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Stop Washing Your Knickers: Turn them into Cash

Selling worn knickers isn’t a new trend or a craze that is expected to fade in a couple of years. It has been around for decades. Worn knickers have been known to sexually arouse people. To some, it gets them into the mood, whereas others love the delightful scent of dirty panties. Did you know that you can make money when you sell worn knickers?

At snifffr, you can be part of this adventurous and unique experience. It is the leading marketplace in the worn knickers industry. It brings together buyers and sellers from all corners of the world.

Snifffr has thousands of buyers with new buyers signing up daily. Wear your favorite knickers and at the end of the day, instead of sending them to the washing manchine – why don’t you fulfil another person’s desire and make money at the same time? You don’t have to wash them if you are putting them up for sale. snifffr enthusiasts look to buy knickers with that natural scent. You could turn your dirty laundry into cash from the comfort of your own home.

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Sell used knickers anonymously online


A simple 5 step process to sell used knickers

Selling worn knickers at snifffr can be easy when you execute your business strategy with diligence. First and foremost, you don’t need to be into this kind of fetish. As long as you have an adventurous sexual spirit, selling worn knickers is the ideal opportunity for you.

So, how to sell worn knickers successfully on snifffr? First, ensure you have a good understanding of what buyers are looking for. This can include detailed descriptions and high-quality photos of your worn knickers for sale. Regularly update your listings to keep your profile active and engaging. If you’re new to this, don’t worry; snifffr provides a user-friendly platform that makes the process straightforward.

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Step 1: Have A Huge Collection

Buyers have a huge range of preference. There certainly is not one size fits all when it comes to buyer preference. Therefore, it’s important that you have a selection of underwear that can cater to many different buyer requests. It won’t be possible to carry stock to meet every buyer’s need. However, some sellers will go out and buy the relevant panties should a buyer request this.

To effectively sell worn knickers online, consider offering a variety of styles and types. This diversity can attract a broader audience and increase your chances of making sales. Additionally, engaging with potential buyers through personalized messages can make a significant difference in building customer relationships and loyalty.


The first sign up requirement is your date of birth. This will be used to ascertain your age to ensure you are not underage. You should know that your date of birth will be visible to other users. Note that buyers have different preferences when it comes to age. This will help lead the right clients to you. Buyers have many different desires when you sell them worn knickers. Find out from buyers what these desires are. Some buyers like younger sellers while some buyers prefer older sellers. There is no ‘one best age’ when it comes to this fetish.

Selling on snifffr is not just about posting listings; it’s about understanding how to sell worn knickers effectively. Tailoring your offerings to meet buyer preferences and actively communicating with them can enhance your selling experience. Many buyers appreciate the effort you put into understanding their specific interests, which can lead to repeat purchases and a growing customer base.

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Step 3: Create An Engaging Profile

Thirdly, you ought to come up with a catchy username. You can expect some competition from other snifffr users. This is why you should be creative when coming up with a username. snifffr allows the seller to remain anonymous. Therefore, feel free to key in a username of your choice.

In addition, a sexy profile picture will help you to distinguish yourself from other sellers. Be sure to be creative so that your profile picture grabs the attention of buyers and stands out from the crowd.

A well-crafted profile with an intriguing username and a captivating profile picture can significantly increase your visibility on the platform. When setting up your profile, think about how to stand out from the crowd while maintaining your anonymity. The right profile picture can draw potential buyers to your page, eager to see what worn knickers you have to offer for sale.


You must input your country of residence. Please be advised that you need to be honest in this section since it will be helpful during shipment. If you offer misleading information, then challenges might arise during shipment of used knickers. Although buyers can pay for shipping irrespective of your location, it is much cheaper if both of you reside in the same country.

Being honest about your location helps facilitate smoother transactions and builds trust with buyers. When buyers know where their items are coming from, they can better estimate shipping times and costs, making the purchasing process more transparent and reliable.

