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There are many buyers on the world wide web searching for used knickers for sale. Selling them on the internet is a great way to make some extra cash. You can sign up quickly and anonymously to the snifffr marketplace. Registration is fast and easy.

For those interested in exploring their fetish, platforms like snifffr provide a safe and anonymous environment to purchase dirty knickers for sale. Buyers can indulge in the unique experience of acquiring soiled knickers, ensuring they meet their specific desires. Sellers benefit from a dedicated marketplace where buyers appreciate the value of their worn knickers, allowing them to cater to an enthusiastic audience.

This page covers the following points:

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Steps To Start Buying Used Knickers

To get started, you need to sign up to a trusted adult marketplace like snifffr. Signing up for an account is free. Once you are signed up, you fill out your profile details and upload a profile photo. You can then start to take a look at the available items on the marketplace. There is a huge variety to choose from. 

Consider these steps:

  • Marketplace analysis – find websites that strictly target the used panties fetish. Compare the features of the different sites such as online shop, profile, payment facilities and size. 
  • Model Choice – take a look at the thousands of sellers and select the seller that meets your criteria. You can look at their biography, online store, photos and videos. 
  • Scan Feedback – take a look at the reviews of the seller that interests you. 
  • Get in touch – when you are ready, communicate with the seller to ask questions about the used knickers for sale and details about the order. 
  • Negotiate – discuss terms of the deal such as price and shipping. 
  • Payment – use snifffr tokens to set up a snifffr deal to pay for your order. 
  • Shipping details – provide your shipping address to the seller. It’s highly recommended that the seller provides you with a  tracking number for the order. 
  • Appreciate your order – enjoy the used knickers you ordered! 

What are you waiting for? Join snifffr today to access the eCommerce online store. 

By offering dirty knickers for sale, sellers can attract buyers who appreciate the intimate and personal nature of these items. The diversity among sellers means that buyers can find soiled knickers for sale that perfectly match their preferences, whether they are looking for a specific scent, duration of wear, or style of knickers.

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Terms and Conditions & Prohibited Content

Once you find a platform that satisfies your requirements, you need to be aware of the terms and conditions on signup. You also need to be aware of buying policies. 

Terms and Conditions

By signing up to snifffr, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions of the website. We suggest you read the terms and conditions and are aware of what you are agreeing to. 

A term that is common in the used panties industry relates to age requirements. All users need to be over the age of 18 as snifffr is an adult website. 

Prohibited Content

Something to be aware of as a buyer is the prohibited content policy. This policy stipulates what you need to avoid buying. You can view the prohibited content policy on the snifffr website. 

Active sellers on snifffr can maximize their earnings by frequently updating their inventory and engaging with their audience. By regularly offering worn knickers for sale, sellers keep their profiles fresh and appealing. This constant activity not only attracts new buyers but also retains existing ones who are looking for the latest soiled knickers for sale.


Another added benefit to accessing a premium account is to use the private content feature. Private content is a personal folder on a seller’s profile that buyers need to pay to access. Payment is conducted on snifffr with snifffr tokens. Private content will include special photos and videos that the seller has added to the folder. Generally, these photos are of a naughty nature. As a buyer, you may want to discuss with the seller what content they have in their private content folder before making a purchase. 

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What do buyers crave when buying dirty knickers?

Buyers are all individual with their tastes and preferences. What satisfies one buyer, may not satisfy all others. Examples of what buyers look for include:

  • Preferences – each buyer will have a specific preference such as the fabric, color, length of worse, activity performed in the knickers and more. It’s important that the seller discusses the buyers preferences with them in detail. This helps to put together an order that is going to satisfy the buyer’s requirements. 
  • Seller traits – it’s not just about the used knickers, it’s also about the seller. The buyer will have preferences with regards to the seller’s characteristics. This may include the seller’s body type, skin color, hair color, pubic style or country of origin. 
  • Scent type – almost every buyer wants the seller’s natural scent. They do not want to purchase a pair of washed and crystal clean knickers from the seller. 
  • Communication – this is an essential part of what buyers look for. Many buyers will want to chat with the seller prior to making a purchase. 
  • Content – you should know that buyers may request to receive a photo of you wearing the knickers prior to shipping the item to them. This may include a video too. Many sellers will offer this service for an additional fee. 
  • Authenticity – buyer’s want to know that you are who you say you are. Don’t be surprised if buyers request some form of authenticity to prove this. 

Sellers should ensure that they are comfortable with everything they do in this niche fetish marketplace. Should there be something that is testing your boundaries to the point of discomfort, then STOP right there and inform the buyer you no longer wish to continue the transaction. Perhaps offer a work around or find another solution that meets both your needs. 

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Profile Privacy

Profile privacy is important to many users for personal and security reasons. snifffr allows users to set their profile privacy to various options. This includes:

  • Everyone – all users on the website will be able to view your profile
  • Friends – users who you are friends with will be able to explore your profile
  • Only me – no one on the website other than yourself can see your profile.

Ensure you choose the best setting that meets your needs.

For those concerned about privacy, snifffr provides robust options to control who can view their profile. This ensures that buyers and sellers can engage in transactions involving soiled knickers for sale or worn knickers for sale with complete peace of mind. Tailoring these settings helps maintain discretion and security, which is paramount in this marketplace.

Blocked members

Another important safety feature that snifffr is proud of is the ability to block a member. There are 2 ways to block members with different benefits:

  1. Profile – you can block a member from being able to access your profile on the website. This ensures they never have access to your shop, profile and private content. They are strictly barred from engaging with you. They can still access live chat.
  2. Live chat – the block on live chat stops the user from chatting with you. The user will still be able to view your profile.

Therefore, if you want to fully block the user, ensure you block them from accessing your profile and block them on live chat.

Blocking members provides an added layer of security for those selling dirty knickers for sale. This feature ensures that unwanted interactions are minimized, allowing sellers to focus on genuine buyers. Effective use of this feature contributes to a safer and more pleasant selling experience on the platform.


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