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Dirty panties have been sold for many years in Japan through Vending machines and Burusera shops. Thanks to the invention of the Internet, used panties are now sold online through snifffr. It is very easy for a seller to start a business on snifffr. All you need to do is create a free account and start selling. Your account will be your personal shop. You can chat with buyers using online chat or via private message. For buyers, it’s also very simple. Just create an account and begin chatting with a potential seller. Once you reach an agreement about price, you need to arrange shipping details.

The convenience and security of snifffr make it an ideal platform for those looking to sell dirty panties or buy them. Sellers benefit from a supportive community and a user-friendly interface, ensuring that even beginners can easily navigate the process.

This helpful page has information on:

Maintain a high level of privacy

The issue of anonymity is a crucial aspect when you sell dirty panties. You can choose to share your information via online chat or private message if you want to. snifffr respects the identities of their customers. Some sellers choose to upload a profile picture without their face in the image. 

Maintaining anonymity while selling dirty panties can be crucial for many individuals. Platforms like snifffr provide the necessary tools to ensure your personal information remains confidential while still allowing for successful transactions.

Another important aspect of anonymity is using discreet packaging when shipping dirty panties for sale. Many buyers appreciate the added layer of privacy that discreet packaging provides. Sellers should also consider using usernames and avoiding personal identifiers in their profiles. By taking these extra steps, sellers can maintain a high level of privacy and build trust with their buyers, essential for long-term success in selling dirty underwear.

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How do I sell dirty underwear? 

Selling dirty panties takes time and persistence. You will need to learn the ropes of the industry by experimentation and reading helpful content. Below is a general guide that will help you to start in the right direction. Consider the following  points to help you: 

  • Distribution – choose the right platform to sell on. As mentioned above, there are various options to consider such as dedicated marketplaces, forums, social media platforms, regular adult websites and your own website. 
  • Profile creation – sign up to a platform and commence to set up your profile including your bio and questionnaire. Upload appealing and creative content such as videos and images. 
  • Setup listings – upload dirty knickers for sale to your personal shop and include:
    • Thorough details such as length of wear. 
    • Particular activities performed in the panties such as masturbation or going to yoga
    • Clear and beautiful imagery. 
    • Pricing and extras available as an upsell. 
  • Efficiently engage with potential customers – answering their questions and inquiries. Customer service goes a long way in all forms of sales. 
  • Market yourself – post regular updates to your profile and be an active member of the community.  
  • Arrange payment – the most popular method of payment is snifffr deals as this provides safety and keeps you anonymous. 
  • Shipping – all orders should be sent with tracking information which is in the interest of the seller and buyer. Many buyers want discreet packaging. 
  • Reviews – once the buyer has received the order and provided they are above satisfied, request a 5 star review on your profile. This will help with future business. 

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How should I get used panties ready for shipping?

Well done on making a sale! Now you need to ship the order off to the buyer. This is an important part of the process as the buyer eagerly awaits their order. Here are several important elements for preparing dirty panties for shipping:

  • Seal the underwear in a vacuum-sealed or ziplock bag to maintain the smell the buyer has purchased. 
  • Dry the underwear if they are rather wet to prevent the growth of mold. You may want to discuss this point with the buyer prior to drying them.
  • Surprise and delight the customer with a handwritten note addressed with the buyer’s name. Some sellers choose to put a ‘lipstick kiss’ on the paper! 
  • Bubble wrap the package to avoid any damage. 
  • Select the right packaging such as a box or envelope depending on the size. 
  • Label the package with discretion. There should be no indication of what is in the package. 
  • The return address should be the buyer’s address so that the buyer does not get your personal address. This is an important safety tip for sellers. 

Once the package has been delivered based on the tracking information, it is recommended that you follow up with the buyer to ensure they are thrilled with their dirty panties purchase! 

Modes of Payment

When it comes to how to sell dirty underwear, understanding the payment preferences of your buyers is key. Offering snifffr tokens as a payment option can increase your chances of making a sale. 


