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Thousands of people around the world have a fetish to buy worn knickers. While reasons vary broadly from one person to another, most individuals purchased used knickers for the scent. Many men find the scent of women incredibly irresistible. Some enjoy sniffing knickers that have already been used by another person. Others enjoy the thought of knowing that there’s somebody out there who loves sniffing or wearing knickers they previously owned. 

For those looking to fulfill their desires, there are plenty of worn knickers online on snifffr. This platform provides a discreet and secure way to explore your interests without fear of embarrassment. Whether you are interested in specific scents or the idea of wearing someone else’s knickers, snifffr has various options to suit your needs.

That’s why some buyers would like the knickers worn for a specific duration or when working out. Many buyers also like it when the seller performs certain sexual acts. The more that is done with the knickers, the more expensive they become. If you are thinking of buying used knickers, here are the steps you should follow.

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Create a snifffr account

To purchase dirty panties on the snifffr website, you should register for a buyer’s account. It’s entirely free to register for the account you will use to buy worn knickers. 

However, if you are a seller you will need to pay to utilize the different functionalities on the website. Initial sign up for sellers is free. Some of the features you will pay for include engaging the buyers in live online chats, private messaging and more. The fee is very affordable. 

Having a detailed profile can attract more buyers to your listings. When you buy worn knickers online, knowing the seller’s preferences and offerings can enhance your experience and ensure you get exactly what you want. Sellers of worn knickers for sale are encouraged to provide as much information as possible to build trust and authenticity with potential buyers.

Once you pay your monthly fee, you can sell as many knickers as you want without attracting any additional costs. There are no transaction costs every time you make a sale. You’ll only be charged a monthly payment when you upgrade your account to a premium one. To upgrade your account, all you should do is follow the step by step guide on the site. You will also need to give details of your credit card for monthly recurring billing.

Placing An Order For Used Knickers

Once you’re logged into your snifffr account, you will be able to see thousands of pictures of panties that have been worn. It’s a straightforward process to purchase worn knickers. Before adding your items to the shopping cart, you’ll have to select the number of days you would like them worn, as well as any additional options you would like the seller to do with the item.

The order checkout of will direct you through the simple steps of ordering with a snifffr deal. You should always double-check your shipping and order information before confirming your payment with the seller. More information is available below on paying for your used underwear that you buy.


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You can also utilize snifffr tokens during your transactions. Utilizing snifffr tokens is incredibly easy to use because everything is done through the website.  

It is quick and easy to purchase snifffr tokens. On your profile, navigate to the tokens section. From there you can purchase the tokens which will be added to your account. Use the tokes as a form of payment to the seller. 

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Buy worn knickers: shipping the items

Shipping after purchase should be arranged between the seller and buyer. snifffr does not make any shipping arrangements. The seller and buyer must discuss who’s going to pay for the shipping. Many sellers of worn knickers do not include shipping costs in the price because the seller is not aware of where the buyers will be located. So, they are not sure what the shipping costs will be. 

Buyers of worn knickers for sale should always confirm shipping details with the seller to ensure a smooth transaction. Providing the correct address is crucial to avoid any delivery issues. The discreet nature of the service means that your purchase will be handled with the utmost care and privacy.

To remain anonymous, most sellers utilize the buyer’s address as the default return address on the order package. Therefore, the buyer should ensure that they give the seller the exact address because if the wrong address is provided, problems will occur. It is the sellers responsibility to ensure that the buyer receives the order. Therefore, tracking should be used for every order sent out. 

Sellers’ authentication

You should ensure that the seller has good reviews before making a purchase. If the seller is new to the website, have a good conversation with the seller to determine their authenticity. 

snifffr has an authentication system in place where sellers and buyers can upload a photo to snifffr while holding an A4 paper. On that paper, they usually write the name SNIFFFR and the present’s date. The picture is then uploaded to snifffr for approval. Once approved, the seller or buyer will receive an authentication badge on their profiles that states “Fake Check Approved.” Sellers and buyers prefer to deal with site users who have already gone through the authentication process.


When you are planning to buy worn knickers, you wouldn’t like to hear that you’ll have to wait for several months. This long wait is because of the limited number of sellers when compared to buyers on a certain website. The best site is one which attracts a considerable number of users allowing you to get your preferred seller in a short time. snifffr boasts thousands of sellers, meaning you will purchase items from your desired seller. Therefore, your seller should have enough time to follow your guidelines to ensure that you get exactly what you need.

snifffr is the ultimate destination for those looking to buy worn knickers for sale. The platform’s extensive user base and variety of listings ensure that you can find exactly what you’re looking for quickly and easily. With the added benefits of anonymity and security, snifffr makes purchasing used knickers enjoyable and hassle-free.


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