Keep the buyer updated with shipping information or pass on the tracking details. Good communication is key when it comes to customer satisfaction.


Other details required during signup are your email address. After signing up, you will be prompted to complete your profile. A well-written profile improves your chances of selling worn knickers. Your email address will remain anonymous to other users, unless you decide to share it with them.

How to Succeed

Have you decided to sell worn knickers on snifffr? Welcome to the club. But before you do so, there are a few things you need to know. Some newbies complain that there are some challenges with selling worn knickers. But this is mostly because of a lack of familiarity with the industry and being unwilling to read and learn.


Photographs Matter
During the course of your life, have you engaged in online shopping? Then you will know that buyers prefer buying something that they have actually seen. In this case, since no one knows about your worn knickers, you can use photographs to give buyers a sneak peek. Take stunning photos of your knickers that are creative and allow buyers to see what they are purchasing.

Photographs play a crucial role in attracting buyers. Make sure your photos are clear, and well-lit, and highlight the unique features of your worn knickers for sale. Including multiple angles and close-ups can help buyers feel more confident in their purchase.

Come Up with a Killer Bio
Selling worn knickers is easier with a killer bio. At times, other than photos, buyers wish to know more about who they are buying their panties from. This is why you need to come up with a killer bio. Describe who you are, your hobbies, interests, and things you do for fun. Profiles that have been fully filled stand a higher chance of gaining more clients.

A detailed and engaging bio can make a significant difference. Buyers often feel more connected and interested in sellers who share a bit about themselves. Highlight your personality and what makes your worn knickers for sale unique.

Complete The Fake Check
Finally, for you to make it at selling worn knickers on snifffr, you should complete the fake check. Although you might proceed to sell worn knickers by skipping this step, it is the only way to show buyers that you are credible and legit. Buyers tend to refrain from unverified sellers, and this can mean low sales for you. Completing the fake check is a straightforward and non time consuming procedure.

Get in touch with the many buyers

Do you enjoy selling worn knickers? Then, snifffr is the place to do it. Not only does it have a vast database of buyers, but it also offers sellers excellent features that can help them reach out easily to buyers. Also, you need to be active on the site so that you can respond to buyers when they message you.Regular engagement with potential buyers is crucial for success when you sell worn knickers online. Staying active on the platform and utilizing features such as private messaging and online chat can help you build customer relationships. By understanding their preferences and providing excellent customer service, you can increase your chances of making consistent sales of worn knickers for sale.

To sell worn knickers online successfully, consistency is key. Regularly updating your profile, listing new items, and promptly responding to buyer inquiries can help you build a strong presence on the platform. Engaging with the community and understanding buyer preferences will also help you refine your approach and increase your sales.

Key points when it comes to selling worn knickers

There are many dedicated marketplaces for this niche fetish. Snifffr has been around for a number of years making it one of the biggest and most reliable marketplaces.

  • You can make sales as a seller which typically range from $25 to $60 a pair depending on the requirements. You may charge more for longer wear duration per 24 hours or extra requirements the buyer may have. This can include masturbation or special angle photos. Ensure you don’t outprice yourself by being too expensive.
  • Staying anonymous is one of the most important aspects to many sellers and buyers. Therefore, if you receive personal information from a fellow community member, keep this strictly confidential. Do not breach anyone’s trust.
  • Sellers can sell additional products other than worn knickers such as socks, lingerie, stocking, photos, videos, girlfriend experience and more.
  • This won’t be a walk in the park so set realistic expectations. Put effort into everything you do. Take excellent photos and videos, write creative descriptions and provide exceptional customer service.
  • The learning curve can be steep so ensure you take your time to get acquainted with the marketplace. Read the help documentation and reach out to support should you have any questions.
  • Some countries forbid this industry from operating so ensure you know its legal in your country. Most Western countries such as the USA, UK, Canada, Australia and many European countries allow this industry to flourish.

Selling worn knickers on marketplaces like snifffr can be lucrative for you as long as you put in the effort and go the extra mile.

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