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Used Socks: More than just a whiff of intrigue!

It is almost unbelievable that everyday items such as used socks can stir up so much intrigue. We slip them onto our feet every day, wear them anywhere from the office to the gym, and sometimes we even lounge around in them at home.

However, those in the kink community will tell you: used socks can unlock a feast for the senses like no other pleasure could.

Every pair of used socks, which is not washed, carries a unique, incredible signature scent that is wholly unique to whoever has worn them.

Some scents may be described as sweet, others as musty or straightforward sweaty. There really is no one size fits all, it is like a delicious paradise of scents and intrigue!

And for every scent, there truly is a fan – in some cases, some are willing to fork out as much as $60 to get their hands on a coveted pair.

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Why used socks are big business

Each unique scent can tantalise the senses when it comes to used socks fetishes.

Those with a used socks kink, including those who love used mens socks or those who would eagerly buy guys used socks, each have unique reasons why they cannot get enough of these footwear items.

Some used socks fans might associate a certain smell with a specific memory or fantasy, which adds to the reasons why they would want to buy certain pairs of used socks.

Specific types of socks might immediately make someone want to take a whiff, or it could be the person who has worn these socks that add to the attraction of it all.

In other cases, men might be potentially attracted to the smells that women’s used socks might have.

Not that women alone have attractive used socks smells – men also have a bevy of scents to explore!

At the core of this fetish is olfactophilia, which is how you would describe that process of being turned on by the smells and odours of dirty socks.

Usually, a big portion of people with a foot fetish also have a used socks fetish. Therefore, if they are shopping for used socks online, they might be keeping an eye on foot pics too.

Appealing to the tastes of collectors

For some in the used socks fetish community, there are certain aspects of these items that increase how much they are coveted by collectors.

Something as simple as socks with patterned details, or even cheeky cartoons, can make them treasured collectables for the right buyers.

Even humble used white socks can prove to be popular when being made available on a platform such as snifffr to the right buyer community.

When to sell used socks

Well, when it comes to pre-worn socks that you want to part with, you could easily make an attractive sum when selling them on vetted online marketplaces such as snifffr.

The fact is there are plenty of people eager to buy used socks on safe platforms where they know they will not waste money or be fooled into buying something that they aren’t interested in.

If you want to sell used socks, including used mens socks, you have one important thing to remember: You are creating a whole experience for buyers.

Selling used socks is not about just throwing out items to make extra space in your cupboard or the proverbial sock drawer.

You have to literally curate a specific scent for your socks by wearing them, and not washing them after, as this is not why people want your socks.

And if you have a buyer lined up, you need to carefully and discreetly package your socks to ensure they arrive at your buyer’s post box with all scents fully intact.

This might sound like a big task to create a great “product”, but think about it … All you need to do is connect with buyers, wear your socks, and then package them when they are sold.

You can even be wearing them while you are chatting with a buyer!

Sounds easy enough, right?

We like to think so …

Where to buy used socks

Those who are part of the used socks fetish community are more than likely to be in their element when they can shop used socks in a safe, fun environment.

A safe online platform, such as snifffr, opens up a world of possibilities thanks to multiple sellers.

Whether you want to shop for cute ankle socks, secret socks, used mens socks, or more, there are so many socks options to choose from with unique scents and odours.

If you are attracted to specific smells, you can use these keywords to search through listings.

And if you love seeing attractive feet showcasing used socks, you are in for a treat when you use vetted online platforms for your sock hunting journey!

Do used mens socks have a place in the used socks seller community?

On snifffr, we often get asked whether used socks only appeal to certain audiences.

And just like our used underwear section, we can confidently say that, yes, both guys used socks and women’s used socks can be a hit with the right buyers!

Some male sellers can make a good profit too – one example is the guy who cashed in £1,600 with used socks sales.

Remember: It is all about being savvy with messaging!

Let buyers know why your used socks are worth gold – perhaps they have earned their unique odours thanks to heavy gym sessions, or jogging roadside while preparing for a race.

Your used white socks could have their unique scents thanks to specific scenarios, and after all, it is these scenarios that can make a sale!

