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The snifffr community marketplace has thousands of sellers who have worn panties for sale. Not sure where to get your fetish needs attended to? Look no further than snifffr. As long as there is a willing seller and willing buyer, selling used panties is here to stay. The buyers, both men and women, have varied tastes in their fetish fantasies. Every woman has a unique body scent that makes her smell different from others. Our community thrives on people from all different backgrounds, shapes, color, religion and interest. Therefore, as a buyer, you are sure to find what you are looking for no matter how different you think it may be. 

For those interested in expanding their collection, snifffr offers a variety of dirty panties for sale. Each pair is unique, catering to diverse preferences and fantasies. Buyers can explore a wide selection of well worn panties that capture different scents and styles.

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Stop Washing Your Underwear!

Well, what you are wearing is worth a few dollars. Turn your dirty thongs into worn thongs for sale! The thought of men drooling over your panties could sound outlandish but the positive side of it is a game changer.  As the saying goes, “do not wash your linen in public”, but in this case, you may opt not to wash that particular linen and get some money by selling it in that condition.

snifffr is a trusted marketplace that brings together buyers and sellers from all over the world. All you need to do is sign up for a free account. In order to sign up, you must be over 18 years old. 

Many sellers find success with specialized fetish items. These intimate pieces attract a lot of interest due to their sensual appeal. Buyers seeking worn thongs for sale often appreciate the personal touch and unique characteristics of each item.

Be Your Own Boss

You will be smiling all the way to the bank with your new business venture. Your rewards will be correlated to your efforts and execution of your strategy. 

Your worn knickers can be a one-way ticket to a side income. As with anything you do in life, the more effort you put in, the more you get out. Sellers need to put effort into their sales. They should contact buyers through the online chat functionality or private message them. Successful sellers are constantly engaging with the buyers. Buyers are interested to know about sellers. They want to know details about the seller such as their hobbies and interests. Many sellers choose to upload this information to their profile page.

By regularly updating your profile and interacting with buyers, you increase your chances of selling your used dirty panties. Sharing personal anecdotes and preferences can make your items more desirable and help build a loyal customer base.

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A reliable Marketplace Will Help You

Selling dirty panties has a learning curve to it before you know exactly what to do. What are your tools of trade?

Simple, you need a few panties, a reliable marketplace and a few helpful tips to start. Alternatively, you can join several online platforms that are involved in that kind of business.

A perfect place to kick-start your business is snifffr, a site dedicated to those who wish to buy and sell used panties. Snifffr is extremely user friendly, fast growing and has thousands of buyers and sellers around the world. Buyers and sellers of used panties flock to snifffr on a daily basis. Many use the online interaction tools to communicate with each other. This includes the online chat and private messaging systems. 

Leveraging these communication tools effectively can help you connect with buyers who are specifically looking for dirty panties for sale. Building rapport with potential buyers can lead to repeat business and positive reviews.

Tools of the trade

There are many tools and features on snifffr that will help you to be a successful seller:

  • Communication – there are 2 tools available for you to interact with potential buyers. This includes online chat and private message
  • Friends – you can add friends to your profile. Keep your friends list updated with new products you have available.
  • Private content – the private content section allows users to subscribe to content you upload to the site. Payment is made with snifffr tokens.
  • Online store – you get to set up your very own online store.
  • Gallery – setup a personal gallery with photos and videos. This should be a teaser for buyers to see what they are buying.
  • Privacy settings – choose from various privacy settings to decide who can access your profile if you have safety privacy concerns.

Utilizing the gallery feature to showcase your well worn panties can significantly enhance your sales. High-quality photos and videos can attract more buyers and give them a clear idea of what they are purchasing.

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Run a professional business

In order to succeed, it’s important that you run a professional online store with excellent worn panties for sale. This means:

  • Offering excellent customer service to your buyers.
  • Respond to buyers in a timely manner.
  • Charge fair prices for the items you are selling.
  • Offer discounts for larger orders and don’t be shy to give a repeat customer a discount.
  • Maintain consistency in your approach to your worn panties business.
  • Be prepared to adapt to changing circumstances.
  • Go the extra mile to keep your customers happy.

Running a professional business also involves staying updated with market trends. Regularly reviewing your prices and offering seasonal promotions can help you stay competitive.


You can start off by selling a handful of your worn panties. The panties should look appealing to the customer to arouse their eroticism and give them the motivation to buy. Therefore, ensure you upload quality photos of your panties that attract buyers. Many buyers prefer the photos to be of you with the panties on instead of pictures of just panties. You can choose to hide or publish your face in the photos – depending on your anonymity requirements. 

Creating a captivating profile with enticing descriptions and visuals of your worn thong for sale can make a significant difference. Ensure that each listing highlights the unique aspects of your products to attract more buyers.

Find Customers with these these helpful tips

Finding customers is a challenge if you have never engaged in worn thongs for sale in the fetish industry. Fortunately, the below tips will help you:

  • Join an online marketplace like snifffr. We have buyers constantly joining the community. Winging it yourself will mean you will need to go out and find buyers – which can be very costly.
  • Create an eye engaging profile on snifffr.
  • List all your worn panties for sale in your personal shop. Include a detailed description of the item and upload quality images showcasing it.
  • Engage with buyers on online chat and private messages. You need to build relationships with the customer.
  • Respond with efficiency to any enquiries you may have.
  • Share your snifffr profile across your social media accounts – should you not have an issue with remaining anonymous.

Effective use of social media can drive traffic to your snifffr profile. Sharing your listings and engaging with potential buyers on different platforms can broaden your reach.

Additionally, consider collaborating with influencers or bloggers who specialize in this niche. Their endorsement can lend credibility to your profile and attract more buyers. Always keep your listings updated and stay responsive to buyer inquiries to build a trustworthy reputation.


Venturing into this business is a great idea but it is not for everyone. Read and learn how to go about your business to increase sales. snifffr has a plethora of online resources to help you with this. You may want to look at:

The industry for used dirty panties and other intimate items is ever-growing. By staying informed and adapting to trends, you can carve out a successful niche for yourself.

Good luck with your new business adventure. 

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