addition, you will need to tick a button stating that you are over 18. If you are not 18, you will not be able to proceed.

Once your account is up, you’re now ready to start selling your used underwear to people seeking to buy worn panties. You will need to take photos of the panties you intend to sell and upload them to your profile. When uploading worn panties for sale, you should include an image of the panties. However, whether you reveal your face in the photos or not is up to you. It is not mandatory, although doing so helps capture the attention of buyers.

Connecting with customers looking for worn panties to buy

Connecting with potential customers involves chatting them up via the site’s instant messaging service or the live chat feature. To be able to use these features to interact with your customers, you will need to pay a monthly fee. The fee is fixed and once you pay it, you can use the features as much as you like without being required to pay anything extra within the month. However, signing up to snifffr is free. You are only charged a monthly fee for premium features. The premium features will give you a boost to buying and selling worn panties.

Many sellers do well when they are active on snifffr. Sellers should reach out to buyers. They should private message them or talk with them on the online chat. Many buyers want more than just worn panties. The buyer wants to know whose panties they were. By having a social conversation, the buyer will find out more.

Negotiations when you buy your worn panties?

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The buyers you will chat with are probably people who browsed through your profile, looked at the photos you uploaded and got interested. You will negotiate with them about the price. Once you settle on how much to sell them your worn panties for, you arrange for the payment. Some sellers include shipping in the price of the worn panties. However, this needs to be checked with the worn panties seller. Most sellers will not include shipping in the price as they are unaware of where the buyer will be located.

How to arrange payment between the buyer and seller

The method of payment you settle for depends on what’s convenient for both the buyer and seller. Popular methods used by buyers to make payments include Google Wallet and Venmo. You may use other ways as well; snifffr neither suggest nor facilitates payments. Everything happens between the buyer and the seller. Some sellers often payment through an Amazon wish list. This is in lieu of payment. The seller will provide the buyer with a URL to visit on Amazon.

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Shipping worn panties to the buyer

On receiving your payment, you proceed to send the worn panties the buyer has selected. To remain anonymous, it’s advisable you use the buyer’s address for both the source and destination addresses on the package. Many sellers use the buyers address as the Return Address to remain anonymous. However, for this reason, its extremely important that the buyer provides an accurate address.

How do you buy worn panties on snifffr

The process of buying worn panties on snifffr involves almost the same procedure as that of selling them. You start by registering an account which is free. Your identity remains secret as registering on snifffr.com doesn’t require you to use your real names. Upon completion of the registration process, which takes only a few minutes, you are ready to buy worn panties.

To connect with sellers after browsing through their profiles, you will need to use the messaging and chat features on the site. To enable you to use these features, you may be required to pay a monthly fee. The fee is fixed. You can transact as many times as you like. Snifffr does not charge a per transaction fee. Sign up is also free.

After paying, you get access to those who want to sell worn panties, and you can contact them directly for business. Getting worn panties shipped to you is as simple as negotiating the price, providing your delivery address and making the payment. The main ways buyers on snifffr.com pay for worn panties are through Google Wallet and Venmo. Other options are viable too, as long as the seller is comfortable with you using the specific method you suggest. Amazon wish list was mentioned above. You may want to consider this option.

The snifffr fake check

snifffr reviews panty sellers to determine if they’re real or not. As a buyer, you can use this information to gauge how real the sellers you intend to buy from are. To stay safe, always buy from sellers who have passed the screening process. In order for a used panties seller to pass the fake check, they need to follow the procedure on the fake check page. The user is required to take a picture of themselves. In the picture, the user must hold an A4 piece of paper. The words SNIFFFR and today’s date should be written on the A4 piece of paper. Do not try to Photoshop the fake check. Snifffr will reject your request if this is done. When approved, the user will get a badge on their profile that says “Fake Check Approved”. Buyers and sellers of worn panties prefer to deal with fake check approved users. It is therefore suggested that you pass the snifffr fake check.

Who can register on snifffr?

Both men and women can register on snifffr as either sellers or buyers. Buying worn panties is not the only business that goes on in the snifffr marketplace. People also sell and buy videos, chats, phone calls as well as photos.

To own an account on snifffr, whether for buying or selling worn panties, you have to be over eighteen years of age. The platform is open to buyers and sellers from all over the world.


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