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What to keep in mind when you sell used socks online

There are several layers when it comes to the popularity of used socks.

Over and above the narrative that we spoke about, and the unique scents, there is the anticipation of receiving something so unique and rewarding that you would never find anywhere else.

So, what are the ground rules when you sell used socks?

Used socks need to be used – they cannot be squeaky clean and smell like washing detergent (unless, of course, there is a lingering smell from a long ago wash).
So, make sure that they have your signature scent attached to give them that extra bit of selling power.
Musty, sweaty, fragrant – your socks smell a certain way, so make that part of their storyline! Remember, buyers are not sitting right next to you to sniff before they buy, so you need to straight up describe their footy scent.

If you are still new to selling used socks, you might think that someone would cringe at the thought of buying your old – and what you might perceive as smelly – socks.

Well, the fact is that the odour that your socks have can make them sought after for sure!

So, take the time to consider what best describes your footy sock smells and how they got these scents.

Perhaps you like socks that are “pretty” or choose them for their comfort. Perhaps scent is the last thing on your mind when you think about your socks.

That doesn’t mean that you are out of the running for selling your prized pre-worn items.

If you respect the used socks fetish community and support their love of worn socks, you can become a prime seller who is savvy and open-minded.

And if you do have a used socks fetish yourself, well … We think you will feel right at home!

Self-sealing bags packed inside discreet envelopes will keep your socks’ odours intact, ready to be sniffed once opened.

Even this part of selling used socks is so effortless, you will not even feel like it’s hard work.

Just remember to make your buyer’s post box address the receiver and sender address (to protect your privacy) and you are good to go!

What to remember when you buy used socks online

A platform like snifffr is a great example of a trusted platform where you can get a wide variety of used socks sellers.

Keep an eye open for sellers that took extra care with the images that they posted – kudos for foot pics! – and that aptly describes the scents of their socks.

Whether you are in the market for used white socks, guys used socks, or any other pairs, there are several options available on online marketplaces.

Have a clear picture of what you are looking for (a checklist will be a big help!) and start your search with the terms that reflect your tastes.

It’s always a good idea to connect with sellers first and use the platform you are shopping on chat options.

This can help you to determine whether a seller can provide what you want, and whether you both agree on price.

A vetted online marketplace can be one of the best places to discover tantalising used socks – so, why make it serious when the process can be so much fun!

Enjoy exploring your options, and that wonderful anticipation of a sealed package arriving with a scent-fille parcel inside.

Used socks – a marketplace just waiting to be unwrapped!

One person’s old faithful socks can become someone’s scent fantasy when seller and buyer are perfectly matched.

This makes the used socks online marketplace one of the best communities to explore.

With so many wonderful opportunities for scent exploration, it is worth it to consider investing time to connect with sellers who are ready to make every scent fantasy a reality.


Have you enjoyed this article so far? Have a look below at some of our most frequently asked questions.

Any price from $10 upwards goes, but do remember that you should not charge extremely high fees when you start selling your used socks. Price your sock pairs realistically – after a while, you will be able to slowly but surely confidently raise your prices as you gain momentum and repeat buyers.
If you use a vetted platform such as snifffr, are older than 18 years old and only sell to over 18s, you should be able to safely and conveniently sell your used socks without any hassle.
Definitely – it is a top-selling category on our platform!
Trusted and proven online marketplaces such as snifffr are always good options, as they already have the functionality in place for making sales and connecting with buyers.
Online platforms that have a proven track record are best.
Absolutely – just like used underwear items, they are trending! Used white socks, fancy socks, character socks and even popular labels are all at the top of the list.
For sure. Remember to always add in your sock listings what makes your used socks one-of-a-kind and why buyers would love to sniff and own them.
Consider what your socks smell like, and add this to the description. Remember, for some buyers, super sweaty socks are not going to be a turn-off – so embrace the potential of your used socks!

Have more questions about used socks? Be sure to check out our blog for tips, and if you are keen to create a profile and start selling your used socks, we look forward to having you as part of our community!


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