Review Policy

Your content should reflect your genuine experience and should not be posted just to manipulate ratings. Don’t post fake reviews and don’t post the same review multiple times. Reviews from the same IP address are prohibited. Reviews without a comment may be removed by sniffffr.
Only post reviews based on your experience. This is not a forum for personal rants. Reviews should not contain private conversations between users.
- Buyers may only post reviews on sellers. Sellers may only post reviews on buyers.
- Reviews may not be purchased, exchanged for money or any other service Reviews that do not meet this standard will be removed.
You must not disclose personal information in your review. For example: names, phone numbers, email addresses, shipping addresses, Kik and other social media contact details.
We don't accept Reviews that depicts illegal activity. This includes:
- Reviews that infringes on anyone else’s legal rights, including copyright.
- Any sexual abuse.
- Violence or threats of violence
We will remove content that contain obscene, profane, or offensive language or gestures.
snifffr is a place for safe communications between users. For this reason, we don’t permit users to post dangerous or derogatory content, including content that:
- Threatens or advocates for harm on oneself or others.
- Harasses, intimidates or bullies an individual or group of individuals.
- Incites hatred against, promotes discrimination of, or disparages an individual or group on the basis of their race or ethnic origin, religion, disability, age, nationality, veteran status, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, or other characteristic that is associated with systemic discrimination or marginalization.
- It is the user's responsibility to flag inappropriate reviews on their account with snifffr support.
- To have a review removed, please submit a request to snifffr support - You need to include the following information:
- Your username.
- Username of person who left the review.
- A link to the review.
- The policy that the review is in breach of.
- Further information advising why the review should be removed (if necessary).
- To have your review reviewed, your account needs to be fake check approved.
- snifffr will only investigate cases where all of the above has been provided. Please note, your request can take up to 7 days to process as snifffr may choose to get in touch with the person who left the review for further clarification.
- snifffr may choose to remove a review at its discretion.
- Reposts of reviews that have been removed may result in termination from snifffr.