In order to use snifffr, you must be over 18. On signing up, you will be required to enter in your date of birth. Additionally, you will be required to tick a box stating that you are over 18. snifffr does not allow minors to use the website.

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How much can I make selling dirty knickers?

Your potential earnings can be promising if you become an expert in the industry and gain the experience needed to be successful. There are reports that some sellers make around $240 to $360 USD per month. Of course, there is the opportunity to earn more than that if you are a savvy seller. The above numbers are based on selling roughly 8 pairs per month at a fair price point. There are sellers who make considerably more than this and even over a thousand dollars per month. In addition to selling dirty panties, they may sell live chats, girlfriend experiences, videos, images, other fetish items and more.

What can I do to increase my sales?

A seller can choose to sell dirty panties and more if they wish to. You can choose to add photos, chats and videos as the products you sell. There are many possibilities to make money at snifffr. Like any business, the more effort you put into it, the more successful you are going to be. Successful sellers make an effort with buyers. They engage with buyers on the online chat to sell dirty panties. Moreover, the private message buyers too. Their profile is completely filled out with information. Many sellers include their hobbies and interest in the biography.


Such issues are rare at snifffr. If this occurs, you should contact the seller to resolve the issue. If the issue persists, you can ask for support from the website at the contact section. snifffr will work with both the seller and buyer to resolve the issue. 

Where can I sell dirty underwear online?

There are various places where you can sell dirty panties online. As a seller, you need to investigate each option to ascertain what is the correct choice for you. Each option has various pro’s and con’s that you need to consider. Options include:

  • Specifically Designed Marketplaces: there are websites, like snifffr, which have been built to specifically cater to the selling of dirty panties. These websites have all the bells and whistles to enable sellers to succeed. 
  • Regular Adult Website: although not specifically designed to focus on dirty underwear, websites like OnlyFans and ManyVids will facilitate the sale of used panty sales. The features and functionality will be limited compared to dedicated marketplaces. 
  • Social media: many users turn to social media platforms to sell dirty panties such as X or Reddit. Again, these websites have not been built with used panties at the forefront. 
  • General Marketplaces: eBay or Etsy are examples of general marketplaces where some sellers choose to sell dirty underwear. Please ensure you are aware of their adult content policies prior to listing on general marketplaces. 
  • Personal Websites: there are a few sellers who choose to build their own website to make sales. This can turn out to be a very costly exercise when you consider development costs, marketing costs and general upkeep. 

No matter your decision, there are some critical factors you need to consider such as safety, reliability, cost, payment methods and privacy. 

How much can I sell dirty underwear for?

The price range for selling dirty knickers can have a large variance with several factors impacting the final price. When setting your price point, please consider the following: 

  • Demand – in demand sellers or in demand dirty panties will get higher prices. 
  • Reputation – sellers with an excellent reputation, well experiences and glowing reviews will demand prices above the average. 
  • Customization requests – many buyers choose to request something special. Naturally, this will increase the price. 
  • Specific fetish – if a buyer has a specific fetish that needs to be performed, then the price will go up. 
  • Duration – the longer the panties are worn for, the higher the cost. 
  • Photos – some sellers will provide proof of wear pictures for free. However, if you want a specific photo taken, a seller will charge more for it. 
  • Videos – there are buyers who enjoy seeing videos of the seller wearing the underwear, this will attract a fee. 

Based on the above, the typical pair of dirty panties will sell for $20 to $80. However, we would say that the sweet spot is around $35 a pair. Prices will fluctuate depending on the factors mentioned above. 

With a growing community and extensive support, snifffr has become the go-to platform for selling dirty panties. The extensive reach ensures that you can find buyers for your dirty panties for sale from all over the world.

This affordable fee structure ensures that sellers can maximize their profits while enjoying the platform’s benefits. Whether you’re new to selling dirty panties or a seasoned seller, snifffr provides the tools and resources you need to succeed.

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