Here are 5 reasons why you should sell used underwear

Have you been fantasising about getting the ultimate side-hustle? Does the thought of becoming a savvy entrepreneur sound like music to your ears?

Let’s face it: If you have been browsing the Internet for opportunities to sell used underwear, you might already feel like you have struck gold with a perfect opportunity! (Well, we think you are in the right place for sure.)

If you are new to the world of selling dirty underwear and second hand knickers, you might wonder: Is someone seriously going to want to buy my tighty-whities or favourite night-out thong? Will my designer briefs make a splash, or are those red knickers going to set hearts racing?

Sell used underwear

At snifffr, we can tell you: If you have the goodies, the right buyer will certainly be up for buying a pair or two that they fancy. And they will likely return if they liked the used undies that they received.

The used underwear fetish community is certainly alive and well - and for many, the thrill of purchasing items can be such a reward. This can be thanks to unique smells, or even a bit of fantasy about the seller. (And in some cases, there can be a connotation with the colour of panties and factors such as happiness or wealth!)

The fact is: These used items can provide pleasure and satisfaction, allowing buyers to get exactly the items they want.

Selling preloved underwear is also not just for the ladies - men can also tap into the opportunity of getting great prices for dirty underwear!

Still need proof that selling used underwear can be an amazing prospect?

Check out our five top reasons why you should sell your used underwear online.

1. It is so easy to start

Unlike other business ventures where you need to set up a business plan or pay overheads, selling used underwear online is super easy. All you need is a computer and a stable Internet connection - plus your stash of used undies just waiting to be sold!

On online platforms, such as snifffr, you can quickly set up an online profile and create your first used panties listings. There is no need to wait days to kick-start your online business - at the touch of a button, you are in!

The beauty of selling your used underwear on a vetted platform is that you can quickly connect with buyers who would be eager to snap up the dirty panties that you are selling via your online store.

In other words: No needing to scroll for hours on the Internet - your buyers are already on the platform where you are selling.

2. You can make a few dollars

Having an underwear fetish or a used panty kink is what draws buyers to platforms such as snifffr. They are ready to buy items that tickle their fancy and for the right items they might even be willing to pay a little more.

Do bear in mind that when you start selling your used undies (and want to ensure you make a profit), you need to price your used panties right. (Check out this article for some tips.)

3. It can be a cool avenue for “recycling” underwear that you don’t use any more

Now, hear us out on this one. If you have a keen eye for buying gorgeous underwear but find your cupboards bursting with different colours and designs, selling used undies can provide more than just the reward of money.

Instead of your unused underwear just ending at the bag of your underwear drawer, you can sort and categorise them, then put them online for sale.

So, you not only increase your “inventory”, but also provide some breathing room where it will be easy to see which other panties you are not wearing often and that can also go up for sale.

4. It is safe (provided you exercise the right steps)

Now, at this stage of the article, you might have thought: Well, it’s cool making money and all, but is it truly safe to sell used underwear online?

On a platform such as snifffr, it surely is!

If you are over 18, and make use of a platform that allows for seller anonymity, you know your details are protected. Also, by only using third-party apps for payments, you can protect your private information and maintain discretion.

The same goes for when you ship your used panties: As long as you include your buyer’s postal address as the sender and receiver, there won’t be any intrusion into your private life.

5. You can build a fantastic fanbase

As a used underwear seller “newbie”, you might be wondering whether you will be able to stand out from your competition.

It’s a valid concern, but not something you need to be concerned about when you consider how many varied used underwear tastes there are when it comes to buyers.

Some might be looking for the gym jock selling his used boxers, while others might be more keen to find outdoorsy sellers with cute undies to match their hiking and adventures.

As long as you put some work into perfecting your online profile, you can build a loyal base of buyers with whom you can share added extras such as pictures and video chats (permitting that the platform you are selling on allows for this).

Want to get in on the action of selling used underwear?

Sign up on snifffr today to get started as a dirty underwear seller. In just a couple of clicks, you will be ready to start offering a variety of used underwear via your profile, and get connected to various buyers that frequent our site.

Enjoy the journey!

FAQ time!

Have more questions about selling used underwear online? Check out below some answers to frequently asked questions that we get asked by visitors to our website.

Ensure that you have enough to allow some variety on your profile - you do not need a room full of underwear, but ensure that there is enough to start with. Remember: As your profile gets hits and buyers start purchasing used panties, they might return frequently for more.

A good idea is to now and then buy panties in bulk once you know which types of pieces your buyers like. Plaid boxers or brightly coloured panties? You see where we are going here …

Yup, you need to be older than 18. Also, do not sell used underwear to minors - ensure that you know your buyers are adults.
Always pack your items tightly in non-see-through packaging - and always include your buyer’s postal address as the send and receive addresses. Never give away your personal address.

The same goes for your payment details - only use third-party apps for getting those well-deserved monies that you worked hard for.

Not necessarily, but it is important that you have an open mind and feel comfortable communicating with buyers who are definitely part of the fetish community.
On snifffr, there is no limit to the number of items that you can sell. As long as you can manage your inventory and buyer requests, the sky's the limit for your earnings!

We hope you enjoyed today’s blog and are feeling inspired. If you want to explore more options for selling preloved items, check out this article on selling used socks.