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How to sell wet panties at snifffr

It has never been easier to sell wet panties over the internet. With a snifffr membership, there are thousands of interested buyers for wet panties. With the rising popularity of buying used panties, snifffr has become one of the best meeting places for people with a fetish for used panties. After searching all over for a place where one can anonymously purchase wet panties, many people find relief at snifffr. There are all kinds of underpants here for both men and women.

Dirty panties have been sold a long time in Japan. This has been done through Vending machines and Burursera shops. The internet has helped to progress the industry forwards. snifffr has taken full advantage of this benefit to delivery a user friendly platform and make it easy to sell and buy wet panties. 

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How do I start to sell wet panties?

You start by registering yourself as a seller. Immediately after creating an account, you have an account, you can start to sell wet panties to anyone who’s interested. The sign up process is simple and quick. It’s something that you will complete in a matter of minutes. snifffr charges you nothing for signing up. Account opening is free. From there, you can browse around and look how everything works.

Signup Information

The information you need to fill during the signup process includes your bio data (name, date of birth, country and email). You can provide a photo of yourself if you want, but this is not a mandatory requirement of the registration process. In line with snifffr’s promise to keep all members anonymous, only your username and any other information you want public is seen on your profile. Your username doesn’t need to be your real name, so you have zero worries about exposing your identity. For chat and other features that will help you sell panties online, you will pay a set fee. After making this standard payment, you can sell wet panties and make as many other transactions as you can.

Create your portfolio of available panties

snifffr provides you with an attractively-designed platform where you can showcase what you have on offer. This is one of the features that make the website the best place to sell wet panties. You can post photos and/or videos of the panties. One hint for success here is to make sure the photos and videos are of great quality so that many buyers can get interested. The more the people that like your panties, the quicker you will sell. For videos, you don’t have to show your face if you wish to remain anonymous. Anonymity is fully under your discretion.

Free sign up

Is passing the fake check important if I want to sell wet panties on snifffr?

Many buyers look out for sellers who have already passed the fake check. The fake check is snifffr’s way of making sure that users are genuine and legit. But there’s nothing to worry about. Snifffr only requires you to take a photo of yourself holding an A4 paper on which you have written the day’s date and the word snifffr. After you submit this photo, the company reviews it for approval. Just like that and you have passed the fake check.

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Time to actually sell wet panties

Someone’s interested; how do you communicate with them?

You are now a step closer to closing a sale. After uploading some hot pictures of your offer, you can contact different buyers whom you target to sell wet panties to. snifffr provides two communication channels: online chat and private messages. Drop private messages to buyers who you think would like your panties. If they like and are ready to buy your panties, go ahead and agree on how they will pay as well as how you will ship the package to them (more on the processes of payment and shipping processes shortly below). The other option is to wait for buyers to contact you. Make sure to respond fast to ensure that the buyer gets what they want as soon as possible.

Shipping and getting paid after you sell wet panties online

Since members of snifffr.come from across the globe, you can sell wet panties to any country. Be ready to ship orders wherever they are ordered. Ask the buyer to provide you with a delivery address and to make the payment you have both agreed. Google Wallet and Venmo are two of the most preferred payment methods but you and the buyer can agree to use any other means.

Shipping wet panties

Once you get payment for an order, ship the order to the buyer using whichever shipping method you and the buyer find convenient. It is important to confirm with the buyer the delivery address before you actually ship to avoid any chances of delivery delays. Remember your reputation can either bring more customers to you or drive them away.

snifffr is keen on efficiency and that’s why many people who want to sell wet panties online settle when they land here. The number of individuals with a liking for buying used panties continues to grow. Don’t let the opportunity to sell wet panties and make money slip off your hands. Sign up a free snifffr account today.

More information on wet panties

There are many other benefits you enjoy when joining snifffr. This includes free registration, staying anonymous, freedom of choice, wide selection and great opportunities.

All you need to do is sign up to buy used panties or to sell used panties. For more information, take a look at our FAQ’s page.

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