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Instead of throwing away your used knickers, you can find potential buyers and sell used knickers to them. If you are a successful seller, you will make a reasonable amount of money from them. This activity can be taken up as a full time business, if you wish. The aim of the game is to buy knickers and sell them to potential customers. However, there is a catch. You need to have a reliable website on which you can make sales. snifffr offers a reliable website for buying and selling used knickers. 

For those wondering how to sell used knickers, the process is straightforward with snifffr. The platform provides all the tools you need to get started, from creating your profile to uploading photos of your knickers. By following the simple steps, you can start making money with a bit of effort. Whether you’re looking to sell my knickers occasionally or as a regular source of income, snifffr has you covered.

An assortment of used knickers for sale

Sell Used Knicker Online


Why do people sell used knickers?

There are many reasons why people engage in the process of selling knickers online to strangers. Below are just a few points:

  • Financial – Without doubt, this is the biggest reason people sell their used knickers online. People are looking to make a side income to subsidise their costly living expenses. Why not earn a few extra dollars working from home? This industry can be considered as a passive form of income from the sex industry.
  • Fetish – there are many sellers who enjoy this fetish too! Some sellers receive satisfaction knowing that their knickers are going to be sniffed by a stranger – it’s as if they are offering a service to the fetish community.
  • Easy market to enter – you don’t need to have a large capital base to enter this market. The start up costs are low.
  • Online marketplaces – in recent years, there has been an explosion of online marketplaces like snifffr that help buyers and sellers connect safely.

Women displaying her used knickers she has for sale.

Signup Process

Signing up to snifffr is free for both buyers and sellers. However, sellers have limited functionality in the store unless they are a full premium member. Premium membership allows the seller to communicate with buyers through online chat and private messages. A free seller account gives the seller a good feel for the system. The seller can set up their profile and add stock to the store. For the best experience, sellers should upgrade to a premium membership.

The process of buying and selling used knickers

snifffr is a platform where you can get some of the best-used knickers. Many knickers are of high quality. You need to follow some simple steps in order to purchase knickers on snifffr. The steps include the following:

Sign up
First create an account. This is very simple. Go to the snifffr website and click on the Sign-up option. Fill in your details and hit the submit button. In a short period of time, you will have your account ready.

View various profiles of sellers
This platform has a number of individuals who sell used knickers. There are thousands of sellers on snifffr. Go through their profiles and select a seller who has what you need.

Live chat or message
Once you find an individual who can sell used knickers to you, message or live chat with the seller. This is the time to negotiate on a suitable price of the knickers. You can also look at the photos of the knickers you want to purchase.

Select and pay for the knickers
Assess the photos of the knickers being sold first. Then select those which suit you well. Finally, pay for them with snifffr tokens.

Wait for your knickers to be dispatched
After paying for your preferred knickers, sit back and wait for them to be delivered.

Knowing where to sell used knickers is just as important as understanding the selling process. Platforms like snifffr offer a secure and supportive environment, making it easier for sellers to connect with interested buyers. By leveraging these resources, you can ensure a smooth and profitable experience.

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Become a pro at the selling process

You need to master the selling process as soon as possible. This will ensure you become successful in this business sooner than later. There is a systematic process you may choose to follow.

Sign up
Open an account on snifffr. Create a nice profile that will attract potential customers.

Upload the used knickers to your personal shop
Upload high quality pictures of the used knickers. Buyers love to see who they will be buying the used knickers from. You will be able to attract customers with detailed descriptions and excellent photos.

Some sellers choose to keep their face anonymous. The decision to remain anonymous is totally up to the seller.

Live chat or private message with buyers to sell used knickers to
Get in touch with potential buyers through messages and live chat. It is an effective communication tool. Buyers like to engage with sellers to get to know who wears the knickers they will be buying. This adds to the thrill of buying used knickers.

Grow your own shop
It is important to have a fresh supply of  knickers in order to grow your business. By constantly adding new used knickers to your store, buyers will come back to see what is on offer.

For those who frequently think, “I want to sell my knickers,” snifffr provides an ideal platform to achieve this goal. Regularly updating your inventory and maintaining a professional profile will attract more buyers and boost your sales. Engage actively with your customers to build a loyal client base.

snifffr seller viewing the portal to sell her used knickers

Extra points on selling used knickers

snifffr has become a popular website where you can buy and sell used knickers. If you are considering selling dirty knickers, snifffr offers a secure and efficient marketplace to connect with interested buyers. By following best practices and leveraging the platform’s features, you can turn this venture into a profitable business.

Understanding how to sell used knickers also involves knowing the best payment methods. Ensuring secure and convenient payment options for your buyers can enhance your reputation and encourage repeat business. Always discuss and agree on the payment method before finalizing any sale to avoid misunderstandings.

Start Selling Used Knicker Today

In order to buy and sell used knickers online easily, you need to find a suitable website. snifffr is a website that has provided a very dependable platform. 


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